Business Advantages of Lync Online



Lync Online is Microsoft’s real time Cloud collaboration solution, instant messaging enterprise platform and enterprise account management tool. Lync provides a range of collaboration services including employee presence, instant messaging, voice and conferencing through a single, consistent client experience to connect people everywhere across different devices.

Business advantages of Lync Online:
01. Lync Online drives savings in hardware, software, support and telephony cost. With instant messaging and video conferencing capability the cost associated with business travel is reduced.
02. Improved management and productivity to the enterprise – Lync can be used for delegation, conference and reference tool in real-time, saving time on account managers.
03. Mobile accessibility – Lync integrates directly and provides a familiar and consistent interface across a wide variety of devices such as PC, IOS, android, tablets & mobile devices.
04. Easy file sharing – send files and documents back and forth with other departments easily. With Lync you can easily connect and send files on one platform without having to check into email.
05. Web accessibility – users can participate in meetings and conversation from their browser and access most of Lync features including HD video, instant messaging and VoIP.
06. Presence – Lync automatically checks and determine one’s availability based on outlook calendar and gives a tag alert when a person becomes available. Shows status on phone/in meeting/out of office and available.
07. HD Video conferencing – superior communication for both internal and external business. Participants have a sharp, clear display. External contact can participate in HD video conferencing even without Lync.
08. Voice over IP – with Skype-like audio calls and conferences, the enterprise takes away public telephone networks giving the business savings on long-distance phone calls. With Lync the communication is on the internet over a private data network lines.
09. Unified communication – Lync online keeps the enterprise connected. Employees can now spend less time in training and more time being productive. Customer’s questions and request can be dealt with more quickly.
10. Document collaboration – collaborate in real time with Microsoft office applications and start automatic Lync collaboration with your document. By joining the collaboration your colleague can share your screen and see the changes in real time.
11. Desktop sharing – Lync allows specialist and every team member to show and share desktop content such as images, videos, websites and documents.
12. Security and privacy – all communication is channeled through the enterprise server. Communication between parties has a higher degree of security.

Lync Online offers a variety of benefits that businesses can take advantage of to make internal and external communications more effective and efficient. Contact WebVine today to schedule a Lync Online free demo and find out how this highly effective tool can maximize efficiency and reduce cost in your business!