Chinese Social Media for Business

With the largest population in the World, China presents a huge opportunity for businesses and social media platforms. In fact, the two may go very well hand in hand to deliver success for those exporting goods and services to China. As we know in the West, social media is very good at sharing information and excitement about new products coming into the marketplace. Can Chinese platforms such as WeChat, QQ and Qzone be used for business in the same way in China?

Is there a fantastic opportunity here for Australian companies to get their products promoted in China? QQ is the oldest messaging platform in China, and can be compared to Skype in many ways. It has been measured in 2015 as having 200 million users online simultaneously; which are big figures in any one’s terminology. However, QQ is rarely used for marketing, as its dominant user is the poor Chinese student in rural China. Qzone, on the other hand, is more like China’s Facebook equivalent, offering blogging, photo sending, music and videos. Brands can promote their products through fan pages; and there were 644 million monthly users in 2014.

Chinese Social Media for Business

WeChat, which offers voice and group chat, video call and other similar features, is a powerful messaging social media app. It offer e-commerce services and users can play games, purchase products online and book things like cabs. In 2014 WeChat had 438 million active monthly users. Brands can set up accounts and target WeChat users through their shopping habits and preferences. Weibo has been called China’s Twitter, and in 2015 had 167 million active monthly users. Weibo has many celebrity users, being popular with the younger generation of Chinese business tycoons. Brands can promote their online stores and special events through a host of digital features, such as live broadcasts, video and celebrity interviews. Weibo is big with Chinese fashion makers and is an eminently suitable platform for those promoting products in the youth sphere.

The ACM Digital Group has strong links to China, culturally speaking, and could be a friendly consultant for companies who are looking to establish their brands in China. The ACM Group Facebook profile could be a blueprint for organisations wishing to share their events and interests in the digital sphere. China presents the biggest opportunity for businesses and organisations around the globe to reach markets of unimaginable size. Social media platforms in China can provide that portal into the hearts and minds of Chinese consumers.


Ten Sports That Benefit From Social Media Strategies

A huge number of individuals are capitalizing on the huge success of social media with its millions of online users who make use of this type of service on a regular day to day basis. Several industries as well are using the power of social media to reach new fans and followers as well as help them become relevant in this present day and age. With that being said, businesses are not the only ones using social media to its core. Listed below are ten sports that benefit from social media strategies.
1. Association football
Considered to be biggest global sport and a top 10 sport in all countries, football is a dominant sport in South America, Europe and Africa.
2. Basketball
NBA finals broadcast in over 200 countries making them one of the biggest global sports in the world.
3. Golf
Golf has earned solid interest in most of the rest of the world, including the rest of Europe and Australia and is also considered as a major sport in US, Japan, Korea and UK.
4. American football
The most popular sport in the United States, American football has nearly 1.1 million high school athletes and 70,000 college athletes play the sport in the United States annually as of 2012.
5. Baseball
Baseball is a major sport in Canada, Mexico, Korea, US and Japan.
6. Tennis
Top 10 most watched annual events
Wimbledon finals are considered to be the top 10 most watched annual events.
7. Volleyball
Volleyball is quite popular in Brazil as well as with Asia and parts of Europe.
8. Ice Hockey
Considered as the biggest winter sport, Ice hockey is number 1 in Canada, 2nd in Russia and 4th in the US.
9. Cricket
In India, Cricket dominates sports media coverage for around a quarter of the world’s population
10. Boxing
Boxing has a significant following in North and Latin America, Europe Philippines and Japan with world champions from every continent.
The ten sports mentioned above are able to benefit greatly from social media strategies helping them accumulate a huge following and support. If you happen to visit social media websites today, most of the sports teams now have their own respective social media profiles for their fans to follow. This makes it possible for almost anyone to get the latest updates and feeds coming for their favorite teams. Game highlights, scores and other related information are shared over the social media with huge interactions from the fans themselves.
Another very much welcomed addition is the free betting promotions that have seamlessly integrated themselves over the social media. This makes it easy to enjoy sports while at the same time, have the opportunity to earn some extra cash from their games with online bets. The payout is fast making the practice very much accessible and convenient to a huge number of individuals
Sports in the social media are vast and expansive with every manner of sports now found over the internet. Managing social media can be a bit of a challenge making it necessary to find effective strategies in order to capitalize on their huge success. With that being said, many companies were able to find their way in social media allowing them to integrate their services in a timely and effective manner.

Business Advantages of Lync Online



Lync Online is Microsoft’s real time Cloud collaboration solution, instant messaging enterprise platform and enterprise account management tool. Lync provides a range of collaboration services including employee presence, instant messaging, voice and conferencing through a single, consistent client experience to connect people everywhere across different devices.

Business advantages of Lync Online:
01. Lync Online drives savings in hardware, software, support and telephony cost. With instant messaging and video conferencing capability the cost associated with business travel is reduced.
02. Improved management and productivity to the enterprise – Lync can be used for delegation, conference and reference tool in real-time, saving time on account managers.
03. Mobile accessibility – Lync integrates directly and provides a familiar and consistent interface across a wide variety of devices such as PC, IOS, android, tablets & mobile devices.
04. Easy file sharing – send files and documents back and forth with other departments easily. With Lync you can easily connect and send files on one platform without having to check into email.
05. Web accessibility – users can participate in meetings and conversation from their browser and access most of Lync features including HD video, instant messaging and VoIP.
06. Presence – Lync automatically checks and determine one’s availability based on outlook calendar and gives a tag alert when a person becomes available. Shows status on phone/in meeting/out of office and available.
07. HD Video conferencing – superior communication for both internal and external business. Participants have a sharp, clear display. External contact can participate in HD video conferencing even without Lync.
08. Voice over IP – with Skype-like audio calls and conferences, the enterprise takes away public telephone networks giving the business savings on long-distance phone calls. With Lync the communication is on the internet over a private data network lines.
09. Unified communication – Lync online keeps the enterprise connected. Employees can now spend less time in training and more time being productive. Customer’s questions and request can be dealt with more quickly.
10. Document collaboration – collaborate in real time with Microsoft office applications and start automatic Lync collaboration with your document. By joining the collaboration your colleague can share your screen and see the changes in real time.
11. Desktop sharing – Lync allows specialist and every team member to show and share desktop content such as images, videos, websites and documents.
12. Security and privacy – all communication is channeled through the enterprise server. Communication between parties has a higher degree of security.

Lync Online offers a variety of benefits that businesses can take advantage of to make internal and external communications more effective and efficient. Contact WebVine today to schedule a Lync Online free demo and find out how this highly effective tool can maximize efficiency and reduce cost in your business!