Ten Sports That Benefit From Social Media Strategies

A huge number of individuals are capitalizing on the huge success of social media with its millions of online users who make use of this type of service on a regular day to day basis. Several industries as well are using the power of social media to reach new fans and followers as well as help them become relevant in this present day and age. With that being said, businesses are not the only ones using social media to its core. Listed below are ten sports that benefit from social media strategies.
1. Association football
Considered to be biggest global sport and a top 10 sport in all countries, football is a dominant sport in South America, Europe and Africa.
2. Basketball
NBA finals broadcast in over 200 countries making them one of the biggest global sports in the world.
3. Golf
Golf has earned solid interest in most of the rest of the world, including the rest of Europe and Australia and is also considered as a major sport in US, Japan, Korea and UK.
4. American football
The most popular sport in the United States, American football has nearly 1.1 million high school athletes and 70,000 college athletes play the sport in the United States annually as of 2012.
5. Baseball
Baseball is a major sport in Canada, Mexico, Korea, US and Japan.
6. Tennis
Top 10 most watched annual events
Wimbledon finals are considered to be the top 10 most watched annual events.
7. Volleyball
Volleyball is quite popular in Brazil as well as with Asia and parts of Europe.
8. Ice Hockey
Considered as the biggest winter sport, Ice hockey is number 1 in Canada, 2nd in Russia and 4th in the US.
9. Cricket
In India, Cricket dominates sports media coverage for around a quarter of the world’s population
10. Boxing
Boxing has a significant following in North and Latin America, Europe Philippines and Japan with world champions from every continent.
The ten sports mentioned above are able to benefit greatly from social media strategies helping them accumulate a huge following and support. If you happen to visit social media websites today, most of the sports teams now have their own respective social media profiles for their fans to follow. This makes it possible for almost anyone to get the latest updates and feeds coming for their favorite teams. Game highlights, scores and other related information are shared over the social media with huge interactions from the fans themselves.
Another very much welcomed addition is the free betting promotions that have seamlessly integrated themselves over the social media. This makes it easy to enjoy sports while at the same time, have the opportunity to earn some extra cash from their games with online bets. The payout is fast making the practice very much accessible and convenient to a huge number of individuals
Sports in the social media are vast and expansive with every manner of sports now found over the internet. Managing social media can be a bit of a challenge making it necessary to find effective strategies in order to capitalize on their huge success. With that being said, many companies were able to find their way in social media allowing them to integrate their services in a timely and effective manner.

Social Media In The Finance Industry



Over the years, the importance of social media for businesses has increased substantially. There was a time when hardly any business was using Facebook and Twitter to attract their target audience. Today, the scenario has flipped and nearly every business, regardless of industry, is using social media platforms to maximize sales and increase profits. The finance industry is no exception to this burgeoning trend. Yet, there are few companies in the finance industry that have actually been able to make the most of social media.

For the finance industry, the type of products and services offered are hardly ideal for promoting through a channel used more for entertainment and casual communication. However, this doesn’t mean that there aren’t any success stories from the finance industry as far as the use of social media is concerned. Here are a few examples:

Citi’s Connect: Citibank realized that the women working for the bank needed their own social media platform where they can interact with their colleagues and peers. So, they combined with LinkedIn and created Connect, which has been online since April 2012.

#Sold! Tweet: American Express came up with this unique idea of enabling customers to purchase items via a tweet. American Express Card Members only had to share the item they wanted to purchase with #Hashtags and they would get it at a discounted price.

These are examples of specific campaigns run by business in the finance industry that proved to be runaway successes. Apart from this, there are several institutions, including American Express, that have an active presence on all the leading social networks. Their campaigns are managed by experienced social media professionals which enables them to leverage the power of the medium to reach customers on a wider scale.

This trend is slowly picking up steam in the Australian finance industry. One company working hard on their social media platform is NSW Mortgage Corp. NSW Mortgage Corp has implemented a small-scale campaign in which they create an article about the financial industry on a weekly basis, on topics such as the uses of bad credit loans and debt consolidation. Then, this article is shared with their existing and prospective customers via social media channels. This has enabled NSW Mortgage Corp to gain an edge on the competition.

As time goes by, the importance of social media for the finance industry will keep growing. It is only a matter of time before nearly every other company is using LinkedIn, Google+ and the likes to get their message across to their customers.

SEO & Social Media ~ a Powerful Case Study

Australian companies, for the most part, lag far behind international companies when it comes to both social media and SEO.

What about the ROI they cry, terrified of doing even just one tweet.

Well, we’re living proof of Social Media ROI, and one of many examples is when Sally from Aussie Farmstays contacted us after seeing us on Twitter!

As Sally already had nearly 11,000+ followers on Twitter and over 3000 fans on her Facebook page, she approached us to first concentrate on her Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and as she’d been thinking of getting SEO done for quite a while, having her jump onboard our 12-month program was a dream – good to be approached by people who are self-convinced – ready to go.

the outback tours australia sydney holidays travel blue mountains

At the 6-month point we achieved for her:

– A quadrupling of organic traffic.

– Significant improvements across her 20 most crucial search phrases.

– Organic presence on the first page of Google so much stronger that Sally’s been able to reduce her Google Adwords Spend by 50%.

This graph shows the massive boost in momentum she has gained from our SEO work – the numbers on the left show unique users per month:

seo case studies sydney australia search engine optimisation

The improvements in her Organic Rankings, from first data recordings taken on 1st November 2011 to the recordings taken on 12th April 2012, are as follows:

Abercrombie Caves Tours – from #39 to #3.

Jenolan Caves Tour – from #38 to #8.

Mudgee Food & Wine Tour – from #31 to three results on the first page – #4, #5 and #6.

Mudgee Wine Tours – from not being seen on the first ten pages – to #9 and #11.

Adventure Tours Australia – from #101 to #10.

Australian Outback Tours – from #90 to #11.

Farmstay Australia – from #24 to #6.

Blue Mountains Day Tours – from #65 to #11.

Horse Riding Blue Mountains – from #21 to #10.

Farmstay Australia – from #24 to #6.

Outback Experience Tour – from #68 to #4 out of 23 million results.

Tours Sydney Australia – from not being seen on the first ten pages – to #11 out of 35 million results.

Adventure Tours Australia – from not being seen on the first ten pages – to #10 from 9.7 million results.

Click on this graph to see close-up how search results have improved for specific search terms over a 6-month period – the numbers on the left show Google rankings – this is a graph where figures heading south is a (very) good thing:

seo rankings graph sydney australia

Social Media Expansion

Sally has just recently started on Pinterest where her Blue Mountains page is set to be significantly expanded to take advantage of the global fascination with this exotic region of Australia.

Website Videos

Sally already has a fantastic array of high-resolution website videos that have been published on Youtube and embedded in her website. They are beautiful storytelling videos with great Australian folk music, interesting characters and inspiring Australian landscapes, all filmed on her tours – to view them all, click here.

Future Targets

Through recent analysis we’ve now SEO-ed her Contact Us page to begin to rank for the highly competitive search phrase The Outback.

That one may take years – but it’s the kind of long-term strategy that progressive, media-savvy companies such as Aussie Farmstays are willing to make to invest in their business five years from now.

Interested in taking an Aussie Bush Adventure? – Email Sally via: sally <at> aussiebushadventures.com.au

And for more info on our SEO and Social Media programs and/or training, email Stewart Dawes info@sydneysocialmediaworkshops.com.au