Social Media In The Finance Industry



Over the years, the importance of social media for businesses has increased substantially. There was a time when hardly any business was using Facebook and Twitter to attract their target audience. Today, the scenario has flipped and nearly every business, regardless of industry, is using social media platforms to maximize sales and increase profits. The finance industry is no exception to this burgeoning trend. Yet, there are few companies in the finance industry that have actually been able to make the most of social media.

For the finance industry, the type of products and services offered are hardly ideal for promoting through a channel used more for entertainment and casual communication. However, this doesn’t mean that there aren’t any success stories from the finance industry as far as the use of social media is concerned. Here are a few examples:

Citi’s Connect: Citibank realized that the women working for the bank needed their own social media platform where they can interact with their colleagues and peers. So, they combined with LinkedIn and created Connect, which has been online since April 2012.

#Sold! Tweet: American Express came up with this unique idea of enabling customers to purchase items via a tweet. American Express Card Members only had to share the item they wanted to purchase with #Hashtags and they would get it at a discounted price.

These are examples of specific campaigns run by business in the finance industry that proved to be runaway successes. Apart from this, there are several institutions, including American Express, that have an active presence on all the leading social networks. Their campaigns are managed by experienced social media professionals which enables them to leverage the power of the medium to reach customers on a wider scale.

This trend is slowly picking up steam in the Australian finance industry. One company working hard on their social media platform is NSW Mortgage Corp. NSW Mortgage Corp has implemented a small-scale campaign in which they create an article about the financial industry on a weekly basis, on topics such as the uses of bad credit loans and debt consolidation. Then, this article is shared with their existing and prospective customers via social media channels. This has enabled NSW Mortgage Corp to gain an edge on the competition.

As time goes by, the importance of social media for the finance industry will keep growing. It is only a matter of time before nearly every other company is using LinkedIn, Google+ and the likes to get their message across to their customers.

Furniture SEO: a Sydney Tale …


There is some debate on which wood is best depending on what one is looking for. Pine furniture, though, is somewhat a favorite among furniture makers for the lightness of its color and resistance to shrinkage. It also goes well with most anything and blends in any office or home setting as pine bookcases, wonderful TV units, office furniture or study desks. There has to be the right feel to it. A vision sometimes a memory attached. Wooden furniture seems to always to evoke a response that way.

Carving a name into the furniture shop business is a slow process. Repeat customers is crucial in being able to be remain on top of Sydney furniture shops, one built on trust and customer satisfaction. Buying lounge furniture or filing cabinets is not an everyday occurrence as say buying clothes making quality of the product of primary importance.

And so the historied realm of furniture shops has arrived in the internet age, and competition is fierce among them!

As part of a new phase in short string key phrase ranking we’ve begun this journey for Habitat Furniture and are recording their present rankings so we can observe them in the coming 2 – 6 months:

Furniture stores #65 out of 186 million searches

Bedroom furniture – not seen first ten pages out of 89 million results

Dining room furniture – not seen first ten pages

Dining Tables – not seen first ten pages

Entertainment Units #33 out of 68 million results

Lounge furniture – not seen first ten pages

TV Units – not seen first ten pages

Filing cabinets #45 out of 45.1 million results

Study desks – not seen first ten pages

Office furniture – not seen first ten pages

Pine bookcases #49 out of 3.57 million results

Pine furniture – not seen first ten pages

Furniture shop #20 out of 398 million results

Furniture shops #7 out of 71.7 million results

Furniture shops in Sydney #34 out of 8.48 million results

Pine furniture shops – not seen first ten pages

Furniture stores #66 out of 186 million search results

Timber furniture – not seen first ten pages

Sydney furniture shops #8 out of 8.48 million results

Sydney furniture stores #13 out of 2.15 million results

Furniture Sydney #52 out of 53.4 million results

Accommodation Hunter Valley: an SEO Odyssey



With the rise of directory-style websites ranking high on Google such as Wotif and LastMinute, the travel industry is one of the hardest arenas to crack for small tour companies as well as boutique accommodation places such as B&Bs and farm stays.

One such small yet very luxurious place to stay is Englewood Ridge whose primary goal was to rank somewhere reasonable for the search accommodation hunter valley which has around 27,000 local search enquiries per month.

Among the tasks we implemented for them were:

1. Onsite optimisation of their website.

2. A pinterest page with links to their website.

3. Offsite articles on very high-traffic websites such as

A article focussed on self-contained accommodation hunter valley

A Fresh Magazine article about accommodation in the hunter valley

A article about Things To Do In The Hunter Valley

Englewood Ridge began their campaign with a good ranking for self-contained accommodation hunter valley but were a lowly #41 for accommodation hunter valley.

They supplied the following lists of search terms:

self contained accommodation hunter valley #4 / 320 searches per month
self contained accommodation pokolbin – not seen first 10 pages / 36 searches pm
self contained accommodation lovedale #12 / Zero pm
self contained accommodation rothbury #2 / Zero pm
hunter valley self contained accommodation #5 / 320pm
hunter valley accommodation house #15 / 880pm
hunter valley boutique accommodation – not seen 1st ten pages / 320pm / local 260pm
hunter valley accommodation #41 / 27,100pm
hunter valley accommodation houses #13 /  Zero pm
hunter valley guest house – not seen 1st ten pages / 720pm / local 590pm
rothbury accommodation #8 / 1600pm / local 480pm
lovedale accommodation #50 / 590pm / 480pm
accommodation rothbury hunter valley #28 / 46pm
accommodation lovedale nsw #48 / Zero pm
accommodation rothbury #11 / 1600pm / 480pm
accommodation in rothbury #10 /  1600pm / 480pm
house accommodation hunter valley #12 / ZERO pm
hunter valley house accommodation #12 / 880pm
accommodation lovedale #17 / 590pm / local 480pm
lovedale accommodation hunter valley #19 / 91pm

We returned the research with these interesting search considerations:

accommodation hunter valley 27,100pm
luxury accommodation hunter valley 1,000pm
hunter valley hotels 22,200
hunter valley cabins 1,900
hunter valley 246,000pm
hunter valley getaways 1,000pm
accommodation hunter valley pokolbin 590pm
hunter valley 5 star accommodation 590pm
hunter valley resort 5,400
hunter valley accommodation packages 480pm

Like all SEO, work is still in progress, but between 11 November 2012 and 16 January 2013 – just over two months – their ranking for accommodation hunter valley jumped from #41 to #11 – within shooting distance of those directory websites and just one position off the first page of Google – for a search phrase that returns 2.53 million search results. All we can say is …. watch this space!

For more on SEO or social media management email Stewart Dawes

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Financial Education

Can social media help with financial education?

Such are the questions being posed by Alisdair and Zoe at Future Map as they chart new courses for Australian businesses interested in staff development.

Future Map provide financial education employee benefits training programs in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and regional Australia. Corporate wellness programs with financial literacy on the agenda helping employee engagement and retention.

They help with:
1. employee wellbeing programs
2. employee benefits
3. employee engagement
4. employee retention
5. remuneration and benefits
6. workplace productivity
7. employee financial benefits
8. financial wellbeing
9. staff reward and recognition programs
10. corporate super

And are able to assist with:

salary sacrificing
super contributions
financial literacy
improving team culture
capacity building
Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
team building
communicating employee benefits
financial education
personal development

As well as:

talent war issues
team bonding
conference speaking
employee off-site support
benefits uptake
employee insurance packages
goal setting
personal finances

Contact Alisdair on 0405 138 613 for more info.

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Search Engine Optimisation



A website is made to promote a brand, to launch campaigns or simply for people to discover and read your work. Building a positive online presence is part of SEO. Search engine optimization is one of the best strategies required for any kind of business website, for without website visibility there is no chance to increase sales.

SEO or search engine optimization is a powerful web marketing approach that is used to escalate the amount of visitors to a website. Its aim is to attain a first page ranking placement in the search results page of search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo and others so that your site is accessible and can be found by the right people.

A website that has not been accordingly optimized for the search engines will not be found. What good is a website if people do not know it even exists? If a website is not visited, it will be lost in the web. It will simply be sidestepped by other sites and lose exposure on web traffic, and will not benefit from the great deal of free advertising that magnets optimal search engine rankings.

Most internet users hardly click on the second page of search results when doing a keyword search. They most likely apt to visit websites that are at the top of the list as they think those to be more related to their search query. Search engine optimization can help design your site to be search engine-friendly and rank your site higher than the millions of other sites by directing traffic to it, thereby resulting to a greater chance of being visited by a user.

If you think that search engine optimization is something you do not need for your business then think again! Don’t be left behind. Now is the best time to invest for your business’ future. Be considered a valuable asset to the online world and heighten your success with search engine optimization. It is an extremely cost effective and efficient marketing technique that could possibly produce a huge growth in business with minimal risk. Make your website a front-runner and bank on SEO!