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Social Media Can Help You Get Out of Debt

Debt Free sign with sky background

Frequent calls from credit card collectors is one sure sign that you have problem with debt. If you are having trouble paying your bills, don’t worry, you’re not alone. Many Australians are in deep debt, and not everyone has a way to pay it. Ignoring your debts will make your problem worse. Make a decision today to address your debts and make a plan to repay or consolidate to live a life debt free.

Debt consolidation is one option of managing your debt. It allows people to group all the loans into one single loan. Consolidating debts in one loan is easier to manage than several different loans each month. By making a new loan to debt lenders you qualify for a lower interest rate and will only be required to make a single payment each month. Debt consolidation can protect your credit rating and help you get out of debt faster.

If you are looking for ways to be debt free sooner, finding ways to increase your current earnings can help you pay your outstanding debts. Find a part-time job that you enjoy and will fit into your schedule. There are many jobs that you can do from home that make a good income without having to leave your house. Just having a good communication skill, a good computer and fast internet connection is all you need to get out of your financial problems.

Using a job compilation sites or online workplace like https://www.upwork.com can be an excellent place to find part-time jobs to boost your income and pay your debts. Are you active in any type of social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and online communities? Then social media management may hold some job potential for you. Digital marketing company like Atomic Digital Marketing is always on the look-out for internet savvy professionals to do social media management for their clients.

Social media manager is required to have a strong writing, communication and computer skills. He is responsible for regular posting of engaging content in social media sites. Creating and maintaining pages in major social media for clients is also his responsibility. Social manager need to engage people in conversation to attract website visitors to convert them to leads and ultimately sales. They may also tap into video production, online chats and viral marketing. Most of the job revolves around developing brand awareness, getting followers and maintaining brand image.

A social media manager in Australia earns an average salary of AU$57,359.00 per year. Higher pay depends on the size of the company and the importance of social media to them. A college degree in marketing, communication or journalism is considered a good background for this job. Social media managers need to meet the objectives of the client and it requires a great amount of skill, expertise and diligence.

Social media can help you get out of debt by giving you source of extra income. Develop a plan for paying down your debt by increasing your monthly payments to creditors. Pay off first your biggest balances with the highest interest rate to lower the amount of principal loan. Less money spent on interest gives you savings. The sooner you do something and act about your debts, the sooner you’ll be living a life debt-free.


Social Media for the Natural Therapy Industry


Natural Therapies work on the body both physically and emotionally to relieve pain and improve health and wellbeing. According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), 80% of the world’s population relies on natural therapies. Homeopathy and Herbal Medicine use plants and essences to heal the problem areas within the body. Therapies concerned with Exercise, Physical Therapy and Nutrition are focused on creating optimum conditions for the body. Naturopathy and Iridology include diagnostic tools to detect illness before it harms the body.

Manual Therapies like Osteopathy and Aromatherapy use healing or essential oils to relieve stress and promote health. The philosophy of Osteopathy is to treat the whole body, not just the symptoms. It places genuine interest in understanding your problem and guiding you toward solutions which promote balance and harmony within your body.

The natural therapy industry needs to be branded so it will not be seen as ‘alternative’, and can operate on the same scale as the medical industry. Natural Therapy practitioners have a unique opportunity to help with this healing shift through social media. It is important to create a way for people to learn about the healing business and clearly share information through the best channels to reach the right target audience.

Social media implemented responsibly and effectively can help the natural therapy industry by informing and educating prospective patients about their services. It also helps in patient engagement through regular interaction with patients and other practitioners. Social media is a good listening tool, by discovering what patients are saying about your practice and acting on this information to deliver exceptional customer service.

Because people go online first to gather information before making an appointment, having a clear well done social media accounts can help them contact you. It takes time and commitment to make social media work for you. But to avoid social media disasters natural health practitioners are advised to take social media training to create a smart social media strategy and grow patient volume. Social media training and development aims to enhance natural therapy practitioner’s skills and knowledge in the latest techniques to deliver an effective social media strategy.

Developing a business-specific social media marketing strategy is imperative. Start by understanding your business goals and learn how to integrate them in your social media platforms. Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter not only make you connect with patients but with fellow practitioners as well. @WellbeingParty is a Twitter account that connects with holistic healers and natural therapy practitioners around the world.

Create engaging content by sharing relevant and important information. Avoid selling and heavy promotion of natural therapy services. Social media is about educating, engaging and all forms of discreet tactful selling. This helps establish rapport and trust around your brand. Social media done correctly will become an important part of your marketing mix.

Pinterest for Business? Big, Medium or Small, We’re Here to Help …



Pinterest is HOT HOT HOT – and here to stay!

It’s currently populated by 97.9% females, by nature significant online purchasers and more often than not the highest-spending household consumers. It’s the capitalist matriarchy on heat!

It’s on Pinterest that you’ll most often find fantastic infographics like these ones:

Carbs Are Killing You!

Is Pinterest the Next Big Social Commerce Game-Changer?

Pinterest used by 100+ Brands Such As …

And it’s where you’ll find exciting new consumer profiles such as:

Katie Felten

Chi Salvador

Twisted Vines … and over 10 million more …


Ready to Go?

We can set you or your business up on Pinterest, create and fill many targeted “boards” which are highly relevant to your products or services, and then as a further option, we can also manage your profile for you over the coming months and years.

We know exactly how to get Pinterest working in thrilling and powerful harmony with your Facebook and Twitter profiles, as well as with your website/s.

When done right according to our many years of mainstream media and social media management experience, Pinterest is indeed the most exciting new social media platform since Twitter.

Don’t waste another minute of your life without it! Call Stewart Dawes 0413 276 780 or email him media@SEOtherapy.com.au to find out how your business can have its most productive social media experience yet – via a range of very affordable options. Or if you’d just like a FREE  invitation to join Pinterest, email info@sydneysocialmediaworkshops.com.au


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Social Media PR opportunities for Personal Trainers in 2016

The thing about the internet is that everything you post on the net is available to every person in the world. Whilst it is true that it might be difficult and less likely for someone in, say Mexico, to find your posts the point is unless your posts on the net are targeted you might be wasting your time. Now there are businesses that might want to talk and sell products and services to people in Mexico, however if you are a personal trainer it is not likely. If you are a personal trainer based in Sydney, you will want to target Sydney social media.

So it is important to keep engaged with social media for two reasons. Firstly it is very important to keep in touch with your clients and Sydney social media is a very good way of doing this, but I am probably not telling you anything new. The second thing is that social media has replaced the old word of mouth. As a personal trainer bondi individual I find that my primary source of new clients is referrals from satisfied customers, word of mouth. With social media word of mouth can be much more powerful and the number of people who can be reached is almost infinite. However it must be done right and the key is Sydney social media.

So, be sure you are talking to people in Sydney. You can do this by a quick bit of research on the people on social media. It is more likely that people on social media will be talking to people in their immediate environ. So by screening the people you are talking to you will have a greater chance of entering social media circles in your local area. The second thing is to make sure your posts on Sydney social media is well packaged, so that it is easy for other people to pass it on. The old saying a picture is worth a thousand words applies. It is so easy to include a selfie, or any picture in your posts, so I would advise everybody to include photos in your social media posts. Also I would advise to include photos of Sydney.

So take a bit of time and you will find that your personal trainer business will really benefit from Sydney social media.

Irish Food Hampers: Social Media Success Story



Taste Ireland Case Study

The Business
Taste Ireland is Australia’s prime source for buying Irish goodies (groceries and gifts) online. They have teamed up with the various Irish food manufacturers to bring and offer the largest Irish goodies at competitive prices.

The Challenge
Taste Ireland wanted to expand its online presence and approached us with the goal of increasing its reach through social media. They also wanted to rank better when it comes to search terms and drive traffic to their website.

The Solution
Set up accounts for Taste Ireland across a number of social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram. Help their brand build personality as well as relationships with customers through these channels and increase awareness of their brand and products which will greatly generate publicity and reach their target market.

Achieve high rankings across hundreds of thousands of URLs, as well as improve rankings for the most competitive and most crucial search terms.

The Result
Taste Ireland has seen a marked improvement in their search rankings. Using links from our high-traffic websites, we are building to get them on the first page of Google search and rank in the top 3 with search terms like irish gift hampers.

Through our social media management, Taste Ireland’s access to potential customers has increased tremendously. The results have been impressive with a lot of requests for product information, as well as orders they have been receiving on their social media accounts and website.

Their Facebook account has 17,871 likes.

Their Twitter account is gaining momentum with 883 followers.

Their Pinterest account has 317 followers to date.

Their newest social media adventure is Instagram and after setting it up, they’ve already been getting product enquiries – after just one week!

Here are examples of some enquiries they received:

@mariaainscough asked:
@tasteireland any chance of you getting caffertys Easter eggs? You know the marshmallow with the thin chocolate on the outside?

@aoifemcgee asked:
Any ispinis?? @tasteireland

We continue to closely monitor their social media accounts, as well as their website’s performance. We are very much involved in the development of all their social media marketing strategies and SEO development.

Our journey with Taste Ireland has just begun and after only weeks of SEO and social media management, the results have been excellent! Suffice it to say, the only way for Taste Ireland now is up!

How a New Beauty Therapy Course In Melbourne is using SEO & Social Media


Melbourne’s The Health Arts College has long been an outstanding training organisation for people looking to get into natural therapies. With the development of a new Holistic Beauty Therapy Course on the table they decided to try a new marketing tactic.

First stop was using SEO, gearing up a multi-page presence while also using the skills of a Sydney SEO company who specialise in a combination of Onsite and Offsite search engine optimisation. Examples of their Offsite SEO articles on very-high-traffic websites include articles titled Beauty Therapy Courses Australia run on a Sydney website, and Beauty Therapy Training Melbourne run on a Perth website which nevertheless ranks extremely well in Melbourne search results.

Social Media, the science of marketing through communication and personalised contact, while relatively unexplored by Australian natural therapy practitioners and colleges, was intriguing to them. In an industry as personal as beauty therapy it made sense to see what happened when a highly-targeted approach was put into place on Facebook and Twitter to let people know about their new course.

Spending money on TV, radio and newspaper campaigns, which put businesses ‘out there’, traditionally return negative yields on investment. They are however deemed necessary marketing tools by many businesses looking to expand their customer base.

It was decided that the new format of Social Media marketing would be added into the mix and the results would be left to speak for themselves. The results however, were drastically unexpected by the people running The Health Arts College.

A holistic blend of SEO and Social Media marketing was returning substantially more money to the business than they were outputting, yes, you heard that right, a marketing tool that providing positive growth!

The reason it’s been so successful, and is becoming a major player alongside traditional marketing, is because it is not a free for all approach. Social Media marketing is targeted directly at the people whom you want to talk with. What’s more, customers who’ve had a great experience are kept in constant contact with your business after the transaction, to continue to provide positive input.

This is marketing not in the traditional sense, but at its most sincere level. Consultative, not pushy. A discussion, not a monologue.

Check out for instance how The Health Art’s College’s tweets can now be embedded into WordPress sites (also great in Posterous Spaces), with functioning clickable links, yet another instance of SEO and Social media cuddling up in bed together more than ever before:

Now if that doesn’t excite you, you haven’t got a pulse.

Sure the scale of a Social Media campaign reaches less people, but 95% of the people you target are exactly the kind of people your business wants to be speaking to!

If the idea of having your business be a successful, personal, approachable advertiser doesn’t sound like a good enough reason to get involved in the new generation of marketing, consider the following:

THA College had a revenue increase, in direct ratio to their SEO and Social Media marketing campaigns of over 1,000% of their monetary input.

1,000% …

In the meantime check out some of THA College’s online activities for yourself:

Main website: www.thacollege.com

Twitter: www.twitter.com/thacollege

Facebook: www.facebook.com/thehealthartscollege

Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/thehealtharts

The principal of The Health Arts College on Facebook (friend requests welcome):


Most Effective SEO Backlinks:

Beauty Therapy Courses in Melbourne

Aromatherapy Adelaide

Kinesiology Training Perth

Remedial Massage Training Sydney

Reflexology Melbourne

Beauty Therapy Melbourne

Most Searched Terms To Find This Article ~ Stats by Sydney SEO Company:

Beauty therapy Melbourne, beauty therapy training course, beauty therapists & social media, what is holistic beauty therapy, beauty therapy diplomas in Australia, beauty therapy colleges in Adelaide, beauty therapy Perth, Australian SEO success stories, Sydney SEO companies.

Post by Saul Khan.

Escorts Stay in Touch Via Twitter

The social web has swiftly evolved into a powerful community which people all over the world has embraced, and it’s just natural that we take advantage of the new and exciting technologies we have at present. Escorts for one have been quick to grasp the strength of creating a community on the web, and they look to Twitter to promote themselves and stay in touch with their fellow escorts.

Escorts prefer connecting with clients and colleagues through Twitter as it works better for this kind of industry. Twitter is open to adult-centered businesses but does not allow pornographic images in profile, background or header photos. Escorts though, can tweet the best shots from their latest photo shoot and keep it in their gallery, or tweet naughty remarks provided it’s not anything illegal.

In its terms and conditions, Twitter mentions that “All Content, whether publicly posted or privately transmitted, is the sole responsibility of the person who originated such Content. We may not monitor or control the Content posted via the Services and, we cannot take responsibility for such Content.”

Other platforms on the hand, Facebook for example mentions that it has a “strict policy against the sharing of pornographic content and any explicitly sexual content where a minor is involved and it also imposes limitations on the display of nudity”.

Twitter provides a great venue for escorts to connect, interact and expand their network. They can view their fellow escort’s profiles and communicate with old friends and meet new ones. They can also provide and get some kind of contact, advice and support or even buddy up when they are touring in the same city.

With Twitter, escorts can follow their fellow escorts and learn from them – from the type of posts they make and who they follow. They can also find new possible clients and new directories which they could register to for added gigs.

Curious about what goes on an escort to escort conversation? Here’s a peek on Twitter exchanges from some of the escorts in Sydney:


If that made you even more curious, here are other Sydney escorts you might want to check out: @ryanjamessydney @ChristineMQueen @luciebeexxx @Jade_422 @myplaymateau.

It’s clear why escorts prefer to stay in touch via Twitter – it’s simple, quick and easy!

How a boutique Sydney furniture store takes on the giants with SEO and Social Media – and wins!


Screen-Shot-2012-02-09-at-11.13.07-AMClient: Habitat Furniture Warehouse
Location: Hurlstone Park, NSW.
Description: A boutique furniture shop.
Brief: Search Engine Optimisation over two years so far, as a side-aspect, client adapted to Twitter very well.
Success: Profound success across SEO, the added benefit of twitter giving further boost to Google rankings.
Website: www.habitatfurniture.com.au
Twitter account: @PoppyatHabitat
Pinterest profile: http://pinterest.com/poppyathabitat/

Habitat Furniture Warehouse began a search engine optimisation phase with us in late 2009, firstly aiming to rank strongly for in their local market in Sydney’s Inner West, with such terms as:

Furniture stores Sydney inner west – they’ve cracked #2, #3, #4, #6, #7 and #8 out of 174,000 results.

Furniture shops Canterbury – they’ve cracked #1 out of 4.28 million results

Screen-Shot-2012-02-09-at-11.13.07-AMOur next phase was targeting their actual furniture items, “room by room”, so they managed to clock up the following results (rankings may vary depending on browser and location of the performed search):

Bedroom furniture Sydney inner west – #2 and #4 out of 956,000 results

Buy coffee table Sydney – #1, #2 and #3 out of 2.49 million results

Finally our most recent phase has been a return to the very core of their search requirements, seeing if this tiny boutique store can compete against Australia’s furniture giants on the most basic short-thread searches – we focussed on giving Onsite SEO and then Links Fuel to such terms as:

furniture shop sydney #9 after previously ranking in the high fifties

furniture store sydney #15 over 2.7 million results

– and even furniture warehouse sydney #4 which happens to be the #1 Google Places result – out of 1.96 million results

Screen-Shot-2012-02-09-at-12.09.44-PMWhat people may or may not know is that Social Media provides a chance to have good links from powerful high-traffic websites – something which Google adds to its complex algorithms when determining who to rank. Not just from Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and Pinterest, however, what’s now important is that by liking a website on Google+, your ‘like’ shows as an image on that website’s ranking therefore grabbing an extra bit of noticeability and real estate for your rankings. And sure enough, Google gives your site added search points for having these likes.

Examples of Poppy’s on-topic (and occasionally eclectically off-topic) tweets:

There’s always room to move forward and soon we’ll be targeting short-string phrases such as:

Dining furniture Sydney

Bedroom furniture Sydney

Entertainment units Sydney

Furniture Sydney

Article by Stewart Dawes. For more on SEO check out this Sydney SEO company.

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UTS Business School Introductory Lecture

#UTSbizschool 2012 – Introduction


Social media video:



Celebrities are hyper-narcissists who usually don’t follow back. Don’t waste your time with them, instead swim in the rich, deep waters of the vibrant,mutually respecting twitter-community at large …


Ask Aaron Lee




Love Gold Coast


Penelope Photo



Twitter is Prestigious – and Dangerous!

David Jones Social Networking Policy

Managers Need To Up Their Game With Social Media: Harvard Business Review

Student Jailed for “Vile Tweet”


Twitter Tales ~ It’s More Than Just ROI …

ROI: @aussiefarmstay

Don’t Tweet Drunk!

@NAB @QantasAirways @Telstra @Westpac – consumer power never been more public. Corporates’ goal is to get the matter out of public eye, e.g. Westpac response.

Alvin Quah

Get a Free Coffee in San Francisco

Examples of Tweets

Nicole Greentree about Getting Hired by a Startup

Spicy Ice Cream – shows bit.ly shortener

Chris Miller about Kangaroo Valley


A Quick Look At:

Bit.ly URL Shortener


Instagram + Vegan/Pieface pic + Big Brekkie

Twitter Search: bad headache




Manage Flitter

Find a Quote via @IHateQuotes

Foodies on Twitter

Top 100 Food Twitterers


Pinterest – Fantastic to Use with Twitter (and Facebook):


Great for infographics e.g. History of the Web


Keep in touch with Us – we #FollowBack – and feel free to use the hashtag #UTSbizschool

Nicole: @EmpowerSM

Stewart: @sydneycafes

Homework! Next week is HOW TO week …

1. If you’re not yet on Twitter, please think up a Username – must be 15 characters or less – and join it – so you can participate fully in next week’s workshop.

2. If you’re on Twitter already, please tweet at least once using the hashtag #UTSbizschool and if you wish to, in the same tweet include @EmpowerSM and @sydneycafes so we know who’s already active for next week’s class.

3. If you want a gold star, join Pinterest and Nicole and I, if contacted via email, can send you an email invitation – either Nicole nicole@empowersocialmedia.com or Stewart media@SEOtherapy.com.au

4. If possible, please bring your laptop / iPad etc to next week’s class to get the full practical benefit from the workshop.


SEO & Social Media ~ a Powerful Case Study

Australian companies, for the most part, lag far behind international companies when it comes to both social media and SEO.

What about the ROI they cry, terrified of doing even just one tweet.

Well, we’re living proof of Social Media ROI, and one of many examples is when Sally from Aussie Farmstays contacted us after seeing us on Twitter!

As Sally already had nearly 11,000+ followers on Twitter and over 3000 fans on her Facebook page, she approached us to first concentrate on her Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and as she’d been thinking of getting SEO done for quite a while, having her jump onboard our 12-month program was a dream – good to be approached by people who are self-convinced – ready to go.

the outback tours australia sydney holidays travel blue mountains

At the 6-month point we achieved for her:

– A quadrupling of organic traffic.

– Significant improvements across her 20 most crucial search phrases.

– Organic presence on the first page of Google so much stronger that Sally’s been able to reduce her Google Adwords Spend by 50%.

This graph shows the massive boost in momentum she has gained from our SEO work – the numbers on the left show unique users per month:

seo case studies sydney australia search engine optimisation

The improvements in her Organic Rankings, from first data recordings taken on 1st November 2011 to the recordings taken on 12th April 2012, are as follows:

Abercrombie Caves Tours – from #39 to #3.

Jenolan Caves Tour – from #38 to #8.

Mudgee Food & Wine Tour – from #31 to three results on the first page – #4, #5 and #6.

Mudgee Wine Tours – from not being seen on the first ten pages – to #9 and #11.

Adventure Tours Australia – from #101 to #10.

Australian Outback Tours – from #90 to #11.

Farmstay Australia – from #24 to #6.

Blue Mountains Day Tours – from #65 to #11.

Horse Riding Blue Mountains – from #21 to #10.

Farmstay Australia – from #24 to #6.

Outback Experience Tour – from #68 to #4 out of 23 million results.

Tours Sydney Australia – from not being seen on the first ten pages – to #11 out of 35 million results.

Adventure Tours Australia – from not being seen on the first ten pages – to #10 from 9.7 million results.

Click on this graph to see close-up how search results have improved for specific search terms over a 6-month period – the numbers on the left show Google rankings – this is a graph where figures heading south is a (very) good thing:

seo rankings graph sydney australia

Social Media Expansion

Sally has just recently started on Pinterest where her Blue Mountains page is set to be significantly expanded to take advantage of the global fascination with this exotic region of Australia.

Website Videos

Sally already has a fantastic array of high-resolution website videos that have been published on Youtube and embedded in her website. They are beautiful storytelling videos with great Australian folk music, interesting characters and inspiring Australian landscapes, all filmed on her tours – to view them all, click here.

Future Targets

Through recent analysis we’ve now SEO-ed her Contact Us page to begin to rank for the highly competitive search phrase The Outback.

That one may take years – but it’s the kind of long-term strategy that progressive, media-savvy companies such as Aussie Farmstays are willing to make to invest in their business five years from now.

Interested in taking an Aussie Bush Adventure? – Email Sally via: sally <at> aussiebushadventures.com.au

And for more info on our SEO and Social Media programs and/or training, email Stewart Dawes info@sydneysocialmediaworkshops.com.au


Social Media for Pop-up Shops & Restaurants

Stefan Gustafsson speaks to Stewart Dawes about ways to use social media to promote pop-up shops or restaurants …
1. How can social media be used to promote a short-term project, like a pop-up shop?
As you can see from the example here (click to enlarge), Andrea & Joen POP UP! SHOP! Facebook’s event invitation feature can be used to promote a pop-up shop exactly as you would a party:
It provides organisers with a real-time ongoing gauge of who is attending, who is declining and who is responding most positively by adding likes and comments to the page to flesh it out and inspire others to attend.
It’s very easy to add a map so the location is easy to see, it has an exclusive feel – as though invitees have been invited exclusively, and it enables attendees to get a feel for the types of people who are attending, e.g. in the attached case, “yep people attending are trendy shoe-loving fashionistas just like me”.
Twitter is also effective for promoting a short-term event – but not as twitter may usually be thought of as being used. Instead of building followers/community over time, a pop-up shop should instead use twitter to maximise the newsworthiness of the concept. In other words, twitter should be run like an online PR campaign, contacting and liaising with journalists, media identities and people on twitter who have ultra-high followings.
When the event ends, the key thing with twitter is to keep the account and then re-name it when you put on your next pop-up event. You can take the followers with you!
2. What are the potential benefits of using social media in marketing?
In many cases it’s simply that social media is where people are. Fish where the fish are.
3. Are there any issues with using social media in the marketing of these projects?
The wrong thing to do is to think that you can suddenly just market in social media and nowhere else. Of course traditional marketing places such as newspapers, magazines, tv and radio – plus billboards etc – still need to be considered. Social media is definitely not the silver bullet. In some instances social media is too slow – e.g. one friend had a project to help people in Christchurch after their earthquake. He wanted me to help him establish a Facebook and twitter account so see if he could drum up interest. In this case I said to him that his project was much more important than that and he should go straight to mainstream media in New Zealand with it. He took my advice and ended up being covered on TV and in newspapers for days on end. So sometimes you really need to figure out horses for courses.
4. What are the Do’s and Don’ts when using social media as a marketing tool?
The big don’t is: don’t leave it to the last minute. You in fact need the longest possible lead-up time. I have one client https://twitter.com/#!/bondichai who are launching their chai product in Woolworths in about four months. So their twitter campaign has in fact started now. Followers come onboard slowly, so by starting now they hope to have 2 or 3,000 followers who they can announce their product being in Woolworths to. If they left it to the last minute they might have only 50 followers, which would be a bit of a joke.
5. How can you help your campaign to go “viral”?
Going viral is the dream of every marketer on social media! Of course it’s very difficult to achieve. My motto would be to always have your smartphone video camera set to ready. Like the real estate guy who last year was at the cricket. Ex-PM Bob Hawke walked up and he handed Bob a beer and got him to skol it in front of the video camera. Within 24 hours he had 300,000 views. Or if you can’t have the luck of such a viral miracle, then you need to create such luck by producing a witty, brilliant video and putting it on Youtube. A lot of work, and needs to be well realised, but this is the best way to create that chance. Photos rarely go viral.
6. Do you have any good examples of how social media has been used to market short-term projects, like a pop-up shop?
The Facebook example I have here is my best one as it happened to arrive in my messages today! They are not easy promotions to keep on file as they disappear off the radar quickly once the event is over.
Also most of the time people come into social media with a short-term project with no realistic idea of what will or won’t happen. Films are a prime example. They think stacks of people are going to follow the film on twitter, it doesn’t happen because people know they’re going to get marketed to very heavily by the film, and then the film’s season ends and no-one tweets on the account again. I’ve seen this happen a number of times in the last few years.
There was a pop-up restaurant on twitter which I can’t give you the link to because of course it’s completely vanished, but it was a New-Zealand promotion here in Australia which used twitter to target food bloggers as well as food journalists. Bloggers were given a free dinner plus alcohol at a media launch night. It was a stylish event and there must have been about 150 people in attendance. Certainly they got a lot of blogs and a lot of ongoing tweets happening about it. How genuinely effective it was as far as ROI goes is something I wasn’t privy to, though I recall the event ran for two weeks and was booked out almost all nights.
Looking to get specialised help with promoting a Pop-Up Shop on social media? Email caroline@atomicsocialmedia.com.au or contact Atomic Social Media via http://www.facebook.com/atomicsocialmedia
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Shoalhaven Council Notes

Social Media for Local Government: Shoalhaven Council

Socialnomics Video

Shoalhaven on Wikipedia

Shoalhaven Council Website


Social Media for Neighbourhoods 

Facebook for Cities

social media for local government sydney australia


Twitter is Prestigious – and Dangerous!

David Jones Social Networking Policy

Managers Need To Up Their Game With Social Media: Harvard Business Review

Student Jailed for “Vile Tweet”

Some Basic Organisational Strategies

Multiple staff accounts – cheerleading – 3rd party endorsements …

Applying a Twitter Consciousness to a Personal Facebook Page

Can your Facebook page become a community meeting point? Bodytrim

Relevancy + High Numbers!

Outsourcing – but probably not to the office intern!

Who’s on Twitter?

Brisbane City

Pittwater Council inspirational twitpic

My Warringah – Should follow people back


Mosman Council

Wyong Council

Manly Council

Fairfield City Council – need more photos

Randwick Mayor – ???

City of Sydney

Clover Moore


Local Allies on Twitter:

@lyndelpn – Uni of Wollongong lecturer, gives great advice on Nowra cafes!

@glennbrandon – his video Bob Hawke ‘skulls’ a beer at the SCG

Day head chef at Berry Sourdough bakery @iamrenslip Drew Fisher, the night time chef is @berrybakery

@DarrylLeeRubi – your Local Government Learning Solutions connection

Paperbark Camp in jervis bay: @DouglasInnesWil is the chef, the restaurant @TheGunyah, @Paperbarkcamp the accommodation

@NotJustComics comic book store in Nowra, a cool local small business

@hungryduckberry mod asian restaurant in Berry, emphasis on local food and sustainability

@TheBerryTeaShop the name says it all

@barkingmadberry another local business and regular twitter fiend

@HopDogBW microbrewery based in south nowra, his beer is awesome!

PaintMeHappy a Sydney-based self-confessed ‘local government maven’.

What is a “Tweet”? Examples of Tweets

Nicole Greentree about Getting Hired by a Startup

Spicy Ice Cream – shows bit.ly shortener

Chris Miller about Kangaroo Valley


Sydney Twitterati


Jeff Bullas



William Chen

Ms Darlinghurst


Iggy Pintado


Friends of Twitter:

Bit.ly URL Shortener


Instagram + Vegan/Pieface + Big Brekkie

Twitter Search: bad headache

Manage Flitter




Twitter Tales ~ It’s More Than Just ROI …

ROI: @aussiefarmstay

Don’t Tweet Drunk!

@NAB @QantasAirways @Telstra @Westpac – consumer power never been more public. Corporates’ goal is to get the matter out of public eye, e.g. Westpac response.

Alvin Quah


Foodies on Twitter

Top 100 Australian Food Twitterers

Tweeting for Relevancy …
Reaching out via twitter …

Hey @sydneycafes. @parracity and @cityofsydney are good Syd ones. I’ve seen some Melb ones do good work getting community orgs onto twitter.

— David Moutou (@MoutouApril 2, 2012

@sydneycafes I am biased towards examples of LG using twitter to connect residents with each other, not just with Council

— David Moutou (@MoutouApril 2, 2012

@sydneycafes check melbourne.vic.gov.au/enterprisemelb…. And then compare yarracity.vic.gov.au/Twitter/ and their community skills training yarracity.vic.gov.au/services/Commu…

— David Moutou (@MoutouApril 2, 2012



Shoalhaven City Council

Holroyd City Council

Holroyd City Council Library

Sunshine Coast Council

I Love Pittwater

Willoughby City Council

Fairfield City

Randwick City Council

City of Sydney

Queensland Councils


Overseas Examples

Coventry City

Local Online Businesses / Associations

The Hills Holroyd Parramatta Migrant Resource Centre

Strathfield Youth Film Festival

Community Social Media

My Northern Beaches on Twitter

My Northern Beaches on Facebook

Councils of Respondents to a previous Survey:

Liverpool Council – Facebook – Twitter

 Wyong Council – Facebook – Twitter

Kogarah Council – Facebook – Twitter

Penrith City – Facebook – Twitter


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What is Pinterest?

Pinterest – Fantastic to Use with Twitter (and Facebook):


Great for infographics e.g. History of the Web


Stewart Dawes

Linked In Infographic on Pinterest

Cut-through is a great reason to do Instagram, Pinterest & Linked In for starters.

Facebook Buys Instagram for $1 Billion

Facebook has just finished a deal to acquire mobile photo sharing app Instagram for approximately $1 billion in cash and stock. Instagram will remain an independently branded stand-alone app that’s separate from Facebook, but the services will increase their ties to each other. Read article …

My humble most-liked Instagram pic

Sydney Councils on Instagram

City of Sydney

Clover Moore


City of Sydney

More Council Websites

Pittwater Council

Randwick Council … and also on Youtube.

City of Sydney and also on Youtube.

Keep in touch – I #FollowBack

Stewart: @sydneycafes


Social Media News Sources:


Plus @iggypintado, @socmediologist, @hollingsworth etc etc …

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Recent Twitter Joinees from our Workshops:



Social Media Policy for Government and Businesses



Social media is a global phenomenon and has now become a substantial part of our modern society. Social media platforms have revolutionized everything from advertising, brand reputation, marketing to communicating and sharing official government information.

Organizations recognise what the power of social media can do in developing brands and services and most, if not all, have been participating.

A social media policy outlines for employees (government and private industry) the corporate guidelines or principles of proper communication in the online world. An important thing to remember is that unguided and irresponsible social media practices can have huge ramification for organisations that do not have effective policies in place. Organizations need to have a policy in hand to ensure employees are aware of the organization’s expectations on behaviour and communication online.

It is important for a government or business to develop and implement a social media policy for their protection. Providing clear guidelines and parameters to your employees improves your organisation’s brand and reputation.

A well-written social media policy regarding the acceptable use of social media can:

• Present employees with clear guidelines on how to properly communicate in the online world. This will give them clarity on what is accepted to say or do online.
• Bring about transparency around the organization’s values and culture for customers, employees and the public.
• Decrease inefficiency and productivity spent dealing with unauthorized usage of social media thereby managing employee performance effectively.
• Protect and reduce the risk of legal exposure and liabilities caused by employee’s actions.
• Help employees be clear about drawing a distinction between their private and professional lives.
• Give the employees a good understanding of the consequences they will be facing due to posting obscene, discriminatory or hateful content to or about the organization or another individual.

A tailored social media policy will strengthen and empower your organization. It will also provide practical guidelines that can help in your success with social media.