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  • Trabi vs Zombies Apocalypse.
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  • Scaredy-Shroom Strategy : There.
  • Flag Zombie Strategy.

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Snorkel Zombie Strategy :Snorkel.

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  • They can be killed by nearly any plant in your army. However, they can also be used to your advantage by applying the Hypno-Shroom to the Dancing Zombie. All newly summoned Backup Dancer Zombies will fall under your control.
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  • That way if one is firing duds, the other can back it up. Garlic Strategy : Use Garlic to protect parts of the lawn as Zombies will avoid it to the point of switching lanes.
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  • Clear those graves throughout the level with your Grave Busters and the final wave will be much easier. Hypno-Shroom Strategy : Although Zombies dont have brains (they eat them, after all they can still be hypnotized.
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  • Pole Vaulting Zombie Strategy : Pole Vaulting Zombies vault over the first plant the run into. If you have to deal with Pole Vaulting Zombies, make sure your plants are at least two deep.
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As such, placing these on the outskirts of the lawn is a bad idea. Grave Buster Strategy : You might not think Grave Busters are all that valuable, but in the final wave, most Zombies rise up from their graves.
Trabi vs Zombies Apocalypse cars killing 3d by Cenda Games - It's zombie killing time! Your town has been overrun by zombies and you need to find a way out fast.