Document Destruction Sydney

Back in the day, Paper Shredding was the kind of activity that was only seen carried out in James Bond, Maxwell Smart and Agent 99 story lines. It was a subversive activity designed to destroy crucial plot evidence and surely also an officious activity carried out in real life by criminals, fraudsters, white collar criminals and tax cheats.

However, nowadays Paper Shredding is a necessary activity for thousands of perfectly reputable, humane businesses. In fact these days, most companies and or people will require a Paper Shredding service at some point, whether it be regularly or just every now and again.

By law all tax documents are to be kept for 5 years (thank goodness this time frame has been reduced by 2 years from the previous 7 years that used to be required, all the more room to keep the other mounds of wonderful clutter in my life!) After this time people are free to dispose of all such material, however it is recommended that this is done securely by using a professional Paper Shredding service so that confidentiality can be assured and sensitive information isn’t obtained by people that it shouldn’t.

With the rising presence and associated power of the paparazzi in today’s increasingly inquisitive society, it is not just A grade celebrities that need to ensure their personal details are kept secure. Secure Paper Shredding services allow for everyday people to ensure confidentiality just as A, B, C… celebs do! Especially today in a world where information can be passed on and distributed at lightening speed across multiple communication channels, ensuring the security of private information is crucial. Remember once information is out there it cannot be “unseen”.

The trend of companies turning into paperless organisations also sees the need for secure Paper Shredding services to safely facilitate this change-over process.

These are just some of the reasons the need for professional paper shredding services is steadily increasing.

Are the documents you are disposing of safe from prying eyes?

Doyle Bros Waste Management Company offer a secure Document Destruction service in Sydney that ensures the utmost security for all your sensitive documents.

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