How a boutique Sydney furniture store takes on the giants with SEO and Social Media – and wins!


Screen-Shot-2012-02-09-at-11.13.07-AMClient: Habitat Furniture Warehouse
Location: Hurlstone Park, NSW.
Description: A boutique furniture shop.
Brief: Search Engine Optimisation over two years so far, as a side-aspect, client adapted to Twitter very well.
Success: Profound success across SEO, the added benefit of twitter giving further boost to Google rankings.
Twitter account: @PoppyatHabitat
Pinterest profile:

Habitat Furniture Warehouse began a search engine optimisation phase with us in late 2009, firstly aiming to rank strongly for in their local market in Sydney’s Inner West, with such terms as:

Furniture stores Sydney inner west – they’ve cracked #2, #3, #4, #6, #7 and #8 out of 174,000 results.

Furniture shops Canterbury – they’ve cracked #1 out of 4.28 million results

Screen-Shot-2012-02-09-at-11.13.07-AMOur next phase was targeting their actual furniture items, “room by room”, so they managed to clock up the following results (rankings may vary depending on browser and location of the performed search):

Bedroom furniture Sydney inner west – #2 and #4 out of 956,000 results

Buy coffee table Sydney – #1, #2 and #3 out of 2.49 million results

Finally our most recent phase has been a return to the very core of their search requirements, seeing if this tiny boutique store can compete against Australia’s furniture giants on the most basic short-thread searches – we focussed on giving Onsite SEO and then Links Fuel to such terms as:

furniture shop sydney #9 after previously ranking in the high fifties

furniture store sydney #15 over 2.7 million results

– and even furniture warehouse sydney #4 which happens to be the #1 Google Places result – out of 1.96 million results

Screen-Shot-2012-02-09-at-12.09.44-PMWhat people may or may not know is that Social Media provides a chance to have good links from powerful high-traffic websites – something which Google adds to its complex algorithms when determining who to rank. Not just from Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and Pinterest, however, what’s now important is that by liking a website on Google+, your ‘like’ shows as an image on that website’s ranking therefore grabbing an extra bit of noticeability and real estate for your rankings. And sure enough, Google gives your site added search points for having these likes.

Examples of Poppy’s on-topic (and occasionally eclectically off-topic) tweets:

There’s always room to move forward and soon we’ll be targeting short-string phrases such as:

Dining furniture Sydney

Bedroom furniture Sydney

Entertainment units Sydney

Furniture Sydney

Article by Stewart Dawes. For more on SEO check out this Sydney SEO company.

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