How a New Beauty Therapy Course In Melbourne is using SEO & Social Media


Melbourne’s The Health Arts College has long been an outstanding training organisation for people looking to get into natural therapies. With the development of a new Holistic Beauty Therapy Course on the table they decided to try a new marketing tactic.

First stop was using SEO, gearing up a multi-page presence while also using the skills of a Sydney SEO company who specialise in a combination of Onsite and Offsite search engine optimisation. Examples of their Offsite SEO articles on very-high-traffic websites include articles titled Beauty Therapy Courses Australia run on a Sydney website, and Beauty Therapy Training Melbourne run on a Perth website which nevertheless ranks extremely well in Melbourne search results.

Social Media, the science of marketing through communication and personalised contact, while relatively unexplored by Australian natural therapy practitioners and colleges, was intriguing to them. In an industry as personal as beauty therapy it made sense to see what happened when a highly-targeted approach was put into place on Facebook and Twitter to let people know about their new course.

Spending money on TV, radio and newspaper campaigns, which put businesses ‘out there’, traditionally return negative yields on investment. They are however deemed necessary marketing tools by many businesses looking to expand their customer base.

It was decided that the new format of Social Media marketing would be added into the mix and the results would be left to speak for themselves. The results however, were drastically unexpected by the people running The Health Arts College.

A holistic blend of SEO and Social Media marketing was returning substantially more money to the business than they were outputting, yes, you heard that right, a marketing tool that providing positive growth!

The reason it’s been so successful, and is becoming a major player alongside traditional marketing, is because it is not a free for all approach. Social Media marketing is targeted directly at the people whom you want to talk with. What’s more, customers who’ve had a great experience are kept in constant contact with your business after the transaction, to continue to provide positive input.

This is marketing not in the traditional sense, but at its most sincere level. Consultative, not pushy. A discussion, not a monologue.

Check out for instance how The Health Art’s College’s tweets can now be embedded into WordPress sites (also great in Posterous Spaces), with functioning clickable links, yet another instance of SEO and Social media cuddling up in bed together more than ever before:

Now if that doesn’t excite you, you haven’t got a pulse.

Sure the scale of a Social Media campaign reaches less people, but 95% of the people you target are exactly the kind of people your business wants to be speaking to!

If the idea of having your business be a successful, personal, approachable advertiser doesn’t sound like a good enough reason to get involved in the new generation of marketing, consider the following:

THA College had a revenue increase, in direct ratio to their SEO and Social Media marketing campaigns of over 1,000% of their monetary input.

1,000% …

In the meantime check out some of THA College’s online activities for yourself:

Main website:




The principal of The Health Arts College on Facebook (friend requests welcome):

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Post by Saul Khan.