Hypnotherapy vs Hypnosis: a Sydney Hypnotherapist Gets Gold


An SEO case study of how Sydney hypnotherapist Sandra Cabot balances the words hypnosis and hypnotherapy to attract best ROI from search engine optimisation …

While social media is a very worthwhile investment in the future of your business, many company directors stress about the short term return on investment.

It’s true in fact that many businesses succeed rapidly on social media – but for those who haven’t learnt to fast-track it all through one of our courses or our social media management, you need to know that SEO – search engine optimisation – will not only fill the gap while social media gathers audience and momentum – but in most cases, when SEO is done aggressively and correctly, it creates so much ROI that assigning some of that excess revenue towards social media becomes a no-brainer.

In the case of Sentience Therapies, the Sydney CBD-based business owned by Sandra Cabot, it all comes down to a range of crucial search terms which have enabled her to cease all magazine advertising and concentrate entire on the online realm.

These terms are:




Also crucial are hypnosis sydney, hypnotherapy sydney, hypnotherapist sydney, hypnosis for weight loss, quit smoking hypnosis, relationships hypnotherapy, and hypnosis for depression.

One of the aspects of our SEO work is placing Offsite SEO articles on high traffic websites. We’re blessed to own three lifestyle websites which attract over 3,0000 unique users per day, and when articles appear on these sites, the links to our clients’ websites create a world-beating effect.

Eg some Offsite articles are:

Hypnosis Sydney

Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss

Our client’s success from this dedicated SEO work has enabled her to begins Twitter management with us which has subsequently led onto Facebook management. Her social media profiles have grown strong as you can see:

Sandra Cabot on Facebook

Sandra Cabot on Twitter

In her own time, with our encouragement & tips, she is also dabbling in:

Linked In


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