Irish Food Hampers: Social Media Success Story



Taste Ireland Case Study

The Business
Taste Ireland is Australia’s prime source for buying Irish goodies (groceries and gifts) online. They have teamed up with the various Irish food manufacturers to bring and offer the largest Irish goodies at competitive prices.

The Challenge
Taste Ireland wanted to expand its online presence and approached us with the goal of increasing its reach through social media. They also wanted to rank better when it comes to search terms and drive traffic to their website.

The Solution
Set up accounts for Taste Ireland across a number of social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram. Help their brand build personality as well as relationships with customers through these channels and increase awareness of their brand and products which will greatly generate publicity and reach their target market.

Achieve high rankings across hundreds of thousands of URLs, as well as improve rankings for the most competitive and most crucial search terms.

The Result
Taste Ireland has seen a marked improvement in their search rankings. Using links from our high-traffic websites, we are building to get them on the first page of Google search and rank in the top 3 with search terms like irish gift hampers.

Through our social media management, Taste Ireland’s access to potential customers has increased tremendously. The results have been impressive with a lot of requests for product information, as well as orders they have been receiving on their social media accounts and website.

Their Facebook account has 17,871 likes.

Their Twitter account is gaining momentum with 883 followers.

Their Pinterest account has 317 followers to date.

Their newest social media adventure is Instagram and after setting it up, they’ve already been getting product enquiries – after just one week!

Here are examples of some enquiries they received:

@mariaainscough asked:
@tasteireland any chance of you getting caffertys Easter eggs? You know the marshmallow with the thin chocolate on the outside?

@aoifemcgee asked:
Any ispinis?? @tasteireland

We continue to closely monitor their social media accounts, as well as their website’s performance. We are very much involved in the development of all their social media marketing strategies and SEO development.

Our journey with Taste Ireland has just begun and after only weeks of SEO and social media management, the results have been excellent! Suffice it to say, the only way for Taste Ireland now is up!