Social Media Management



Looking for a social media management agency based in Sydney that services small to medium businesses in Australia? Check our client testimonials before outsourcing to any other company …

“As a start-up cider company we’ve been very fortunate to find this team. They’ve achieved significant progress for us across four platforms, and even in the first 2 months we found that the social media-driven responses were superior to the radio campaign we were running with one of the top 2 Sydney radio stations. It was a no-brainer for us to pull back from the radio advertising and instead invest more heavily into instagram, facebook, twitter and pinterest.”

– Jeff Aston, director, Dcider / Eling Forest Winemaking Services, NSW Australia.

“This is the company who evangelised us about social media back in 2010 when we weren’t convinced at all about the potential of it. They trained our staff and then took up the social media management of some platforms for us. I have no hesitation in calling Stewart Dawes my social media guru as he blazed a trail through our business and now we’re very well established not just on social media, but as a very successful company.”

Geoff Jowett director, Bodytrim.

“Our interest in social media was rejuvenated and greatly intensified through the training and management we’ve had done by this agency. We’d always had a strong fan-base on Facebook but weren’t maximising it at all – but Stewart and his team also took us forward into both Twitter and Instagram – creating the content for us at a very affordable price for a small business – but also developing a highly-targeted follower-base on those platforms.”

– Dean Carey, director, Actors Centre Sydney Australia.

“We’d known Stewart for over a decade in the journalism and magazine publishing realm and so when we found out from a mutual friend, Scott the publisher of Menu Magazine in Perth, that Stewart was running a social media management agency we were immediately interested. Within two months of starting with Stewart we were inundated with people at the Lunch expo in Sydney saying they’d seen us on Twitter. We were  stunned by how many people knew us at that event which is attended by foodies, cafe and restaurant owners and food distributors – exactly our target market.”

– Melissa Edyvean, Bondi Chai Australia.

“In 2013 I made the decision to create a public profile for my property investment business and of all the companies I contacted, this is the one that immediately started listening – we had a fantastic conversation to kick it off and the agency director took notes and has continued to follow through on all of my requirements. It’s exciting to look successful on social media and I can feel it out on the street from people – they have a greater respect for you when they now you’ve got your online profile sorted.”

– Paul Keung, director, Keung Corporation, New Zealand.

“Your outstanding SEO work got us to the top of Google for men’s boxers, men’s boxer shorts and boxer shorts and now your social media management and development is bringing us new connections every day – plus your training has empowered my designated staff member so we’re humming socially inside and out.”

– Myriame Duetz, director, Belmondo Boxers, Sydney.

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