Online Dating in Social Media: From Tinder to Hookupz

Finding Love with Online Internet Dating on Digital Devices

In the early days of the internet people who engage in online dating are called desperate. But the stigma attached to seeking romantic relationship in the internet is fading fast. Today, more than 25 million users worldwide are participating in online dating. A lot of dating sites are popping up to fill the various needs of singles on the web. These sites opened up new possibilities for singles. More and more single people are now using online dating sites to find love.

Study shows that 52.4% of men and 47.6% women are active on online dating sites. Figures show that 17% of all marriages are couple who met on online dating sites. More than one-third of new marriages today started online. There are an increasing number of people engaged in romantic relationships thanks to online dating.

Traditional online dating sites are all about getting strangers together. This dating system allows people to communicate over the internet to develop romantic, personal or sexual relationship. Sites use algorithm to moderate matchmaking on the web. is the most widely used online dating site with 1.8 million users. This site is best for people nervous about dating; it gives users the ability to chat to potential dates at the rate they want. PlentyofFish online dating site gives a match based on relationship chemistry predictor test.

People looking for sexual satisfaction can also find it in some online dating sites. Hookupz Singles is one of the sexiest online dating sites. This site makes hooking up easy by giving a match closest to the user’s location. Hookupz offer events, forums, blogs, private adult chatrooms and live webcam sex chat. Another online dating site focused on sex is Adultfriendfinder, it’s not just a hookup site it offers sexual escapades for singles, couples and swingers.

Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are often use to connect with old friends and acquaintances and maintain relationships. But social media is constantly changing and online dating is evolving with it. New online dating networks are mixing the best elements of online dating and social media. The fusion of online dating in social media eliminates uncertainly and provides users with fresh ways to search for a match online.

Social media let users find people close by to date, hookup or just for social engagement. Tinder app is a free dating application that connects with Facebook. Profile pictures of nearby singles appear randomly; users respond by swiping to the right for like and left for no. A match is made when two people both like each other, then they can flirt via the in-app messenger. Another online dating site that uses social media is It leverages LinkedIn profiles with some personal information such as height, ethnicity etc. But it charges a fee to unlock other profiles via a credit system.

Online dating in social media from Tinder to Hookupz is becoming more and more popular. Social networking sites with online dating applications gives singles better insight on potential partners. But relationship experts recommend not connecting in social media unless you are absolutely prepared to take the relationship to the next level. Connecting with someone through social media early in the courting process can encourage virtual stalking and ruin relationship prematurely. There’s nothing wrong with finding love online just let go of the goal of finding the one and have more fun in the process.