Paul Keung



Californian businessman Paul Keung approached us to create and manage a social media profile to augment the influence of his USA ferraris for sale business.

As his business was steeped in local contacts through being San Francisco born-and-bred, Paul had not needed to develop any social media whatsoever – in fact he’d never needed to even develop a website.

It’s been an interesting journey discovering which social media profiles Google is willing to give good rankings to – and which it will not support at all.

For instance we can currently say that, having lost the bidding war with Facebook to acquire Instagram, after Facebook doubled Google’s $500 million offer to $1 Billion overnight, Google is taking revenge by simply not ranking any Instagram content or profiles anywhere with its search results.

We created a lively Instagram account for Paul to see if we could give this profile the best possible chance of ranking on Google for the extremely obscure search terms of Paul Keung California but it simply didn’t rank – even after six months, nothing.

The ethical question whether Google should be “fixing” its rankings based on revenge vs market domination is a compelling subject in itself and one we look forward to writing about further as there’s increasing examples of this happening.

One of the interesting side-effects of developing Paul’s Instagram account has been the opportunity to target California and Californians via Instagram using hashtags such as #losangeles #california #sanfransisco – even Paul’s tiny home-town #encinitas has a lively hashtag feed going as it’s such an exhilarating spot for tourists – fantastic for fresh lobster straight out of the water.

We had to ensure that his profiles were not mixed up with other various Paul Keungs such as the Jonathan Paul Keung in the United Kingdom, the very successful Paul Keung in Hong Kong, the Paul Keung in Christchurch, New Zealand, or the Paul Keung in Canada. Of course you’d assume the next ports of call for Paul Keung would be Facebook and Linked In – however he has profiles on both of those so they have no bearing on Google results whether we expand them or not – so instead we fortuitously dug straight into Twitter.

We were blessed on Twitter by being able to singularly grab a number of still-available names relating to his business.

Finally every urbane hipster of the male variety – thinking five years ahead – now needs his own Pinterest profile, so we got out the virtual pin-cushion and started pinning. While a very enthusiastic entrepreneur and angel investor, Paul’s interests are extremely varied – everything from Californian wine aka #caliwine to adventures in New York, Sydney, Paris, London – where he spent many a summer in his youth, to China, Hong Kong and Europe.

Next of course will be – even though we loathe it – Google+ … what a horror it is.

Then there’s Kik, Snapchat and of course all the thousands of other social media platforms that just keep on sprouting up – like we need ever more of them.