Pinterest for Business? Big, Medium or Small, We’re Here to Help …



Pinterest is HOT HOT HOT – and here to stay!

It’s currently populated by 97.9% females, by nature significant online purchasers and more often than not the highest-spending household consumers. It’s the capitalist matriarchy on heat!

It’s on Pinterest that you’ll most often find fantastic infographics like these ones:

Carbs Are Killing You!

Is Pinterest the Next Big Social Commerce Game-Changer?

Pinterest used by 100+ Brands Such As …

And it’s where you’ll find exciting new consumer profiles such as:

Katie Felten

Chi Salvador

Twisted Vines¬†… and over 10 million more …


Ready to Go?

We can set you or your business up on Pinterest, create and fill many targeted “boards” which are highly relevant to your products or services, and then as a further option, we can also manage your profile for you over the coming months and years.

We know exactly how to get Pinterest working in thrilling and powerful harmony with your Facebook and Twitter profiles, as well as with your website/s.

When done right according to our many years of mainstream media and social media management experience, Pinterest is indeed the most exciting new social media platform since Twitter.

Don’t waste another minute of your life without it! Call Stewart Dawes 0413 276 780 or email him to find out how your business can have its most productive social media experience yet – via a range of very affordable options. Or if you’d just like a FREE ¬†invitation to join Pinterest, email


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