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SEO Client Case Study: The Health Arts College

Melbourne-based natural therapy college The Health Arts College are in their fourth year of being a client of ours.

Headed by the visionary CEO and College Principal Brian Knight, in 2012, thanks to a massive ROI from the work we performed for them online, they are now launching college campuses in Adelaide and Perth.

In 2013 they plan to launch campuses in Sydney and Brisbane, and in 2014 in Hong Kong.

As their main website shows, they are already collecting strong interest from all these cities:

The primary strategy we developed for them was expanding their solitary Melbourne-only website out into multiple city-by-city websites, including:

… with the original Melbourne website remaining as

Using a powerful combination of unique and patent-pending SEO formulas, plus exclusive inbound links from high-traffic websites (never blogs or low-traffic websites), over 38 months we have ranked their city-by-city websites at the top of their industry in all cities.

Total ROI from our online marketing work – client-supplied statistics: 48% of annual revenue of $1.1 million.

Program also includes: 6,381 followers – linking the CEO in with other industry operators around Australia via his personal profile, not a typical Facebook business page. – new phase taking the client into Pinterest yet keeping their profile & contributions on-subject.

Offsite SEO articles on 4-5 high-traffic websites owned by our company.

Television advertisement now on Youtube:

Market research for client including advising the client to place a banner on this high-traffic website: to compete with other Australia-wide colleges.

Google Rankings:

While financial ROI is intricately connected with Google organic rankings, what our unique SEO has delivered is unparalleled multiple rankings by a single company not seen on Google.

Eg as a typical example seen across all cities, for the search “aromatherapy course sydney” the client has secured the #2, #3 and #4 positions as well as #10 via an “Offsite SEO” article on a high-traffic media website. The same strong results can be seen for modalities such as kinesiology and remedial massage across all Australian cities, and even in Hong Kong where they are yet to launch their campus, they are already #1 and #2 out of 3.2 million results for the search “aromatherapy course hong kong”.


1. Client has never outlaid on Google Adwords while competitors are paying around $5-10K per month for Adwords campaigns.

2. Company is valued higher as a saleable business due to scores of strangleholds at the top of Google.

3. Through social media and Google rankings, client is widely recognised as an authority and leading player in the natural therapy industry across Australia, unlike 4 years ago when his business was virtually unknown.

4. After experimenting last year with a $500K spend on TV, radio and print, and monitoring ROI across all media including online, the client has declared that he knows that 96% of his new revenue comes from the internet, so has no need to spend on the above “old media” again.

5. Client is collecting student enquiries ahead of time, well before his campuses launch, giving him a head-start demand for courses.

6. Having a set monthly budget enables us to provide stability and long-term strategy, as well as troubleshooting any errors. Eg when the client wanted to delete his original Melbourne website he consulted our SEO guru who told him outright that he would have wiped out all his hard-won Google rankings in Melbourne.

7. As part of our large Open Web and Social Media network, the client is promoted via links in every article we publish, e.g. on websites such as and among others.

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