SharePoint Melbourne

Many workplaces nowadays suffer with a lack of motivation from employees regarding embracing new software. Every so often companies invest in expensive software aiming to improve workflow and reduce the amount of time people spend doing time-consuming activities only to see later down the track that the software is not being used correctly or not being used at all. Sometimes that happens because the software is not user-friendly, making employees look for old or other ways of getting their work done. But other times the fault is on the organisation as it didn’t consider training their workers in order to get the most out of the computer program.

SharePoint is a case which, in spite of being extremely user friendly, will certainly be better used if your staff is properly trained. Basically, SharePoint aims to easily connect employees and to manage and share files, projects, costs and much more. And although it seems fairly simple the software is capable of assisting in the most complex tasks. So when it’s decided it’s time to move forward with the organisation, it’s best to make sure to hire a serious company to do the job of SharePoint development. For example, a company that has a great SharePoint Melbourne presence might be a good choice if you’re located in Victoria.

Managing files with SharePoint for instance is pretty straightforward. People can update and upload documents straight from Microsoft Office and it also allows co-authoring which means employees can work on the file at the same time (however this works better if everyone is using the same version of the software). This practically ends with those times of sending several emails back and forth with different versions of the same document.

And among the many features, search is one of the features that is worth training staff for. On SharePoint is possible to create different folders for different projects or even to define tags, which will gather all the files under the same subject. But imagine if every employee decides to define a different tag for the document or to create different folders, or if they decide that one document should be in one specific folder when it really should be under another one. Finding a document on those conditions would be nearly impossible and what was supposed to facilitate everyday work will only create chaos. Therefore thinking ahead, working with the teams and training staff is the key to a successful search strategy.

So it’s not only about getting the right software for your company. It’s about getting the right company to develop it for you according to your organisation needs and about training employees to make the right use of all the investment the software represents.

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