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Social Media for Local Government: Shoalhaven Council

Socialnomics Video

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Shoalhaven Council Website


Social Media for Neighbourhoods 

Facebook for Cities

social media for local government sydney australia


Twitter is Prestigious – and Dangerous!

David Jones Social Networking Policy

Managers Need To Up Their Game With Social Media: Harvard Business Review

Student Jailed for “Vile Tweet”

Some Basic Organisational Strategies

Multiple staff accounts – cheerleading – 3rd party endorsements …

Applying a Twitter Consciousness to a Personal Facebook Page

Can your Facebook page become a community meeting point? Bodytrim

Relevancy + High Numbers!

Outsourcing – but probably not to the office intern!

Who’s on Twitter?

Brisbane City

Pittwater Council inspirational twitpic

My Warringah – Should follow people back


Mosman Council

Wyong Council

Manly Council

Fairfield City Council – need more photos

Randwick Mayor – ???

City of Sydney

Clover Moore


Local Allies on Twitter:

@lyndelpn – Uni of Wollongong lecturer, gives great advice on Nowra cafes!

@glennbrandon – his video Bob Hawke ‘skulls’ a beer at the SCG

Day head chef at Berry Sourdough bakery @iamrenslip Drew Fisher, the night time chef is @berrybakery

@DarrylLeeRubi – your Local Government Learning Solutions connection

Paperbark Camp in jervis bay: @DouglasInnesWil is the chef, the restaurant @TheGunyah, @Paperbarkcamp the accommodation

@NotJustComics comic book store in Nowra, a cool local small business

@hungryduckberry mod asian restaurant in Berry, emphasis on local food and sustainability

@TheBerryTeaShop the name says it all

@barkingmadberry another local business and regular twitter fiend

@HopDogBW microbrewery based in south nowra, his beer is awesome!

PaintMeHappy a Sydney-based self-confessed ‘local government maven’.

What is a “Tweet”? Examples of Tweets

Nicole Greentree about Getting Hired by a Startup

Spicy Ice Cream – shows shortener

Chris Miller about Kangaroo Valley


Sydney Twitterati


Jeff Bullas



William Chen

Ms Darlinghurst


Iggy Pintado


Friends of Twitter: URL Shortener


Instagram + Vegan/Pieface + Big Brekkie

Twitter Search: bad headache

Manage Flitter




Twitter Tales ~ It’s More Than Just ROI …

ROI: @aussiefarmstay

Don’t Tweet Drunk!

@NAB @QantasAirways @Telstra @Westpac – consumer power never been more public. Corporates’ goal is to get the matter out of public eye, e.g. Westpac response.

Alvin Quah


Foodies on Twitter

Top 100 Australian Food Twitterers

Tweeting for Relevancy …
Reaching out via twitter …

Hey @sydneycafes. @parracity and @cityofsydney are good Syd ones. I’ve seen some Melb ones do good work getting community orgs onto twitter.

— David Moutou (@MoutouApril 2, 2012

@sydneycafes I am biased towards examples of LG using twitter to connect residents with each other, not just with Council

— David Moutou (@MoutouApril 2, 2012

@sydneycafes check…. And then compare and their community skills training…

— David Moutou (@MoutouApril 2, 2012



Shoalhaven City Council

Holroyd City Council

Holroyd City Council Library

Sunshine Coast Council

I Love Pittwater

Willoughby City Council

Fairfield City

Randwick City Council

City of Sydney

Queensland Councils


Overseas Examples

Coventry City

Local Online Businesses / Associations

The Hills Holroyd Parramatta Migrant Resource Centre

Strathfield Youth Film Festival

Community Social Media

My Northern Beaches on Twitter

My Northern Beaches on Facebook

Councils of Respondents to a previous Survey:

Liverpool Council – Facebook – Twitter

 Wyong Council – Facebook – Twitter

Kogarah Council – Facebook – Twitter

Penrith City – Facebook – Twitter


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What is Pinterest?

Pinterest – Fantastic to Use with Twitter (and Facebook):

Great for infographics e.g. History of the Web


Stewart Dawes

Linked In Infographic on Pinterest

Cut-through is a great reason to do Instagram, Pinterest & Linked In for starters.

Facebook Buys Instagram for $1 Billion

Facebook has just finished a deal to acquire mobile photo sharing app Instagram for approximately $1 billion in cash and stock. Instagram will remain an independently branded stand-alone app that’s separate from Facebook, but the services will increase their ties to each other. Read article …

My humble most-liked Instagram pic

Sydney Councils on Instagram

City of Sydney

Clover Moore


City of Sydney

More Council Websites

Pittwater Council

Randwick Council … and also on Youtube.

City of Sydney and also on Youtube.

Keep in touch – I #FollowBack

Stewart: @sydneycafes


Social Media News Sources:


Plus @iggypintado, @socmediologist, @hollingsworth etc etc …

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