Social Media Courses – Testimonials


• For a while we’d seen the potential for our company to improve our Facebook page to help drive sales and make it more attractive and engaging to our members, but it all seemed too confusing. The Facebook component presented by Nicole Greentree at the workshop was exactly what we needed to know in an easy to understand format which enabled us to go back to work and implement our new Facebook strategy and designs. Now our Facebook page looks so much more professional and our 14,000 fans are certainly increasing sales! Stewart Dawes is an expert in the field of  the “twitterverse” and provides excellent advice to help newbies make sense of it all. His passion and enthusiasm for Twitter meant we left the workshop with a renewed vigour for our Twitter account and have been able to manage it with a much better strategy since. Stewart’s timely ongoing support and advice following the workshop has proven invaluable to help with tricky account management situations. – Daisy Wood, Igea Life Sciences nutritionist.

• Great, great, great workshops!! I think it’s very inspiring and motivational. Great for people like me looking at putting Social Media into a more business context. Great to be connected with you guys! Thank you! We will be in touch! I’d like more workshops – Jaspreet Dhillon, entrepreneur.

• Fantastic workshop, the quality of presenters encouraged me to sign up for one of their social media and SEO packages, delighted I did as my business is moving like never before. – Brett Holliday, ZeoOne Natural Therapy Solutions.

• I can’t emphasise enough how useful your SM training was. I’ve attended a range, but yours is the best! – Andrea Myles, director, Engaging China.

• I really like the series of workshops. Both presenters are really awesome! – Fuhong Wang.

• Would love to attend even more workshops so we can really pick your brains. Very Informative – Melinda Potente.

• Through having the social media training I knew the next stage for me was to get Stewart Dawes to deliver a 12-month SEO campaign as my website was really lagging behind on Google. And while this is happening I’m gradually moving ahead with Facebook and Twitter, even though I have been very reluctant – there’s no doubt it’s the future and Pinterest is next! – Ronny Hendriks, Sydney Wedding Photographer.

• Fun and interesting, learnt a lot about all the features that can be easily and effectively used to create business awareness or enhance business. Many thanks! – Monica Graulund.

• Looking to attend even more workshops! Very useful, catered well for both beginners and more advanced users wanting extra tips. – Alexandra Einfeld.

• Great tone of playful engagement and fun that’s missing from much of the corporate training. The attendees were clearly engaged and interested. – David Phillips.

• I really enjoyed the workshop. The presenters were very patient and great at answering our questions & very knowledgeable. Please be on hand to answer all our future questions. Very current info, very useful. I’m inspired and keen to utilise these tools!!! Thank you. – Elizabeth Jarrett.

• These workshops were so interesting! Very thought-provoking workshop series. – Boris Bresil, fashion designer.

• A number of our staff commented that Stewart’s workshop was the best training they’d attended in over 20 years. I’ve since referred Stewart onto other RMS organisations around New South Wales and they’ve reported similar outcomes. – Jenny Short, Road User Safety Project Officer, NSW Roads & Maritime Services, Parkes.

• Twitter really had me baffled but now that I’ve seen the potential of it, my business partner Lisa and myself are very excited about its involvement in our future. – Melinda Lawton, business owner.

• Great and entertaining presenters. Material presented & topics discussed were very useful to me as I was not aware that Facebook particularly can be used for more than personal reasons. – Denise Grace.

• I love Tweetdeck, thanks for introducing me to it! – Panpan Sun.

• I’d been to three social media workshops in the past by other presenters but this one with Nicole and Stewart was definitely the best because for the first time I got a clear and detailed response to my questions about why to do it. Being old school I know I’ll still need further encouragement but I am at least now convinced that it’s important! – Rob Tickner, Boat Books Australia.

• Great workshop, I’d love to also learn more on SEO. – Donna Ma.