Social Media Training: What Your Company Needs to Know About Social Media in 2014



Social media has taken the world by storm and it looks like it will only get hotter in 2014. With the continuously changing and advancing technology, it’s important to look ahead and see what the future holds for social media in order to get on board. Here’s what you need to know and look forward to in 2014:

Relevant Content Is and Will Be a Requirement
We should all know this by now – content is King, plain and simple! Creating a consistently solid and high-quality, original content with a significant value will keep you on top and businesses that are still into spammy SEO or link building techniques to drive traffic will not survive. Social content is the major social media trend that will be a necessity for 2014.

Instagram and Snapchat Will Reach New Heights
With Instagram and Snapchat’s current popularity, there’s no doubt these two apps are going to be major players in 2014.
Instagram being the fastest growing network with 150 million users seems to be where people have gone now and has a steady lead among other apps. SnapChat on the other hand is a big hit with the millenials for contents literally vanishing seconds after being received. Keep an eye on those two as they will surely rock 2014.

The Rise of Micro Videos
Micro videos have made quite an impact this year and this will continue in 2014. Platforms like Twitter’s Vine app and Instagram’s video sharing feature have been attracting mobile-savvy customers and are proving to be the best way to capture attention and interest of consumers. Millennials love easy to watch videos and it’s intriguing to see how marketers will integrate powerful stories through videos in just 15 seconds or less.

A Mobile Strategy Becomes Highly Essential
Admit it, we are extremely attached to our phones. Technology has changed the way we view and use them – it is not merely just a device but a way to contact, express and share anything to the world. Mobile is slowly overtaking desktop usage and is expected to surpass it in the years to come that’s why businesses should incorporate mobile into all facets of their business in order not to be left behind.

Better Customer Service
The power of “social customer service” is highly important to any business nowadays as word of mouth marketing continues to speed up through social media. Timely resolutions to question and complaints made online, particularly on Facebook and Twitter are expected by consumers, and brands that don’t respond are pushing their current and potential customers away.