Social Media Policy for Government and Businesses



Social media is a global phenomenon and has now become a substantial part of our modern society. Social media platforms have revolutionized everything from advertising, brand reputation, marketing to communicating and sharing official government information.

Organizations recognise what the power of social media can do in developing brands and services and most, if not all, have been participating.

A social media policy outlines for employees (government and private industry) the corporate guidelines or principles of proper communication in the online world. An important thing to remember is that unguided and irresponsible social media practices can have huge ramification for organisations that do not have effective policies in place. Organizations need to have a policy in hand to ensure employees are aware of the organization’s expectations on behaviour and communication online.

It is important for a government or business to develop and implement a social media policy for their protection. Providing clear guidelines and parameters to your employees improves your organisation’s brand and reputation.

A well-written social media policy regarding the acceptable use of social media can:

• Present employees with clear guidelines on how to properly communicate in the online world. This will give them clarity on what is accepted to say or do online.
• Bring about transparency around the organization’s values and culture for customers, employees and the public.
• Decrease inefficiency and productivity spent dealing with unauthorized usage of social media thereby managing employee performance effectively.
• Protect and reduce the risk of legal exposure and liabilities caused by employee’s actions.
• Help employees be clear about drawing a distinction between their private and professional lives.
• Give the employees a good understanding of the consequences they will be facing due to posting obscene, discriminatory or hateful content to or about the organization or another individual.

A tailored social media policy will strengthen and empower your organization. It will also provide practical guidelines that can help in your success with social media.