In 2014, social media training has become so diversified that it’s very difficult to ┬ájam complete strangers in a room and run social media workshops for small business.

One person has 10,000+ fans on Facebook but they’re sitting next to someone who has never tweeted before.

They start competing for greater coverage on the platforms they want to know most about.

This year it’s gone ever-more intricate. One person wants to learn about Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, whereas someone else in the room wants to know about Google+, Snapchat, KIK and Youtube.

The only fair thing to do is no longer offer workshops that bump people into a room.

In 2014 we offer the following:

– Specialised training to groups (minimum 6) who have organised themselves around a shared goal/outcome.

– One-on-one specialised training with agreements reached in advance about what social media platforms training is required upon.

– Social media management and development programs (minimum 12 months) where training is included as a component of a highly positive public outcome (substantial targeted followers/fans and positive return on investment / ROI).

If you’re a small business owner it’s still worth getting in touch, however, because we’ll keep your details on file and when enough people fit your profile of requirements, we will run a workshop at that time.

For more info call Stewart Dawes 1300 321 814.