UTS Business School Introductory Lecture

#UTSbizschool 2012 – Introduction


Social media video:



Celebrities are hyper-narcissists who usually don’t follow back. Don’t waste your time with them, instead swim in the rich, deep waters of the vibrant,mutually respecting twitter-community at large …


Ask Aaron Lee




Love Gold Coast


Penelope Photo



Twitter is Prestigious – and Dangerous!

David Jones Social Networking Policy

Managers Need To Up Their Game With Social Media: Harvard Business Review

Student Jailed for “Vile Tweet”


Twitter Tales ~ It’s More Than Just ROI …

ROI: @aussiefarmstay

Don’t Tweet Drunk!

@NAB @QantasAirways @Telstra @Westpac – consumer power never been more public. Corporates’ goal is to get the matter out of public eye, e.g. Westpac response.

Alvin Quah

Get a Free Coffee in San Francisco

Examples of Tweets

Nicole Greentree about Getting Hired by a Startup

Spicy Ice Cream – shows bit.ly shortener

Chris Miller about Kangaroo Valley


A Quick Look At:

Bit.ly URL Shortener


Instagram + Vegan/Pieface pic + Big Brekkie

Twitter Search: bad headache




Manage Flitter

Find a Quote via @IHateQuotes

Foodies on Twitter

Top 100 Food Twitterers


Pinterest – Fantastic to Use with Twitter (and Facebook):


Great for infographics e.g. History of the Web


Keep in touch with Us – we #FollowBack – and feel free to use the hashtag #UTSbizschool

Nicole: @EmpowerSM

Stewart: @sydneycafes

Homework! Next week is HOW TO week …

1. If you’re not yet on Twitter, please think up a Username – must be 15 characters or less – and join it – so you can participate fully in next week’s workshop.

2. If you’re on Twitter already, please tweet at least once using the hashtag #UTSbizschool and if you wish to, in the same tweet include @EmpowerSM and @sydneycafes so we know who’s already active for next week’s class.

3. If you want a gold star, join Pinterest and Nicole and I, if contacted via email, can send you an email invitation – either Nicole nicole@empowersocialmedia.com or Stewart media@SEOtherapy.com.au

4. If possible, please bring your laptop / iPad etc to next week’s class to get the full practical benefit from the workshop.