Why You Should Outsource Your Social Media Management

CLAIRE FELICES is a Sydney Social Media Manager who has established knowledge and strategic groundwork that can help drive social media campaigns to the top. An expert in her field, she has led successful projects in the course of her career. In this interview, she shares her insights on how outsourcing social media management help boost your brand.

Tell me a bit about your expertise.
I do a post every weekday whether I am supplied content or not as being consistent is crucial. Sourcing relevant content to post is one facet at being a good social media manager.

Do you personally use social media?
I personally use Facebook to keep up with what my family and friends are up to – news, goings on and mostly just to chat – even additional work instructions are better sent there than on email.

Why should a company hire an outsourced social media than doing it in-house?
First thing to really consider in outsourcing is the fact that you will be hiring a trained and qualified professional who knows exactly what they are doing. Also, employing an outsourcing company frees up more of a company’s time as social media management takes a lot of it! You have to produce quality content, interact, monitor feedbacks and respond to comments. And let’s not forget that there are so many social media platforms out there – Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest just to name a few. You simply just don’t have all the time to manage all of your social media activities so it makes sense to outsource and hire a professional to do it.

Business owners though must engage in it fully to get the right beat and to not be left behind or be thought of just conforming to the internet demand.

Does it cost more to hire an outsourced social media manager than trying to do it in-house?
One would think so, but unless the in-house office junior is actually really media savvy, resourceful and knowledgeable about your product, it is more cost effective to outsource. It is a mistake to think that just by creating a page, a profile or showing up in Google is all that’s needed to compete and make a ripple out of this vast internet pool.

What experience do you have in this field?
I came about social media by accident really. In the early days of social networks (Friendster, hi-5, MySpace and even Facebook) people were online just to spend a little time exploring the possibilities. I have been a blogger, a gamer, a transcriptionist and a master word-twister. This last one is what paved the way for me to be a “twitterista”, as a Facebook friend of mine which shall remain nameless, asked me if I would like to be trained in the social media arts. And the rest they say is history.

How does a business or brand benefit from outsourcing social media management?
Social media has upgraded the way companies do business. One great benefit of outsourcing social media management is having someone guard and continuously update the daily activities for you whilst providing captivating content and efficiently handling responses as well as keeping up with the ever-evolving social media platform.

How engaged are you in social media conversations?
Just as every industry differ, each business has a pulse all its own. Depending on what program the client is in, we make sure that their social media platforms are accurate, up-to-date and informative.

How do you measure success in social media?
If you are still in business after 3 years and have clients that have stayed with you for that long, then you can consider yourself a success!

What’s the most important thing a Social Media manager should be doing?
Be sensible, responsible and above all maintain a great sense of humour.

How successful are you in your own social media networks?
It’s quite ironic that aside from the occasional tweets and pictures, I seldom ever post anything using my own personal networks. Getting paid to like, comment, add and post kind of spoils you. One tends to stay offline when it is no longer work related very much unlike when I first started out.

To contact Claire, send her an email via claire@seotherapy.com.au