Group workshops where businesses, organisations or government departments gather together colleagues for an agreed outcome – are among the most effective ways of empowering staff in social media.

Why? Because in social media one of the first things you need to get motivated and stay motivated, is to have a cluster of allies.

Allies are not community – they are above and beyond community.

When a group of colleagues agree to join on instagram, facebook, twitter or pinterest to cheerlead each other every weekday, they’re agreeing to help each other look far better on those platforms than if they attempted to succeed alone.

The first stage of social media is, after all, a game of smoke and mirrors – where to look competent and even a little popular is – based on our observations and tests over the last 6 years – to boost the percentages of people willing to follow you, to comment and to trust your participation in their social media realm.

One of our mottos is that “social media is all psychology” because time after time we’ve watched people, especially business and government people, fail on social media.

Some typical #socialmediafail examples we’ve directly encountered are:

– the small business owner who gets haughty and upset at the prospect of “following” people. “I’m not going to follow that person … or that person … or THAT person” they go on during a one-on-one training session, paying good money while basically negating any possibility of their brand being “social”.

– The government employee who, midway through a 2-day workshop, announces that he finds the very thought of “following” anyone extremely distasteful, the equivalent of stalking, and that he has no intention of following anyone and declares that it’s against his local government’s policy to ever follow anyone.

– the smug health company CEO who declares to us back in 2009 that “social media is definitely not for us” but who then appears on Twitter in mid-2013 and constantly tries to tweet us for social media tips, all the while failing to realise that his target market has skipped the twitter scene because they’ve all migrated their focus to instagram. In the end there was only one option for us: #blockhim

The above are just three examples – there are hundreds if not thousands of #socialmediafails by business or government out there in the real world that can keep us laughing for weeks. If you want to avoid being the social media laughing stock of the week then certainly we suggest putting a small team together, between 6-20, and emailing us about delivering a social media workshop.


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