Images and captions go together like salt and pepper, like cheese and crackers, and like laughter with friends. A great picture can say so many things to its audience but is focused and targeted by a caption. Good copy directs the viewer to appreciate the nub of the situation faster. A clever title or caption is the punch line in any visual joke. Social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook have brought the caption to greater prominence in recent years. SEO concerns makes titling your posted images another important element in achieving page rankings. Captions create catchy media moments for us all in all forms of the digital media.

Encaptioned Media Makes More Sense

There is no denying that we live in the age of the personal brand. Each of us is challenged to identify and develop our own individual brand, as we promote ourselves in work and in life more generally. There is no hiding your light under a bushel in the 21C, believing in yourself and your talents is a prerequisite. Storyboarding used to be the exclusive domain of directors in the movies and theatre, now, however, we are all storytellers in our own lives. Posted images on our Instagram and Facebook pages form a narrative told in encaptioned pictures.

Successful Marketing in the Digital Age

Telling a compelling story is an essential aspect of successful marketing in the digital age. Pictures bring your journey to life for viewers and encaptioned images are doubly effective. You can get professional assistance to make your SEM and SEO a guaranteed success. Sometimes bringing in specialist expertise can get the ball rolling in the right direction. Pithy captions sell more things than those untitled images on websites and social media pages. Give your story-episodes the clarity that captions can provide. Captions create catchy media moments for your viewers to enjoy.

You Are the Director of Your Own Movie

Some experts refer to it as filling in the gaps in a reader’s consciousness. You are the auteur or director of your very own movie, which shows at the Instagram or Facebook cinema. These cinemas never close and sessions are permanently available. Captions create catchy media moments for watchers everywhere. Life is too sad to miss out on the laughs available in many moments. Concise and clever copy complements your choice of pics like bacon and eggs, like honeymoons and sex, like rain following a hot day, like….