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Entertaining Your Staff: Is It The Best Way to Keep Them?

Entertaining Your Staff: Is It The Best Way to Keep Them?

Employee retention is a critical aspect of organizational success. While entertaining staff with perks like corporate massages, free food, and coffee can contribute to a positive workplace atmosphere, it’s essential to recognize that these are just a few elements of a broader strategy. In this article, we will explore the role of entertainment in retaining staff, along with other key factors that contribute to a sustainable and fulfilling work environment.

The Impact of Entertainment on Employee Retention

Boosting Morale and Engagement

Entertainment in the workplace, such as team-building activities, themed events, or casual gatherings, can boost employee morale and engagement. When employees feel a sense of belonging and enjoyment in their workplace, they are more likely to stay.

Reducing Stress and Burnout

Corporate massages and wellness programs can also be effective in reducing stress and preventing burnout. A relaxed and healthy workforce is generally more satisfied and less likely to seek alternative employment.

Fostering a Positive Company Culture

Free food and coffee in the office contribute to a positive company culture. These perks create a communal space for employees to connect, share ideas, and build relationships. A strong company culture is a powerful retention tool.

However, it’s crucial to recognize that while entertainment can enhance the workplace experience, it should be part of a comprehensive retention strategy.

Beyond Entertainment: Comprehensive Employee Retention Strategies

Offering competitive salaries and comprehensive benefits is fundamental to retaining top talent. Employees need to feel that their contributions are valued and adequately rewarded, and there’s a case to be made: how much team building is too much and is there a point where it’s too cutesy and people would rather just be individualistic and get a higher salary?

Professional Development Opportunities

Providing avenues for professional growth and skill development is crucial for employee satisfaction. Opportunities for training, mentorship programs, and career advancement demonstrate a commitment to an employee’s long-term success.

Flexible Work Arrangements

Flexibility in work arrangements, such as remote work options or flexible schedules, is highly valued by modern employees. This flexibility helps individuals maintain a work-life balance, promoting overall job satisfaction.

Recognition and Rewards Programs

Regularly recognizing and rewarding employees for their contributions fosters a positive work environment. Acknowledging hard work and achievements can significantly impact job satisfaction and loyalty.

Clear Communication and Transparency

Transparent communication about company goals, strategies, and decisions builds trust. Employees appreciate being kept in the loop and having a clear understanding of the organization’s direction.

Workplace Inclusivity and Diversity

Creating an inclusive and diverse workplace is not only ethically important but also contributes to employee satisfaction. A diverse workforce brings a variety of perspectives and ideas, fostering innovation and creativity.

Health and Wellness Programs

In addition to corporate massages, comprehensive health and wellness programs contribute to employee well-being. This can include fitness classes, mental health resources, and initiatives promoting a healthy lifestyle. It may seem that giving your staff weekly massages, an open-door fridge or more is pampering them into soft-mindedness which will lower their productivity, but the reverse is usually true – ideally it gives them strength of purpose, character and resilience.

Employee Feedback and Surveys

Regularly seeking employee feedback through surveys or open forums demonstrates a commitment to improvement. Addressing concerns and implementing changes based on feedback shows that the organization values its employees’ opinions.

Social Responsibility Initiatives

Engaging in social responsibility initiatives, such as community service or environmental sustainability programs, can enhance the company’s image and contribute to employee pride in their workplace.

A Holistic Approach May Involve Many Options

While entertaining staff through perks like corporate massages, free food, and coffee can contribute to a positive work environment, employee retention is a multifaceted challenge that requires a comprehensive approach. Building a workplace culture that values and supports employees involves addressing fundamental aspects like compensation, professional development, flexibility, recognition, communication, inclusivity, health, and social responsibility.

By implementing a holistic employee retention strategy, organizations can create an environment where employees not only enjoy their work but also feel valued, supported, and motivated to contribute to the long-term success of the company. In the end, a combination of entertainment and these broader strategies will create a workplace that attracts and retains top talent, ultimately contributing to organizational success and growth.

Sydney Spends More on WellBeing Per Capital Than Any Other Australian City: Why?

Sydney Spends More on WellBeing Per Capital Than Any Other Australian City: Why?

Sydney residents dedicate more of their spending to health and wellness compared to other cities around Australia. There are a few key reasons why Sydney tops the charts for prioritizing personal wellbeing.

People will go into the CBD for a premium dentist. Sydney is home to some of the best dental clinics in the country. Residents are willing to travel into the central business district for appointments with high-end dentists who offer the latest in dental technologies and procedures. Services like teeth whitening, veneers, and Invisalign are popular options for those looking to improve their smile.

Sydney also has a reputation for its world class women’s health facilities. Leading hospitals like Royal Hospital for Women and Chris O’Brien Lifehouse offer comprehensive care for issues like fertility, pregnancy and childbirth. They attract patients from across the state and country with their specialized doctors and access to clinical trials. This level of women’s healthcare comes at a premium cost.

Focus on Preventative Care

They focus on preventive care that can impact personal wellbeing over the long run. Residents have recognized the importance of proactively managing their health through preventative strategies.

Seeing a primary care physician regularly allows for monitoring of things like blood pressure, cholesterol, weight and overall lifestyle habits. Catching potential issues in early stages makes them much easier to treat. Preventative screenings for cancers and other diseases are also widely used to detect problems promptly.

Exercise is a cornerstone of prevention. Most Sydney residents make time for 150 minutes of physical activity each week through activities like walking meetings, gym sessions and team sports. Staying active can ward off diseases and help manage stress.

Diet also plays a role in prevention. Following guidelines to eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, whole grains and healthy fats supports heart health and weight management. Limiting red meat, sugar and processed foods reduces cancer and diabetes risks.

Adequate sleep, avoiding tobacco and moderating alcohol intake are additional preventative measures. Getting seven to nine hours per night bolsters the immune system. Living tobacco-free and drinking in moderation lessens lung and liver disease risks.

Conscious of Work-Life Balance

Sydney’s reputation as an international city that attracts young professionals and families means residents place value on self-care. They are conscious of maintaining a work-life balance and reducing stress through activities like yoga, massage therapy, personal training and mental health services. Investing in wellbeing helps Sydneysiders stay happy and productive.

Final Thoughts

The combination of world-class facilities, discretionary income and lifestyle priorities all contribute to Sydney topping spending charts when it comes to health, beauty and overall wellness. As the most populous city in Australia, Sydney will likely continue leading the country in prioritizing personal wellbeing expenditures per capita into the future. Residents see the value of their health as one of the most important investments they can make. World class women’s health facilities also attract patients from across the region, further contributing to Sydney’s reputation as a leader in wellbeing.

Are Dental Implants Suitable for Children?

Are Dental Implants Suitable for Children?

Losing teeth is an experience that everyone goes through, particularly during the early years of life. Whether due to an accidental injury to the mouth, an irreparable case of tooth decay, or simply a case of milk teeth falling out, the misfortune of losing a tooth is borne by everyone. Given the negative impact that missing teeth can have on speech, the ability to chew food, the alignment of other remaining teeth, and self-image, it is understandable why young people turn to dental prosthesis to restore their smile.

Some of the dental prosthesis devices currently used to replace missing teeth are dentures, dental bridges, and dental implants. Among these three, the most permanent one is the dental implant. screw-like titanium structure, it functions like the root of a tooth and is positioned firmly in the jawbone. It is also fitted with a stud called an abutment, upon which the tooth-shaped cap called a crown is cemented. Because the crown matches the surrounding teeth, the dental implant appears just like any natural and healthy tooth.

Apart from having the look and feel of a real tooth, implants are deemed very reliable and durable. A three-year study published by the Journal of Clinical Medicine in 2019 concluded that dental implants are not only long-lasting teeth replacement, they also positively impact quality of life. Implants are also considered as having limited complications and requiring minimal check-ups. Also, unlike dental bridges anchored to other teeth or dentures clasped into place, implants do not involve adjacent teeth, leaving the rest of the set untouched.

Despite its many remarkable features, however, dental implants do have age-dependent restrictions, specifically in relation to bone structure. Implants are not suitable for children, as they do not yet have all of their permanent teeth. Pre-teens and teenagers whose bones are still maturing are also not ideal candidates for this. For anyone who wants to get a dental implant, the earliest age is 18 years old. The rationale behind this is that bones only stop growing at age 18. Placing a dental implant in a young patient will only hinder jaw development and stop other teeth from coming in.

Young people eager to replace their lost teeth with dental implants will have to wait a few more years before requesting this from their dentist. Perhaps with some positive messaging from social media regarding how common tooth loss is, young people will become more accepting of their missing tooth situation and more patient about waiting for the minimum age for dental implants.

Porcelain Veneers Increase Popularity In The Age of Social Media

Porcelain Veneers Increase Popularity In The Age of Social Media

Social media is growing as an ideal place for businesses to market their products. Companies use famous people as their brand ambassadors on the platforms. The influencers need to have the best appearance and seek ways to improve their outlook.

Internet users can be harsh with comments about how they look. It is common when you do not have the best dental esthetics. So, more people opt for dental procedures to correct any issues with their teeth. Still, you can use tooth covering to ensure you look good on the platform. Since many people may not afford corrective dental treatment options, they will rely on veneers for dental esthetics.

Use of Porcelain Veneers in Social Media

Porcelain veneers are extremely thin coverings yet built to last. They are permanent fixtures, but you can replace them once they start to wear. It isn’t easy to detect them and is comfortable to use. The devices can help boost one’s confidence and build their image on social media platforms. As more people use the platforms for content sharing and earning money, it would be best to consider the porcelain veneers. It is an effective way to improve your appearance, whether your images are on Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok.

Due to their popularity in social media and their flawlessness, porcelain veneers are becoming everyday items with orthodontics. They are affordable options and can help with several dental problems. You can use them if your teeth have gaps or they are slanting.

The Rise of Porcelain Veneers use

Sometimes you may wonder why celebrities have a perfect smile. The secret is porcelain veneers. As more popular personalities use the items to improve their dental aesthetics, it influences their followers to consider them. It is why the procedures are increasing in popularity across social media. Probably, you have a following on social media and can appeal to them using the treatment.

On the other hand, an orthodontist will ensure the veneers blend well with your natural teeth. They will customize the items depending on their shape and size. But, it is critical to use a professional and experienced dentist if you want the best results. Consider the qualifications and experience of the practitioner before settling on the suitable one to offer the service.

What to Expect

With the rise in porcelain veneers and the need to have the best dental esthetics for social media, you can seek treatment for dental problems. You can use it to cover discolored teeth or gaps. Regardless of the number of teeth that require correction, porcelain veneers are customizable to fit your specific needs. A dentist can use them to cover the area partially or entirely. It depends on the issue.

Before undergoing the procedures, the dentist will discuss with you what to expect. They will use a model of your teeth to develop the porcelain veneers. The items are not ready-made since dental appearances differ, and the treatment seeks to make the integration flawless.

The Final Thoughts

Porcelain veneers are affordable, unlike other dental correction procedures. You do not need to do much to maintain them and ensure longevity. Therefore, you can use them to improve your smile and appeal to followers on various platforms. If the celebrities and other social media influencers use them, why don’t you?

Finance Industry Using Social Media for Marketing

Finance Industry Using Social Media for Marketing

We live in a digital world, dominated by social media giants. From Facebook to TikTok, social media platforms have provided more ways to publish content than ever before and businesses around the globe have taken advantage. Learn how to leverage these tips and best practices targeted toward tackling the finance industry using social media for marketing. However, while it may be easy to see how digital marketing strategies have revolutionized industries like retail, hospitality, and the arts, for other sectors of the economy, it’s not so clear. The transition to social media for many areas has been much more of a slow burn and, until recently, the financial industry was one such example.

However, the increased release of research highlighting the importance of social media marketing has led many businesses within this area to prick their ears and kickstart their digital networking journey. But, how exactly can the finance industry using social media for marketing most effectively? Well, we’re here to discuss exactly that and have compiled a handy guide to help you on your way.

Finance Industry Using Social Media for Marketing

Digital marketing for the finance industry is now rapidly expanding. Not only are more companies than ever now on social media, but they are also spending more on placing ads there. The Australian financial industry sector would increase at an extraordinary rate up by $1.27 trillion to a value of almost $10.9 trillion in June 2021.  

Australia’s financial industry markets are among the largest, fastest-growing, and most sophisticated in Asia. The country is a regional leader in a range of products including asset-backed securities, Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs), exchange-traded and over-the-counter (OTC) derivatives, corporate bonds, and hedge funds. Financial planning and investing sit comfortably under one brand with that figure set to rise even further, as more businesses use social networking opportunities, it’s become pretty clear that digital marketing is now an integral part of the financial services industry. In addition to advertising material, many companies now feel that having user-focused media content available on social platforms can make a big difference to how trustworthy they come across to customers.

Historically, finance industry regulations have made companies reluctant to employ social tools. However, many are now realising the benefits of using individual social media platforms. Facebook and Instagram are the most popular platforms overall, with a combined user base of over 3.5 billion active accounts. And while Twitter, Youtube, LinkedIn, and TikTok may have a smaller reach, on the whole, many financial corporations are finding that they can be just as effective for marketing their brand. Learning which platform is best for your specific visual, textual, and audio content is, therefore, crucial to utilising social media to its fullest potential, vastly increasing your likelihood of executing a successful branding or marketing strategy.

The Key Benefits of Finance Industry Using Social Media for Marketing Brand Awareness

It Matters brand awareness or brand visibility might be a marketing buzzword, but its importance can’t be denied. For many lending institutions, SEO yields more revenue brand visibility is one of the best ways to generate more custom, after all, as your target audience will subconsciously begin to view your brand as familiar and, by extension, trustworthy.

If, for example, you were to look at the logos of famous corporations, you would likely know their identities without being told whom the logo belonged to. This level of familiarity with a brand creates a subconscious feeling of trust, leading to more business.

Generate Business Be Responsive

The opportunity for greater engagement with your customers is another way in which the finance industry using social media can generate more sales for your company. Almost all social media platforms now offer a direct messaging feature, allowing for individualised communication and rapport-building with customers.

If you want to go further and centralise your communication efforts, take a deeper dive into a social media management tool that will siphon all your interactions into one unified inbox. This is a growing trend in the customer service approach to making sure the financial industry is responsive, available, and on top of all the engagement in a remote environment especially.

A recent study found that 74% of financial advisors relied on direct marketing channels to liaise with both existing and prospective clients. A huge 94% of these advisers reported new assets were gained as a result of direct messaging strategies.

Target Audience Research

The majority of social media business accounts will allow you to see which demographics engage with your content the most invaluable information to have at your disposal when shaping marketing campaigns around your products or services.

If, for example, your posts on mortgage promotions or offers are primarily liked/commented on by 30 – 40-year-olds, you could utilise this information to create tailored mortgage content targeted at this age range.

If you are using a social media marketing platform, make sure you can add your Google Analytics account so your research is centralised. Using this data to inform not just capture social media ROI, but future services and content could see a greater level of engagement and, therefore, business generation.

Customer Mood

The finance industry using social media for marketing provides an opportunity to quick and accessible means for customers to give you valuable feedback and opinions in the form of reviews or comments. This is an excellent way to gauge your clients’ mood about your business practices, including your brand identity and products. Observing and analysing overarching trends allows you to cater your services accordingly.

Another great option for businesses in the financial industry is to partner with a marketing automation platform that will give you sentiment analysis of all communication funneling in from engagement on social media posts. It also allows for straightforward customer service having a solid social media presence gives you more opportunities to demonstrate how you deal with customer complaints and enables you to put things to bed more effectively.

How To Utilise Social Media In Financial Industry

  • Be Aware Of The Challenges – the finance industry is one of the most heavily regulated in the world and businesses getting on board with the digital revolution need to make sure their posts adhere to all current legalities. One of the best things you can do to provide compliant content is to stay up to date on the latest news about updates to regulatory law. It might also be a good idea to provide additional training to staff members in charge of managing social content.
  • Integrate – as you take a deeper dive into the finance industry using social media for marketing, integrating your different social streams is a relatively simple way to direct traffic from social media platforms to your website and vice versa. Allowing your customers to find you in several places with a single click will enable them to interact with your content more easily and make them more likely to share your posts. One of the newest ways to establish links between your different web presences is to embed a social feed wall on your website’s home page. Websites can now pull in dynamic RSS feeds and this is a great approach to your email marketing strategy as well. This creates an engaging visual and collates all of your social media presences in one place, further simplifying the interaction process.
  • Provide Value – over 75% of millennials now use social media to make decisions about purchases. For non-visual industries like the financial services industry, the perceived value of your company and products is the most important thing involved in those decisions. By providing valuable content and information to your followers, you can create a rapport with them, as clients don’t believe you are only trying to sell them something. This fosters respect and faith in your business, leading to a potentially larger number of sales.

Final Thoughts

The use of the finance industry using social media for marketing may be fairly new but, with more businesses taking advantage of the digital revolution and consumers basing their purchasing decisions on brand identities, it is fast becoming more important than ever. By staying aware of the legalities, integrating social platforms, and providing value to your clientele, your business will not only be able to create a more informed marketing strategy but will also be able to utilise consumer behavior data to potentially lead to an increased number of sales.


Outback Tagalong 4 Wheel Drive Tours Perfect For Social Media

Outback Tagalong 4 Wheel Drive Tours Perfect For Social Media

With its ability to convey and share personal experiences, anecdotes, and images worldwide tens of thousands of times, outback tagalong 4 wheel drive tours perfect for social media encourages visitors in Australia, and for the more adventurous Australia outback.

The Outback Queensland Tourism Association (OQTA) 

Supported any measures at the time to entice visitors out west all of the region’s natural and man-made attractions were open and operational, despite the drought conditions. 

Data showed that those who traveled to the region spent less, and that was summarily associated with a downturn in the mining industry and a reduction in the arrival of FIFO workers. It accounted for an overall expenditure decrease of approximately 6% over 3 years. The National Visitor Survey indicates that each year, around 400,000 people visit the Australian outback, bringing an average annual spend of $AU250 million, or $AU625 ahead. 

People would ask what could be appealing about 4WD tours in the middle of the Australian outback because outback tagalong 4 wheel drive tours are perfect for social media and the answer has to be Everything! Whether you want to explore stark and stunning scenery on this Madigan Line 4wd tagalong trip and find some connection with the world’s oldest culture, experience the sight of remote ochre coastlines meeting a sapphire sea, or simply be in the expanse of the raw, unchanged, and ancient heart of Australia, there is continual growth in tourism. With it comes people and new perspectives in the drive to express the utter thrill of overwhelming beauty, and social media provides the perfect medium for that.

Australia Travel Industry Social Media Strategies 

Have ensured outback tagalong 4 wheel drive tours at the biggest social networks Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have travel and tourism as one of the most shared topics whether it be upcoming plans, requesting advice and offering tips, or memories of experiences. Social media marketing is easy when communities are so welcoming word-of-mouth has always been the most effective form of marketing because people believe, or buy, from wherever they find their place of trust. Whether that be represented by a brand, a blog, or shared belief, social media doesn’t have the feel of advertising even if it is.

Outback tagalong 4 wheel drive tours travel research, sharing destination discoveries, recommendations, and feedback (positive and negative) have changed the landscape of marketing tourism forever. Not only do almost all personal planning, research, and bookings happen online, but sites like TripAdvisor attract 400 million users. That’s a whole lotta input and info in a world that indicate a growing preference for increasing personal experiences, over the idea of owning the tangible and material.

Even if you’re not one to ever post anything, it’s an excellent resource and is a major factor in improved customer service. Questions, comments, and concerns can be found and offered in a single place, a commercial Facebook page for instance; or distributed widely throughout numerous relevant sites. At least 1-in-2 posters expect a reply to their positive comments from a branded service or product page and that increases to 75% when a complaint is made. So where, exactly is the outback tagalong 4 wheel drive tours, the Northern Territory, South Australia, and Western Australia? Whilst it is certainly a mapped and geographical location, it is, more than anything, a state of mind where the spirit soars, freedom takes over, and the only thing you find you’re without is mobile reception.

Creat Outback Tagalong 4WD Travel Community

Directly increasing sales isn’t the only reason for an outback tagalong 4WD tour operator to take the plunge into the world of social media. We all know just how competitive the travel industry is getting the opportunity to put your brand in front of thousands of aspiring travelers is an excellent way to ensure your brand is top of mind when it comes time for those viewers to finally book their trip.

If you use social media yourself you’ve likely encountered a brand running campaigns prompting users to share posts, use a specified hashtag, and tag their friends. From a business point of view, there is more to these campaigns than meets the eye of outback tagalong 4 wheel drive tours travelers. When executed well, they help increase brand awareness and foster the growth of a digital community surrounding your brand and what it stands for. This option can be particularly powerful for tour operators servicing a niche market as you are already hyper-targeting a very specific group who are likely to find your messaging aligns closely with their values.

Social media is collaborative and communicative, rather than traditional methods of advertising at someone. This presents a unique and interesting opportunity to engage with current and potential customers, encourage interaction and build a digital community around the type of travel your business offers. If you do this well, your followers can become your very own brand advocates, increasing your digital reach and promoting your brand through positive word of mouth, referrals, and recommendations.

Get Inspired

The Australia outback tagalong 4 wheel drive tours in social media is an interesting place to navigate, especially when you are just starting. If you need some inspiration, here are some great accounts, all using slightly different tactics to prompt engagement and grow their brand!


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Osteopaths, Chiropractors & Physiotherapists Who Use Social Media

Osteopaths, Chiropractors & Physiotherapists Who Use Social Media

While there are many osteopaths, chiropractors and physiotherapists who use social media in Sydney, in most cases they do it inadequately. Did you know there are micro-business social media marketing and management providers who specialise in helping small health practitioners and clinics to get an early foothold on social media, target the social media marketing to their local area, and to then keep their audience educated, informed and entertained? Health doesn’t always have to be a dry and dull subject. In fact, on social media, it rarely is – it’s vibrant, welcoming, catchy, celebratory, life-affirming, and optimistic.

Let’s take for example the clinic Balmain Osteopaths which has a very established practice in Sydney’s inner west, and whose home page photo we’ve featured here. The message of the photo is apparent immediately – “we are a patient-focussed practice” – which is very much what most people with back pain, shoulder dysfunction and the dreaded plantar fasciitis require.

However as the below graph shows, Balmain Osteopaths are not much in need of social media – or as is becoming apparent, it’s not their schtick. Because they got in with a high quality SEO provider some years ago, and have a look at their excellent rankings:

Indeed a #3 ranking across Sydney for the single term “osteopath” is a total winner. Yes it’s nice to also be #5 for “osteopaths” (260 searches per month) but the #3 for “osteopath” fills a lot of their bookings. Naturally during these challenging Covid-years, which may yet go on for even a couple more years, what practitioner doesn’t want more bookings?

We can see from the above that Google is very selective and increasingly clear around geography. Balmain Osteopaths hoped to rank for “osteopath Sydney CBD” and in fact the CBD is just across the bay – not even a kilometre away – but Google was having none of it. It dished out a magnificent #3 for “osteopath” but was not magnanimous with “osteopath Sydney CBD” giving stubbornly low rankings between #52-62.

You don’t always get what you want, but if you try some time (eg a few years of SEO, never stopping), you get what you need.

So, the question remains totally unanswered, who out there in the local Sydney health scene is doing social media really well?

For a start, a prebiotic fibre known as Kfibre is going well on Instagram after starting a few months ago with the small business agency Sydney Social Media Managers.

Hooman and his team at Complete Chiro were going really well using the same social media agency but have now been losing likes to a minimal level on their Instagram profile. So what looks healthy is now drooping. These Sydney chiropractors used to have great posts delivered by their agency such as this one.

And Mona Vale natural products company Pharma Botanica look popular on Instagram, but in fact they bought a lot of fake followers – this kind of behaviour is bad for brand credibility. Especially when you’re a health brand, the matter of trust is essential for your company’s future.

One of the best social media operators on both Instagram and TikTok is Joanna Baker from Essential Nutrition. Her profile The Gut Health Dietitian has 27,000 real followers who are very much into her subject matter.

Here’s the thing with social media – individuals usually succeed at it better than brands – for example let’s look at physiotherapist Nate Chan who has a cool and inspirational Instagram profile – and compare it with Sydney Physio Group who are limping along or Sydney Physiotherapy who clearly have no idea.

Having a strong profile also attracts social media influencers to your brand. Of course they’re out to flatter you for money, so be wary – but with the right attitude of give-take and mutual respect, you can barter with them for health treatments in exchange for coverage. Most influencers achieve little in terms of revenue for the brands they seduce and manipulate to pay them – and you can tell them that from us – but if they’re in the local area where your health clinic is located, then they likely can add an extra bit of sway in your local community. Remember one post is never enough. You need to have seven touch-points with a potential patient or client before they’ll consider you part of their psychological family and will be ready to purchase your goods or services. The seven touch points in 2021 we recommend are: 1. Instagram once; 2. Instagram a second time; 3. Facebook – advertise locally so you pop up; 4. Local newspaper – ideally an article but if need be a regular ad for a while; 5. Word of mouth – this is essential – this will seal the deal; 6. Either TikTok, LinkedIn or Twitter – shows you’re comprehensively social; 7. Flyers in the letter box with a “call to action”. Others might be radio or TV but most small health clinics can’t afford those forms of promotion.

Next week we’ll have a look at how dentists are using social media, digital marketing, specialised dental news and dental SEO to win greater market share.


Sydney Dentists Who Do Social Media Well

Sydney Dentists Who Do Social Media Well

Find out about Sydney Dentists who are doing Social Media marketing & management well. Facebook, Instagram, TikTok & Linked In for dentists and orthodontists is almost as much a priority for them as is SEO.

Take for example Oralux Dental – it’s simply the case that cosmetic dentistry works well within visual media so social media is a tantalising opportunity for any dental clinic.

Oralux, based in Crows Nest on the lower north shore of Sydney, have a Facebook page but don’t post very often. They also have an Instagram profile but have been pretty much non-existent posters for a while.

Social media is a bit like fencing in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. Fascinating if you’re totally into it, but easily missed if you’re not looking out for it.

If we compare out of field, we can see that My Dentist in Brisbane is also a little ambivalent about their Instagram profile. Typically we might see a photo having a small amount of likes.

They could take more opportunities promoting special offers on dental work like their do on their website. If we look at what they’re promoting, it’s a case that this material could be adapted to social media, especially Facebook advertising to maximise the message, as their Facebook page is extremely active with posts being done sometimes twice a day.

So what is a good thing to promote which is a special offer. This is a good starter:

Free Kids’ Dental

We Bulk-Bill under Medicare’s Child Dental Benefits Schedule (CDBS) eligible children up to $1000 limit’. So if your child is within their $1000 limit and the treatment is Medicare-approved, our practice will charge NO out of pocket fees. Ask us today.

Check to see if you are eligible for the CDBS scheme! CDBS has provided 1 million Australian children with free dental care. Eligible children can get up to $1000 towards treatment every two years. To be eligible for the Child Dental Benefit Schedule, children must be aged between 2-17 years and their family must receive Family Tax Benefit Part A or a relevant Australian Government payment.

The best way to get your dental clinic going much better on social media is to seek out a digital marketing agency which specialises in dental promotions, or to employ a social media manager in your clinic either part-time or full-time.

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Captions Create Catchy Media Moments

Captions Create Catchy Media Moments

Images and captions go together like salt and pepper, like cheese and crackers, and like laughter with friends. A great picture can say so many things to its audience but is focused and targeted by a caption. Good copy directs the viewer to appreciate the nub of the situation faster. A clever title or caption is the punch line in any visual joke. Social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook have brought the caption to greater prominence in recent years. SEO concerns makes titling your posted images another important element in achieving page rankings. Captions create catchy media moments for us all in all forms of the digital media.

Encaptioned Media Makes More Sense

There is no denying that we live in the age of the personal brand. Each of us is challenged to identify and develop our own individual brand, as we promote ourselves in work and in life more generally. There is no hiding your light under a bushel in the 21C, believing in yourself and your talents is a prerequisite. Storyboarding used to be the exclusive domain of directors in the movies and theatre, now, however, we are all storytellers in our own lives. Posted images on our Instagram and Facebook pages form a narrative told in encaptioned pictures.

Successful Marketing in the Digital Age

Telling a compelling story is an essential aspect of successful marketing in the digital age. Pictures bring your journey to life for viewers and encaptioned images are doubly effective. You can get professional assistance to make your SEM and SEO a guaranteed success. Sometimes bringing in specialist expertise can get the ball rolling in the right direction. Pithy captions sell more things than those untitled images on websites and social media pages. Give your story-episodes the clarity that captions can provide. Captions create catchy media moments for your viewers to enjoy.

You Are the Director of Your Own Movie

Some experts refer to it as filling in the gaps in a reader’s consciousness. You are the auteur or director of your very own movie, which shows at the Instagram or Facebook cinema. These cinemas never close and sessions are permanently available. Captions create catchy media moments for watchers everywhere. Life is too sad to miss out on the laughs available in many moments. Concise and clever copy complements your choice of pics like bacon and eggs, like honeymoons and sex, like rain following a hot day, like….

Marketing Mackay: Queensland’s Coastal Treasure

Marketing Mackay: Queensland’s Coastal Treasure

Mackay is a wonderful tropical Queensland paradise – below are some of its highlights.

Bluewater Lagoon

Regional Queensland at it best with a lot to offer for not just me but the entire family. Nice to have places of interest from the local council to get Queensland’s moving within the state. Close to the old city centre, Blue Water Lagoon is a beautiful place to spend time with family.

Bucasia Beach

Bucasia Beach is one of the longest beaches you can find in Mackay. Located in Northern Mackay, 23 kilometres away from The Waters Ooralea, Bucasia Beach is a famous destination for swimming and fishing. The southern end of the beach near the mangroves and sandy spits is heaven for fishermen and of course, fisherwomen and even fishertrans.

Cape Hillsborough National Park

This national park is teeming with beautiful wildlife, including the friendly wallabies and kangaroos that frequent the beach each morning at sunrise, tiger blue butterflies, sand monitors and lots of marine life. Cape Hillsborough National Park is also a place to explore walking tracks, volcanic boulders and an island only accessible at low tide.


Right next to Mackay’s main street, the impressive Artspace building glitters with potential. Stop by and enjoy some of the travelling exhibitions it showcases or take part in some of the great workshops held there. Much of the programme is free and the rest of it is still within the easy reach of a budget traveller’s price range.

Mackay Regional Botanic Gardens

Offer free guided tours for visitors to explore and enjoy the peaceful surrounds of one of Australia’s newest and most innovative botanic gardens. It’s not drawing crowds because they’re using digital marketing – it’s mostly word of mouth broadcasting its virtues.

Eungella National Park

Eungella National Park is located 2,500 feet above sea level. Eungella and scenic Finch Hatton Gorge are a leisurely hour drive inland and a must visit! They’re truly a content marketing dream with their breathtaking natural assets. Broken River is the best place in Australia to spot the iconic platypus in the wild.

Mount Pleasant

Mount Pleasant is a mountain and suburb of Mackay and the Mount Pleasant Centre is located in the heart of the suburb just across the Pioneer River from the CBD. Mount Pleasant Centre is home to Kmart, Coles, Woolworths and over 65 stores. There’s many pleasant and pleasurable things to do in Mount Pleasant, even getting your wisdom teeth removed in Mackay is a delight when you’re in such enjoyable surrounds.

Whitsunday Segway Tours

Explore the lush rainforest and picturesque coastal areas of the Whitsundays in a truly unique way with a guided Segway tour that offers a cavalcade of wonderful sights! A Segway is a mechanic, two-wheeled vehicle that saves your legs from walking and allows you to travel upright while taking in all the Whitsundays’ best scenery. Choose between two available Segway ride options – either head deep into the delightful greenery of the Conway National Park and follow the Whitsunday Great Walk, or for watery views take an itinerary that follows the Whitsunday Bicentennial Boardwalk with views out to vibrant Pioneer Bay and beyond.

Invisalign: The Social-Media-Friendly Orthodontic Procedure

Invisalign: The Social-Media-Friendly Orthodontic Procedure

Invisalign is a dental treatment which is done to correct improperly aligned teeth and achieve a perfectly straight smile. Misaligned teeth are very common. But it’s essential to rectify them because they can not only increase the risk of oral health issues, but they can also affect your smile appearance. Although braces can help rectify misaligned teeth, the traditional metal braces are difficult to care for and they are also bulky. Other than the health benefits of Invisalign, there are also the cosmetic benefits of Invisalign that you will enjoy such as a better look.

Many people nowadays consider Invisalign treatment over the traditional braces for obvious reasons. For starters, the Invisalign is invisible, very comfortable, and you can easily remove them. To get the treatment done, people turn to social media to look for the nearest dental clinic that offers Invisalign procedure. That’s why it’s more important for dentists to use social media to market themselves.

Unfortunately, most dentists are not using social media effectively. The dentists are failing at social media strategy because social media marketing is still in the early roots of adoption for many dentists. However, more dental practices are seeing the importance of being active on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

How is Invisalign a social-media-friendly orthodontic procedure?

We are in a digital age where millennials have various social media accounts. Nobody wants to be photographed with wire braces in their mouths. That’s why many people prefer the clear aligners as they provide a clear alternative to braces. They allow you to take a photo with a perfect smile and post on your social media accounts. Since the demand for perfect smile is high, Invisalign is making it easier to achieve that by fixing the teeth.

How to get an Invisalign procedure

First, you need to make sure that Invisalign is right for you. Basically, Invisalign work just as the traditional braces. However, there are cases where the procedure may not be suitable, including:

  • Severe underbite
  • Weak jawbones
  • Too much gap between the teeth
  • Gum diseases

In some of these cases, Invisalign may be combined with braces for excellent results. So you need to consult an experienced dentist to determine if Invisalign is right for you.

The benefits of Invisalign over traditional braces

  1. They are invisible as they are made from transparent BPA-free plastic which makes them go unnoticed.
  2. They are convenient because you can easily remove them any time you wish.
  3. They promote oral hygiene as you can remove them to brush and floss properly.
  4. The length of Invisalign is relatively shorter compared to traditional braces treatment.

How to care for the aligners

These aligners can get discolored or stained if they are not properly cared for. So if you want them to remain clean and in perfect condition, these are some of the measures you need to take:

  1. Remove the aligners every day and clean them thoroughly as well as your teeth.
  2. Soak the aligners in a solution prescribed by your dentist and then rinse them to prevent dry saliva buildup. You should also brush them with a toothbrush which has soft bristles to remove any food particles remaining.
  3. Finally, wash them with an antibacterial solution. You should clean your teeth thoroughly before you put the aligners back on.

Social Media for Electricians

Sydney electricians find social media marketing & management a challenge because SEO works so much more immediately. But when applied in the right context, it is a massive side-portal to enquiries & revenue …

If we turn to the ancient past momentarily to discover the motif of our modern-day electrician, I would tip my hat to Hermes/Mercury the messenger god. Depicted with winged feet and the son of Zeus Hermes was all about speed and communication. Is there anything faster in the 21C than electricity and all the devices this force makes possible? Similarly, social media is an excellent fit for the successful sparkie. I can imagine Mercury making use of Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to promote his services among the other gods and goddesses. Social media for electricians is a no-brainer when you come to think about it.

Life is All About Telling Stories on Social Media

When seeking the services of an emergency electrician that can get there fast who are you going to call or email? Especially when you are already on a social media platform on your phone or computer. It is pretty obvious that you will reach out to those electricians who have a prominent presence on your social media channel of choice. Social media for electricians is a must in this day and age. Life is all about telling stories and storytelling happens on Instagram and Facebook etc. Home sapiens like to package bites of information into recountable little anecdotes and good electricians have their place in these little stories.

The Smart Tradie Gets Professional Help

Now, many electricians are busy people and may require some professional help with their social media management. It always pays to put the right task in the hands of those with the necessary skills to make things happen. Social media management for electricians is one of those times and we can make every post a winner LOL. Why risk your business by bumbling along without the required irons in the fire? Good SEO is essential to ensure that your website is found in all the right searches. The smart tradie makes sure that both these things are firing on all cylinders for the future success of their contracting business. If wanting the top SEO company for electricians in Sydney you should google “SEO electricians Sydney” and choose any of the companies who are ranking top 4 for that search.

If you are a good electrician who wants to get plenty of work, then you will pay attention to your social media presence. If you are a quality electrical contractor who dreams of success and wants to make it happen, then you will give due notice to your digital marketing. Dotting the i and crossing the t is all about getting the details right, which will underpin your success in 2020 and beyond. In social media terms this means getting empowered and impassioned social media management for electricians.

Social Media Serving the Service Industries

Social Media Serving the Service Industries

People tend to make decisions either deliberately or heedlessly. Having said that, external factors usually influence our choices. One of these is the social media. As a matter of fact, survey shows that 92 percent of consumers have confidence in social media in terms of digital marketing and advertising.

In Australia, social media serving the service industries include the media and telecoms, art and recreation, accommodation and food, and health and social care. As per the Sensis Social Media report, businesses in these sectors use social media mostly for developing their brand and image, and in reaching loyal and prospective customers.

Social Media Serving the Service Industries

Companies that embrace social media are said to be more optimistic regarding their business outlook, have a more dynamic market, have better profitability, and a stronger workforce output. One of the few reasons why enterprises in the service industries have good sales performance is because their services & rates can be easily accessed on their social media accounts.

Despite the overwhelming advantages that social media presents to businesses, statistics show that 52 percent of small businesses, 46 percent medium-sized businesses, and 21 percent of large businesses in the service industry are not on social media. For those making an effort to make an online presence, Hootsuite says that their primary obstacle is content creation.

According to Marketing Mag, Telstra is a good example of how businesses in the service sector should use social media. In fact, they are among the most popular and the most active companies in social media. As per the report, the company utilises Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Youtube differently. There is a platform for customer service concerns, for general information and promotions, for business and career pursuits, and for content on the company’s technology.

Other Australian businesses, such as those focused in food, fashion and education, have various takes on social media. For instance, restaurants in the country are hell-bent on coming up with viral campaigns and engaging posts on social media. While in the fashion world, designers are launching new styles and clothing lines on these online platforms as content travels faster here. Moreover, universities and colleges rely on paid and organic advertising on encouraging more campus visits and in increasing their student applications.

Indeed, social media serving the service industries are helping in getting more customers on the door and in keeping them happy and contented. This being said, one should use the right mixture of commitment, care and effort for companies to acquire the benefits of social media.

Lead Generation from Social Media

Social media data have now become more accessible which only means that there are more opportunities for lead generation. This data can help marketers identify qualified prospects and help them design and launch targeted campaigns paired with social data to generate leads.

Social media has been a key component in generating leads and when done right, it can be an extremely powerful tool for lead generation. You can use social media to drive leads for your business.

Social Media Strategies for Lead Generation

  1. Choose the proper social media channel for your business and utilize them. Most marketers turn to Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube and Instagram, as these channels bring in extra leads.
  2. Establish a developed and long-term strategy for each social media channel used.
  3. Conduct a relevant research and figure out which social media platforms best suit your target demographics and also take on account the keywords.
  4. Create and provide a quality content that’s focused and features your company’s expertise to draw in leads.
  5. Create a community by engaging with your social media followers. This means responding to comments and questions, as well as re-posting, re-tweeting or sharing articles that’s relevant to your audience.
  6. Cross-promote your social media channels with one another by linking them to your website and blogs.
  7. Track and analyse social media results.
  8. Further understand and improve your SEO. For some industries, we’ve discovered that SEO provides lead generation which is an astonishing 40 times higher than from social media.

With the number of active social media account users, social media networks provide a huge opportunity for businesses to reach potential customers. In order to reach and convert them with your social media strategy, you should provide high quality and valuable content that is relevant. You can use social media as a lead generation tool.


Generate more leads by increasing your reach through Facebook.

  • Create relevant and valuable content. Consider the timing and the frequency of your posts.
  • Make content visually appealing by adding images as posts with images tend to receive a higher engagement.


With Twitter, you can connect and reach out to current and potential customers.

  • The message needs to be strong and valuable as it’s limited to only 140 characters or less.
  • Be genuine and authentic.


Pinterest may not be perfect for every industry but it does offer a huge opportunity for most, especially in retail. There are a lot of potential leads and customers just waiting to be engaged and converted.

  • Create an interesting board with images that your Pinterest audience would want to discover and repin.
  • Keep your description direct and simple and add in a link for your followers to click on as they could turn out to be a good lead.


Google+ has a lot of users and it’s also the perfect place to practice social prospecting.

  • Identify the top keyword phrases people use to find out about you.
  • Identify people and communities that could potentially have leads for you, follow or join them and start engaging with the potential prospects.

Social media can provide great conversion opportunity, but generating leads using social media doesn’t happen instantly and it takes a lot of effort. Once you have a better social media profile, you’ll have better chances of generating more leads and soon enough these leads will start flowing in.

Face Mask Controversy Covering Up Emergency Dental Services

Face Mask Controversy Covering Up Emergency Dental Services

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, face masks have become emblematic of our collective efforts to combat the spread of the virus. However, amidst the debates and controversies surrounding mask mandates, there’s a lesser-known consequence that’s been quietly unfolding: the obstruction of emergency dental services. In towns like New Gisborne, Macedon, and Riddell’s Creek, the necessity of masks has inadvertently hidden the urgent need for dental care, leaving many residents unaware of where to turn in times of dental emergencies.

As face masks continue to be an integral part of our daily lives, it’s essential to recognize the unintended consequences they may pose, particularly in accessing critical healthcare services. While they undoubtedly play a crucial role in reducing viral transmission, masks also conceal vital facial cues, including expressions of pain or discomfort. This concealment can be particularly problematic in dental emergencies, where prompt intervention is often the key to preventing further complications.

In towns like New Gisborne, Macedon, and Riddell’s Creek, where access to emergency dental care may already be limited, the mask mandate has exacerbated existing challenges. Imagine experiencing a sudden toothache or dental trauma, only to find yourself struggling to communicate your urgency behind a mask. It’s a scenario that many residents in these communities have faced, highlighting the urgent need for increased awareness and accessibility to emergency dental services.

For those residing in these areas, knowing where to find emergency dental care is paramount. Despite the challenges posed by the mask mandate, several dental clinics in New Gisborne, Macedon, and Riddell’s Creek remain open and ready to provide urgent care to those in need. If you’re looking for an emergency dentist in the New Gisborne, Macedon and Riddell’s Creek areas, rest assured that help is available.

One such clinic is located in the heart of New Gisborne, offering comprehensive emergency dental services to patients of all ages. Staffed by experienced professionals who understand the urgency of dental emergencies, this clinic provides a lifeline to those in need, even amidst the challenges posed by face masks. Whether you’re experiencing severe tooth pain, a broken tooth, or any other dental emergency, prompt treatment is just a phone call away.

Similarly, residents of Macedon and Riddell’s Creek can also access emergency dental care close to home. With clinics equipped to handle a wide range of dental emergencies, help is never far away. From relieving excruciating toothaches to repairing dental injuries, these clinics are committed to providing timely and effective care to their communities.

However, increasing accessibility to emergency dental services goes beyond merely knowing where to find them. It also requires raising awareness among residents about the importance of seeking prompt treatment for dental emergencies, even in the midst of a pandemic. While face masks may obscure facial expressions, it’s crucial for individuals to recognize the signs of a dental emergency and seek help when needed.

Educating the community about common dental emergencies, such as severe toothaches, knocked-out teeth, or oral infections, can empower residents to take proactive steps in safeguarding their oral health. Additionally, providing information about local emergency dental clinics and their contact details can ensure that individuals know where to turn when faced with a dental crisis.

In conclusion, while face masks remain a vital tool in our fight against COVID-19, they also pose challenges for accessing emergency dental services, particularly in towns like New Gisborne, Macedon, and Riddell’s Creek. However, with increased awareness and accessibility, residents can navigate these challenges and ensure that they receive the urgent dental care they need. So, if you find yourself in need of an emergency dentist in these areas, don’t hesitate to reach out for help. Your oral health is too important to be masked by controversy.

Marketing Mobile Phone Radiation Cancer Risks via Mobile Phones

Marketing Mobile Phone Radiation Cancer Risks via Mobile Phones

Many people are now learning the gravity of being exposed to excessive radiation caused by mobile phones. They are realizing that they have not been using these wireless devices safely as directed on the user’s manual. Fine prints of a cell phone user’s manual indicates it must be used an inch away from the body at all times to remain within the accepted safe levels of radiation exposure. Parents are not adhering to these safety guidelines and putting their children in high risk group because of thinner skulls and small heads that absorb more radiation.

Mobile phones emit a non-ionizing radiation in the microwave range. Even using the low SAR Specific Absorption Rate mobile phone is still enough to heat body tissue the same way a microwave oven cooks food. Tissues closest to where phones were held can absorb this energy. The World Health Organization’s International Agency for Research on Cancer said that cell phone radiation is “possibly carcinogenic to humans,” and said they increased the risk of brain cancer.

A study showed a link between cancer and mobile phone use. Published studies showed that intensive use of mobile phones might lead to an increased risk of glioma, and acoustic neuroma a malignant form of brain cancer. They found that 15 hours of talking on a cell phone each month tripled brain cancer risk. Increased risk especially among phone-heavy jobs like sales and business.

Mobile phone use cannot be completely avoided; consumers need to balance the risk of use with practical application of phone radiation safety accessories like airtube headset and mobile phone radiation cases. Parents should teach their children the basics of mobile phone radiation safety before they let their children use it. They also need to equip their children with safety accessories proven to reduce cell phone radiation exposure.

People are spending more and more time on their mobile phones than ever before. This year mobile internet will take over desktop internet usage according to Microsoft Tag. There are four billion mobile phones users in the world. One half of all local searches are performed on mobile devices. Mobile tags provide more product information like comparison shopping than traditional barcodes. 86% of mobile internet users are using their devices while watching tv. 30% of smartphone owners accessed social networks vial mobile phone. As marketers we have to understand these new types of consumer and how best to reach them. Mobile marketing is the new way of marketing products and services.

Mobile customers are always online, they are usually log on to the various mobile social networks such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Among new social media marketing opportunities, Instagram has the most impressive growth. Instagram now has over 150 million monthly active users. Many brands are now using this mobile app to boost their visual marketing strategy.

Marketing mobile phone radiation cancer risks via mobile phones is a good marketing strategy to spread the message across and reach the biggest possible number of people. Visual images appeal to the emotions and strike a chord with consumers. Photos drive more engagement than any other kind of post. You can easily use your photos to evoke powerful emotions in your audience in order to produce the reactions you desire.

The Instagram community is thriving and eager to share beautiful photos. Companies engage in mobile phone radiation safety should be aware of this new opportunity. Sharing beautiful pictures with global messages help to develop brand name and reputation. Visual marketing strategy on Instagram stimulate and encourage customers interaction to the highest level. Linking your website to your bio can help drive traffic to your site. The solutions and long term benefits that are provided by Instagram for business are quite noticeable, so if your business is not yet on Instagram now is the best time to engage in it.

Social Media for the Natural Therapy Industry

Natural Therapies work on the body both physically and emotionally to relieve pain and improve health and wellbeing. According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), 80% of the world’s population relies on natural therapies. Homeopathy and Herbal Medicine use plants and essences to heal the problem areas within the body. Therapies concerned with Exercise, Physical Therapy and Nutrition are focused on creating optimum conditions for the body. Naturopathy and Iridology include diagnostic tools to detect illness before it harms the body.

Manual Therapies like Osteopathy and Aromatherapy use healing or essential oils to relieve stress and promote health. The philosophy of Osteopathy is to treat the whole body, not just the symptoms. It places genuine interest in understanding your problem and guiding you toward solutions which promote balance and harmony within your body.

The natural therapy industry needs to be branded so it will not be seen as ‘alternative’, and can operate on the same scale as the medical industry. Natural Therapy practitioners have a unique opportunity to help with this healing shift through social media. It is important to create a way for people to learn about the healing business and clearly share information through the best channels to reach the right target audience.

Social media implemented responsibly and effectively can help the natural therapy industry by informing and educating prospective patients about their services. It also helps in patient engagement through regular interaction with patients and other practitioners. Social media is a good listening tool, by discovering what patients are saying about your practice and acting on this information to deliver exceptional customer service.

Because people go online first to gather information before making an appointment, having a clear well done social media accounts can help them contact you. It takes time and commitment to make social media work for you. But to avoid social media disasters natural health practitioners are advised to take social media training to create a smart social media strategy and grow patient volume. Social media training and development aims to enhance natural therapy practitioner’s skills and knowledge in the latest techniques to deliver an effective social media strategy.

Developing a business-specific social media marketing strategy is imperative. Start by understanding your business goals and learn how to integrate them in your social media platforms. Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter not only make you connect with patients but with fellow practitioners as well. @WellbeingParty is a Twitter account that connects with holistic healers and natural therapy practitioners around the world.

Create engaging content by sharing relevant and important information. Avoid selling and heavy promotion of natural therapy services. Social media is about educating, engaging and all forms of discreet tactful selling. This helps establish rapport and trust around your brand. Social media done correctly will become an important part of your marketing mix.