People tend to make decisions either deliberately or heedlessly. Having said that, external factors usually influence our choices. One of these is the social media. As a matter of fact, survey shows that 92 percent of consumers have confidence in social media in terms of digital marketing and advertising.

In Australia, social media serving the service industries include the media and telecoms, art and recreation, accommodation and food, and health and social care. As per the Sensis Social Media report, businesses in these sectors use social media mostly for developing their brand and image, and in reaching loyal and prospective customers.

Social Media Serving the Service Industries

Companies that embrace social media are said to be more optimistic regarding their business outlook, have a more dynamic market, have better profitability, and a stronger workforce output. One of the few reasons why enterprises in the service industries have good sales performance is because their services & rates can be easily accessed on their social media accounts.

Despite the overwhelming advantages that social media presents to businesses, statistics show that 52 percent of small businesses, 46 percent medium-sized businesses, and 21 percent of large businesses in the service industry are not on social media. For those making an effort to make an online presence, Hootsuite says that their primary obstacle is content creation.

According to Marketing Mag, Telstra is a good example of how businesses in the service sector should use social media. In fact, they are among the most popular and the most active companies in social media. As per the report, the company utilises Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Youtube differently. There is a platform for customer service concerns, for general information and promotions, for business and career pursuits, and for content on the company’s technology.

Other Australian businesses, such as those focused in food, fashion and education, have various takes on social media. For instance, restaurants in the country are hell-bent on coming up with viral campaigns and engaging posts on social media. While in the fashion world, designers are launching new styles and clothing lines on these online platforms as content travels faster here. Moreover, universities and colleges rely on paid and organic advertising on encouraging more campus visits and in increasing their student applications.

Indeed, social media serving the service industries are helping in getting more customers on the door and in keeping them happy and contented. This being said, one should use the right mixture of commitment, care and effort for companies to acquire the benefits of social media.