Find out about Sydney Dentists who are doing Social Media marketing & management well. Facebook, Instagram, TikTok & Linked In for dentists and orthodontists is almost as much a priority for them as is SEO.

Take for example Oralux Dental – it’s simply the case that cosmetic dentistry works well within visual media so social media is a tantalising opportunity for any dental clinic.

Oralux, based in Crows Nest on the lower north shore of Sydney, have a Facebook page but don’t post very often. They also have an Instagram profile but have been pretty much non-existent posters for a while.

Social media is a bit like fencing in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. Fascinating if you’re totally into it, but easily missed if you’re not looking out for it.

If we compare out of field, we can see that My Dentist in Brisbane is also a little ambivalent about their Instagram profile. Typically we might see a photo having a small amount of likes.

They could take more opportunities promoting special offers on dental work like their do on their website. If we look at what they’re promoting, it’s a case that this material could be adapted to social media, especially Facebook advertising to maximise the message, as their Facebook page is extremely active with posts being done sometimes twice a day.

So what is a good thing to promote which is a special offer. This is a good starter:

Free Kids’ Dental

We Bulk-Bill under Medicare’s Child Dental Benefits Schedule (CDBS) eligible children up to $1000 limit’. So if your child is within their $1000 limit and the treatment is Medicare-approved, our practice will charge NO out of pocket fees. Ask us today.

Check to see if you are eligible for the CDBS scheme! CDBS has provided 1 million Australian children with free dental care. Eligible children can get up to $1000 towards treatment every two years. To be eligible for the Child Dental Benefit Schedule, children must be aged between 2-17 years and their family must receive Family Tax Benefit Part A or a relevant Australian Government payment.

The best way to get your dental clinic going much better on social media is to seek out a digital marketing agency which specialises in dental promotions, or to employ a social media manager in your clinic either part-time or full-time.

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