Social Media Can Help You Get Out of Debt

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Frequent calls from credit card collectors is one sure sign that you have problem with debt. If you are having trouble paying your bills, don’t worry, you’re not alone. Many Australians are in deep debt, and not everyone has a way to pay it. Ignoring your debts will make your problem worse. Make a decision today to address your debts and make a plan to repay or consolidate to live a life debt free.

Debt consolidation is one option of managing your debt. It allows people to group all the loans into one single loan. Consolidating debts in one loan is easier to manage than several different loans each month. By making a new loan to debt lenders you qualify for a lower interest rate and will only be required to make a single payment each month. Debt consolidation can protect your credit rating and help you get out of debt faster.

If you are looking for ways to be debt free sooner, finding ways to increase your current earnings can help you pay your outstanding debts. Find a part-time job that you enjoy and will fit into your schedule. There are many jobs that you can do from home that make a good income without having to leave your house. Just having a good communication skill, a good computer and fast internet connection is all you need to get out of your financial problems.

Using a job compilation sites or online workplace like can be an excellent place to find part-time jobs to boost your income and pay your debts. Are you active in any type of social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and online communities? Then social media management may hold some job potential for you. Digital marketing company like Atomic Digital Marketing is always on the look-out for internet savvy professionals to do social media management for their clients.

Social media manager is required to have a strong writing, communication and computer skills. He is responsible for regular posting of engaging content in social media sites. Creating and maintaining pages in major social media for clients is also his responsibility. Social manager need to engage people in conversation to attract website visitors to convert them to leads and ultimately sales. They may also tap into video production, online chats and viral marketing. Most of the job revolves around developing brand awareness, getting followers and maintaining brand image.

A social media manager in Australia earns an average salary of AU$57,359.00 per year. Higher pay depends on the size of the company and the importance of social media to them. A college degree in marketing, communication or journalism is considered a good background for this job. Social media managers need to meet the objectives of the client and it requires a great amount of skill, expertise and diligence.

Social media can help you get out of debt by giving you source of extra income. Develop a plan for paying down your debt by increasing your monthly payments to creditors. Pay off first your biggest balances with the highest interest rate to lower the amount of principal loan. Less money spent on interest gives you savings. The sooner you do something and act about your debts, the sooner you’ll be living a life debt-free.


Social Media Serving the Service Industries

People tend to make decisions either deliberately or heedlessly. Having said that, external factors usually influence our choices. One of these is the social media. As a matter of fact, survey shows that 92 percent of consumers have confidence in social media in terms of digital marketing and advertising.

In Australia, social media serving the service industries include the media and telecoms, art and recreation, accommodation and food, and health and social care. As per the Sensis Social Media report, businesses in these sectors use social media mostly for developing their brand and image, and in reaching loyal and prospective customers.

Social Media Serving the Service Industries

Companies that embrace social media are said to be more optimistic regarding their business outlook, have a more dynamic market, have better profitability, and a stronger workforce output. One of the few reasons why enterprises in the service industries have good sales performance is because their services & rates can be easily accessed on their social media accounts.

Despite the overwhelming advantages that social media presents to businesses, statistics show that 52 percent of small businesses, 46 percent medium-sized businesses, and 21 percent of large businesses in the service industry are not on social media. For those making an effort to make an online presence, Hootsuite says that their primary obstacle is content creation.

According to Marketing Mag, Telstra is a good example of how businesses in the service sector should use social media. In fact, they are among the most popular and the most active companies in social media. As per the report, the company utilises Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Youtube differently. There is a platform for customer service concerns, for general information and promotions, for business and career pursuits, and for content on the company’s technology.

Other Australian businesses, such as those focused in food, fashion and education, have various takes on social media. For instance, restaurants in the country are hell-bent on coming up with viral campaigns and engaging posts on social media. While in the fashion world, designers are launching new styles and clothing lines on these online platforms as content travels faster here. Moreover, universities and colleges rely on paid and organic advertising on encouraging more campus visits and in increasing their student applications.

Indeed, social media serving the service industries are helping in getting more customers on the door and in keeping them happy and contented. This being said, one should use the right mixture of commitment, care and effort for companies to acquire the benefits of social media.

Embedding Tweets Perfectly Good For Content

Chinese Social Media for Business

With the largest population in the World, China presents a huge opportunity for businesses and social media platforms. In fact, the two may go very well hand in hand to deliver success for those exporting goods and services to China. As we know in the West, social media is very good at sharing information and excitement about new products coming into the marketplace. Can Chinese platforms such as WeChat, QQ and Qzone be used for business in the same way in China?

Is there a fantastic opportunity here for Australian companies to get their products promoted in China? QQ is the oldest messaging platform in China, and can be compared to Skype in many ways. It has been measured in 2015 as having 200 million users online simultaneously; which are big figures in any one’s terminology. However, QQ is rarely used for marketing, as its dominant user is the poor Chinese student in rural China. Qzone, on the other hand, is more like China’s Facebook equivalent, offering blogging, photo sending, music and videos. Brands can promote their products through fan pages; and there were 644 million monthly users in 2014.

Chinese Social Media for Business

WeChat, which offers voice and group chat, video call and other similar features, is a powerful messaging social media app. It offer e-commerce services and users can play games, purchase products online and book things like cabs. In 2014 WeChat had 438 million active monthly users. Brands can set up accounts and target WeChat users through their shopping habits and preferences. Weibo has been called China’s Twitter, and in 2015 had 167 million active monthly users. Weibo has many celebrity users, being popular with the younger generation of Chinese business tycoons. Brands can promote their online stores and special events through a host of digital features, such as live broadcasts, video and celebrity interviews. Weibo is big with Chinese fashion makers and is an eminently suitable platform for those promoting products in the youth sphere.

The ACM Digital Group has strong links to China, culturally speaking, and could be a friendly consultant for companies who are looking to establish their brands in China. The ACM Group Facebook profile could be a blueprint for organisations wishing to share their events and interests in the digital sphere. China presents the biggest opportunity for businesses and organisations around the globe to reach markets of unimaginable size. Social media platforms in China can provide that portal into the hearts and minds of Chinese consumers.


Ten Sports That Benefit From Social Media Strategies

A huge number of individuals are capitalizing on the huge success of social media with its millions of online users who make use of this type of service on a regular day to day basis. Several industries as well are using the power of social media to reach new fans and followers as well as help them become relevant in this present day and age. With that being said, businesses are not the only ones using social media to its core. Listed below are ten sports that benefit from social media strategies.
1. Association football
Considered to be biggest global sport and a top 10 sport in all countries, football is a dominant sport in South America, Europe and Africa.
2. Basketball
NBA finals broadcast in over 200 countries making them one of the biggest global sports in the world.
3. Golf
Golf has earned solid interest in most of the rest of the world, including the rest of Europe and Australia and is also considered as a major sport in US, Japan, Korea and UK.
4. American football
The most popular sport in the United States, American football has nearly 1.1 million high school athletes and 70,000 college athletes play the sport in the United States annually as of 2012.
5. Baseball
Baseball is a major sport in Canada, Mexico, Korea, US and Japan.
6. Tennis
Top 10 most watched annual events
Wimbledon finals are considered to be the top 10 most watched annual events.
7. Volleyball
Volleyball is quite popular in Brazil as well as with Asia and parts of Europe.
8. Ice Hockey
Considered as the biggest winter sport, Ice hockey is number 1 in Canada, 2nd in Russia and 4th in the US.
9. Cricket
In India, Cricket dominates sports media coverage for around a quarter of the world’s population
10. Boxing
Boxing has a significant following in North and Latin America, Europe Philippines and Japan with world champions from every continent.
The ten sports mentioned above are able to benefit greatly from social media strategies helping them accumulate a huge following and support. If you happen to visit social media websites today, most of the sports teams now have their own respective social media profiles for their fans to follow. This makes it possible for almost anyone to get the latest updates and feeds coming for their favorite teams. Game highlights, scores and other related information are shared over the social media with huge interactions from the fans themselves.
Another very much welcomed addition is the free betting promotions that have seamlessly integrated themselves over the social media. This makes it easy to enjoy sports while at the same time, have the opportunity to earn some extra cash from their games with online bets. The payout is fast making the practice very much accessible and convenient to a huge number of individuals
Sports in the social media are vast and expansive with every manner of sports now found over the internet. Managing social media can be a bit of a challenge making it necessary to find effective strategies in order to capitalize on their huge success. With that being said, many companies were able to find their way in social media allowing them to integrate their services in a timely and effective manner.

VW Class Action: Lawyers Using Social Media

In the social age the way people interact on an interpersonal level has changed dramatically, and we’ve seen how businesses have begun taking on the social space also. A new trend which has emerged recently in the social space is the use of social media to promote class action lawsuits.

Social media is in many ways the perfect vehicle for a lawyer to promote a class action lawsuit as they’re gathering the maximum number of plaintiffs possible, and a social dragnet definitely helps in this regard, an added bonus is that these potential plaintiffs are then using word of mouth to further promote the lawyers efforts in finding candidates who want to register as a part of the class action.

This phenomenon has exploded with the advent of the Volkswagen emission scandals, where we have the potential to see one of the biggest class action lawsuits in history take place worldwide against a major automotive manufacturer.

Tech Blog

This is a run down of the key information provided by a tech blogging site regarding one aspect of the issue.

Volkswagen’s Gift Cards Are Actually A Scheme To Identify Owners Of Bad Diesels, Reckons Audi.

Officially the gift cards scheme helps to identify owners as responses to recalls are often very low even when there’s a safety issue. Volkswagen seems to be playing the good guy card here as they claim maybe only 50% of people respond and most won’t answer their phones in the case of recalls. However it’s believed that VW customers will not be able to participate in future class action lawsuits if they take the gift cards or dealer credit…


Twitter can be considered as sitting at the epicenter of most things scandalous, so it was no surprise we quickly found a link to a story with the following brief.

Sutts, Strosberg LLP is a Canadian law firm based out of Windsor, Ontario, which has launched a $1B class action suit against Volkswagen. Seeking 1 billion in damages and additional $100 million in punitive damages. They assert there was a conspiracy among a handful of VW employees to fix emission test results, which Volkswagen have all but admitted to. Any Canadian with a Volkswagen manufactured before September 2015 can add their name to the class action suit according to the article.

Traditional Websites

In terms of traditional websites we have noticed that the official VW Australia class action suit is being operated by law firm Bannister Law. With 91,000 affected VW vehicles on Australian roads the potential for a class action lawsuit on Aussie shores is massive! The Volkswagen recall Australia has been running out is going to head into some choppy waters as the VW class action lawsuit being brought about by Bannister Law is sure to make the folks at Volkswagen more than a little light headed.

PR Wire Type Services

How about PR wire type services, have they thrown their hats into the mix alongside websites, blogs and twitter? You bet they have!

Businesswire, which proudly reminds you it’s a Berkshire Hathaway company on its homepage, is reporting that Kendall Law Group, founded by ex federal judge Joe Kendall has announced a federal securities fraud class action lawsuit on behalf of an institutional investor against Volkswagen America for violation of federal security laws. The plaintiff is bringing this action against Volkswagen on behalf of all persons or entities who bought shares in Volkswagen AG between November 19, 2010 and September 21, 2015.

Interestingly Businesswire has a neat little function on it’s page, a tweet this button which will tweet out to the world “U.S. Orders Major VW Recall Over Emissions Test Trickery.” on your behalf.

It would be interesting to know if Berkshire Hathaway owns any part of Volkswagen or a competing automotive group, has Warren Buffet’s company unleashed the Twitter birds of war?

Online News Sites

Online news sites are raising questions by class-action attorneys about whether Volkswagen car owners could void their legal rights if they accept VW’s offer of two $500 gift cards supposedly offered as a gesture of goodwill.

In fact, legal teams leading class-action lawsuits against the German company are supposedly handling the offer with a level of caution usually reserved for a stick of dynamite.

This is because in order to receive the gift cards on offer — one for $500 to be spent on anything and the other for $500 redeemable at any VW dealership  — customers have to sign a waiver to remove their right to a trial by jury.

There is some pretty interesting fine print on the gift card agreement which we think is worth a look, and would be interested to see if a similar situation is occurring in other countries.

“In the event of any dispute or claim relating in any way to to this agreement, customer agrees that such dispute shall be resolved by binding arbitration with the American Arbitration Association, utilizing the rules and procedure of such arbitration service, further, any such arbitration shall take place in Sioux Falls, South Dakota and the laws of the State of South Dakota shall apply.”

Read more here…

As always we’d love to hear your thoughts on how social and online media is shaping the world, so feel free to send us an email any time for advice on running a social media campaign or to register your business for a workshop.

Lead Generation from Social Media



Social media data have now become more accessible which only means that there are more opportunities for lead generation. This data can help marketers identify qualified prospects and help them design and launch targeted campaigns paired with social data to generate leads.

Social media has been a key component in generating leads and when done right, it can be an extremely powerful tool for lead generation. You can use social media to drive leads for your business.

Social Media Strategies for Lead Generation

  1. Choose the proper social media channel for your business and utilize them. Most marketers turn to Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube and Instagram, as these channels bring in extra leads.
  2. Establish a developed and long-term strategy for each social media channel used.
  3. Conduct a relevant research and figure out which social media platforms best suit your target demographics and also take on account the keywords.
  4. Create and provide a quality content that’s focused and features your company’s expertise to draw in leads.
  5. Create a community by engaging with your social media followers. This means responding to comments and questions, as well as re-posting, re-tweeting or sharing articles that’s relevant to your audience.
  6. Cross-promote your social media channels with one another by linking them to your website and blogs.
  7. Track and analyse social media results.
  8. Further understand and improve your SEO. For some industries, we’ve discovered that SEO provides lead generation which is an astonishing 40 times higher than from social media.

With the number of active social media account users, social media networks provide a huge opportunity for businesses to reach potential customers. In order to reach and convert them with your social media strategy, you should provide high quality and valuable content that is relevant. You can use social media as a lead generation tool.


Generate more leads by increasing your reach through Facebook.

  • Create relevant and valuable content. Consider the timing and the frequency of your posts.
  • Make content visually appealing by adding images as posts with images tend to receive a higher engagement.


With Twitter, you can connect and reach out to current and potential customers.

  • The message needs to be strong and valuable as it’s limited to only 140 characters or less.
  • Be genuine and authentic.


Pinterest may not be perfect for every industry but it does offer a huge opportunity for most, especially in retail. There are a lot of potential leads and customers just waiting to be engaged and converted.

  • Create an interesting board with images that your Pinterest audience would want to discover and repin.
  • Keep your description direct and simple and add in a link for your followers to click on as they could turn out to be a good lead.


Google+ has a lot of users and it’s also the perfect place to practice social prospecting.

  • Identify the top keyword phrases people use to find out about you.
  • Identify people and communities that could potentially have leads for you, follow or join them and start engaging with the potential prospects.

Social media can provide great conversion opportunity, but generating leads using social media doesn’t happen instantly and it takes a lot of effort. Once you have a better social media profile, you’ll have better chances of generating more leads and soon enough these leads will start flowing in.

Social Media In The Finance Industry



Over the years, the importance of social media for businesses has increased substantially. There was a time when hardly any business was using Facebook and Twitter to attract their target audience. Today, the scenario has flipped and nearly every business, regardless of industry, is using social media platforms to maximize sales and increase profits. The finance industry is no exception to this burgeoning trend. Yet, there are few companies in the finance industry that have actually been able to make the most of social media.

For the finance industry, the type of products and services offered are hardly ideal for promoting through a channel used more for entertainment and casual communication. However, this doesn’t mean that there aren’t any success stories from the finance industry as far as the use of social media is concerned. Here are a few examples:

Citi’s Connect: Citibank realized that the women working for the bank needed their own social media platform where they can interact with their colleagues and peers. So, they combined with LinkedIn and created Connect, which has been online since April 2012.

#Sold! Tweet: American Express came up with this unique idea of enabling customers to purchase items via a tweet. American Express Card Members only had to share the item they wanted to purchase with #Hashtags and they would get it at a discounted price.

These are examples of specific campaigns run by business in the finance industry that proved to be runaway successes. Apart from this, there are several institutions, including American Express, that have an active presence on all the leading social networks. Their campaigns are managed by experienced social media professionals which enables them to leverage the power of the medium to reach customers on a wider scale.

This trend is slowly picking up steam in the Australian finance industry. One company working hard on their social media platform is NSW Mortgage Corp. NSW Mortgage Corp has implemented a small-scale campaign in which they create an article about the financial industry on a weekly basis, on topics such as the uses of bad credit loans and debt consolidation. Then, this article is shared with their existing and prospective customers via social media channels. This has enabled NSW Mortgage Corp to gain an edge on the competition.

As time goes by, the importance of social media for the finance industry will keep growing. It is only a matter of time before nearly every other company is using LinkedIn, Google+ and the likes to get their message across to their customers.

Marketing Mobile Phone Radiation Cancer Risks via Mobile Phones



Many people are now learning the gravity of being exposed to excessive radiation caused by mobile phones. They are realizing that they have not been using these wireless devices safely as directed on the user’s manual. Fine prints of a cell phone user’s manual indicates it must be used an inch away from the body at all times to remain within the accepted safe levels of radiation exposure. Parents are not adhering to these safety guidelines and putting their children in high risk group because of thinner skulls and small heads that absorb more radiation.

Mobile phones emit a non-ionizing radiation in the microwave range. Even using the low SAR Specific Absorption Rate mobile phone is still enough to heat body tissue the same way a microwave oven cooks food. Tissues closest to where phones were held can absorb this energy. The World Health Organization’s International Agency for Research on Cancer said that cell phone radiation is “possibly carcinogenic to humans,” and said they increased the risk of brain cancer.

A study showed a link between cancer and mobile phone use. Published studies showed that intensive use of mobile phones might lead to an increased risk of glioma, and acoustic neuroma a malignant form of brain cancer. They found that 15 hours of talking on a cell phone each month tripled brain cancer risk. Increased risk especially among phone-heavy jobs like sales and business.

Mobile phone use cannot be completely avoided; consumers need to balance the risk of use with practical application of phone radiation safety accessories like airtube headset and mobile phone radiation cases. Parents should teach their children the basics of mobile phone radiation safety before they let their children use it. They also need to equip their children with safety accessories proven to reduce cell phone radiation exposure.

People are spending more and more time on their mobile phones than ever before. This year mobile internet will take over desktop internet usage according to Microsoft Tag. There are four billion mobile phones users in the world. One half of all local searches are performed on mobile devices. Mobile tags provide more product information like comparison shopping than traditional barcodes. 86% of mobile internet users are using their devices while watching tv. 30% of smartphone owners accessed social networks vial mobile phone. As marketers we have to understand these new types of consumer and how best to reach them. Mobile marketing is the new way of marketing products and services.

Mobile customers are always online, they are usually log on to the various mobile social networks such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Among new social media marketing opportunities, Instagram has the most impressive growth. Instagram now has over 150 million monthly active users. Many brands are now using this mobile app to boost their visual marketing strategy.

Marketing mobile phone radiation cancer risks via mobile phones is a good marketing strategy to spread the message across and reach the biggest possible number of people. Visual images appeal to the emotions and strike a chord with consumers. Photos drive more engagement than any other kind of post. You can easily use your photos to evoke powerful emotions in your audience in order to produce the reactions you desire.

The Instagram community is thriving and eager to share beautiful photos. Companies engage in mobile phone radiation safety should be aware of this new opportunity. Sharing beautiful pictures with global messages help to develop brand name and reputation. Visual marketing strategy on Instagram stimulate and encourage customers interaction to the highest level. Linking your website to your bio can help drive traffic to your site. The solutions and long term benefits that are provided by Instagram for business are quite noticeable, so if your business is not yet on Instagram now is the best time to engage in it.


Business Advantages of Lync Online



Lync Online is Microsoft’s real time Cloud collaboration solution, instant messaging enterprise platform and enterprise account management tool. Lync provides a range of collaboration services including employee presence, instant messaging, voice and conferencing through a single, consistent client experience to connect people everywhere across different devices.

Business advantages of Lync Online:
01. Lync Online drives savings in hardware, software, support and telephony cost. With instant messaging and video conferencing capability the cost associated with business travel is reduced.
02. Improved management and productivity to the enterprise – Lync can be used for delegation, conference and reference tool in real-time, saving time on account managers.
03. Mobile accessibility – Lync integrates directly and provides a familiar and consistent interface across a wide variety of devices such as PC, IOS, android, tablets & mobile devices.
04. Easy file sharing – send files and documents back and forth with other departments easily. With Lync you can easily connect and send files on one platform without having to check into email.
05. Web accessibility – users can participate in meetings and conversation from their browser and access most of Lync features including HD video, instant messaging and VoIP.
06. Presence – Lync automatically checks and determine one’s availability based on outlook calendar and gives a tag alert when a person becomes available. Shows status on phone/in meeting/out of office and available.
07. HD Video conferencing – superior communication for both internal and external business. Participants have a sharp, clear display. External contact can participate in HD video conferencing even without Lync.
08. Voice over IP – with Skype-like audio calls and conferences, the enterprise takes away public telephone networks giving the business savings on long-distance phone calls. With Lync the communication is on the internet over a private data network lines.
09. Unified communication – Lync online keeps the enterprise connected. Employees can now spend less time in training and more time being productive. Customer’s questions and request can be dealt with more quickly.
10. Document collaboration – collaborate in real time with Microsoft office applications and start automatic Lync collaboration with your document. By joining the collaboration your colleague can share your screen and see the changes in real time.
11. Desktop sharing – Lync allows specialist and every team member to show and share desktop content such as images, videos, websites and documents.
12. Security and privacy – all communication is channeled through the enterprise server. Communication between parties has a higher degree of security.

Lync Online offers a variety of benefits that businesses can take advantage of to make internal and external communications more effective and efficient. Contact WebVine today to schedule a Lync Online free demo and find out how this highly effective tool can maximize efficiency and reduce cost in your business!

Social Media for the Natural Therapy Industry


Natural Therapies work on the body both physically and emotionally to relieve pain and improve health and wellbeing. According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), 80% of the world’s population relies on natural therapies. Homeopathy and Herbal Medicine use plants and essences to heal the problem areas within the body. Therapies concerned with Exercise, Physical Therapy and Nutrition are focused on creating optimum conditions for the body. Naturopathy and Iridology include diagnostic tools to detect illness before it harms the body.

Manual Therapies like Osteopathy and Aromatherapy use healing or essential oils to relieve stress and promote health. The philosophy of Osteopathy is to treat the whole body, not just the symptoms. It places genuine interest in understanding your problem and guiding you toward solutions which promote balance and harmony within your body.

The natural therapy industry needs to be branded so it will not be seen as ‘alternative’, and can operate on the same scale as the medical industry. Natural Therapy practitioners have a unique opportunity to help with this healing shift through social media. It is important to create a way for people to learn about the healing business and clearly share information through the best channels to reach the right target audience.

Social media implemented responsibly and effectively can help the natural therapy industry by informing and educating prospective patients about their services. It also helps in patient engagement through regular interaction with patients and other practitioners. Social media is a good listening tool, by discovering what patients are saying about your practice and acting on this information to deliver exceptional customer service.

Because people go online first to gather information before making an appointment, having a clear well done social media accounts can help them contact you. It takes time and commitment to make social media work for you. But to avoid social media disasters natural health practitioners are advised to take social media training to create a smart social media strategy and grow patient volume. Social media training and development aims to enhance natural therapy practitioner’s skills and knowledge in the latest techniques to deliver an effective social media strategy.

Developing a business-specific social media marketing strategy is imperative. Start by understanding your business goals and learn how to integrate them in your social media platforms. Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter not only make you connect with patients but with fellow practitioners as well. @WellbeingParty is a Twitter account that connects with holistic healers and natural therapy practitioners around the world.

Create engaging content by sharing relevant and important information. Avoid selling and heavy promotion of natural therapy services. Social media is about educating, engaging and all forms of discreet tactful selling. This helps establish rapport and trust around your brand. Social media done correctly will become an important part of your marketing mix.

Pinterest for Business? Big, Medium or Small, We’re Here to Help …



Pinterest is HOT HOT HOT – and here to stay!

It’s currently populated by 97.9% females, by nature significant online purchasers and more often than not the highest-spending household consumers. It’s the capitalist matriarchy on heat!

It’s on Pinterest that you’ll most often find fantastic infographics like these ones:

Carbs Are Killing You!

Is Pinterest the Next Big Social Commerce Game-Changer?

Pinterest used by 100+ Brands Such As …

And it’s where you’ll find exciting new consumer profiles such as:

Katie Felten

Chi Salvador

Twisted Vines … and over 10 million more …


Ready to Go?

We can set you or your business up on Pinterest, create and fill many targeted “boards” which are highly relevant to your products or services, and then as a further option, we can also manage your profile for you over the coming months and years.

We know exactly how to get Pinterest working in thrilling and powerful harmony with your Facebook and Twitter profiles, as well as with your website/s.

When done right according to our many years of mainstream media and social media management experience, Pinterest is indeed the most exciting new social media platform since Twitter.

Don’t waste another minute of your life without it! Call Stewart Dawes 0413 276 780 or email him to find out how your business can have its most productive social media experience yet – via a range of very affordable options. Or if you’d just like a FREE  invitation to join Pinterest, email


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Social Media PR opportunities for Personal Trainers in 2016

The thing about the internet is that everything you post on the net is available to every person in the world. Whilst it is true that it might be difficult and less likely for someone in, say Mexico, to find your posts the point is unless your posts on the net are targeted you might be wasting your time. Now there are businesses that might want to talk and sell products and services to people in Mexico, however if you are a personal trainer it is not likely. If you are a personal trainer based in Sydney, you will want to target Sydney social media.

So it is important to keep engaged with social media for two reasons. Firstly it is very important to keep in touch with your clients and Sydney social media is a very good way of doing this, but I am probably not telling you anything new. The second thing is that social media has replaced the old word of mouth. As a personal trainer bondi individual I find that my primary source of new clients is referrals from satisfied customers, word of mouth. With social media word of mouth can be much more powerful and the number of people who can be reached is almost infinite. However it must be done right and the key is Sydney social media.

So, be sure you are talking to people in Sydney. You can do this by a quick bit of research on the people on social media. It is more likely that people on social media will be talking to people in their immediate environ. So by screening the people you are talking to you will have a greater chance of entering social media circles in your local area. The second thing is to make sure your posts on Sydney social media is well packaged, so that it is easy for other people to pass it on. The old saying a picture is worth a thousand words applies. It is so easy to include a selfie, or any picture in your posts, so I would advise everybody to include photos in your social media posts. Also I would advise to include photos of Sydney.

So take a bit of time and you will find that your personal trainer business will really benefit from Sydney social media.

Irish Food Hampers: Social Media Success Story



Taste Ireland Case Study

The Business
Taste Ireland is Australia’s prime source for buying Irish goodies (groceries and gifts) online. They have teamed up with the various Irish food manufacturers to bring and offer the largest Irish goodies at competitive prices.

The Challenge
Taste Ireland wanted to expand its online presence and approached us with the goal of increasing its reach through social media. They also wanted to rank better when it comes to search terms and drive traffic to their website.

The Solution
Set up accounts for Taste Ireland across a number of social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram. Help their brand build personality as well as relationships with customers through these channels and increase awareness of their brand and products which will greatly generate publicity and reach their target market.

Achieve high rankings across hundreds of thousands of URLs, as well as improve rankings for the most competitive and most crucial search terms.

The Result
Taste Ireland has seen a marked improvement in their search rankings. Using links from our high-traffic websites, we are building to get them on the first page of Google search and rank in the top 3 with search terms like irish gift hampers.

Through our social media management, Taste Ireland’s access to potential customers has increased tremendously. The results have been impressive with a lot of requests for product information, as well as orders they have been receiving on their social media accounts and website.

Their Facebook account has 17,871 likes.

Their Twitter account is gaining momentum with 883 followers.

Their Pinterest account has 317 followers to date.

Their newest social media adventure is Instagram and after setting it up, they’ve already been getting product enquiries – after just one week!

Here are examples of some enquiries they received:

@mariaainscough asked:
@tasteireland any chance of you getting caffertys Easter eggs? You know the marshmallow with the thin chocolate on the outside?

@aoifemcgee asked:
Any ispinis?? @tasteireland

We continue to closely monitor their social media accounts, as well as their website’s performance. We are very much involved in the development of all their social media marketing strategies and SEO development.

Our journey with Taste Ireland has just begun and after only weeks of SEO and social media management, the results have been excellent! Suffice it to say, the only way for Taste Ireland now is up!

How a New Beauty Therapy Course In Melbourne is using SEO & Social Media


Melbourne’s The Health Arts College has long been an outstanding training organisation for people looking to get into natural therapies. With the development of a new Holistic Beauty Therapy Course on the table they decided to try a new marketing tactic.

First stop was using SEO, gearing up a multi-page presence while also using the skills of a Sydney SEO company who specialise in a combination of Onsite and Offsite search engine optimisation. Examples of their Offsite SEO articles on very-high-traffic websites include articles titled Beauty Therapy Courses Australia run on a Sydney website, and Beauty Therapy Training Melbourne run on a Perth website which nevertheless ranks extremely well in Melbourne search results.

Social Media, the science of marketing through communication and personalised contact, while relatively unexplored by Australian natural therapy practitioners and colleges, was intriguing to them. In an industry as personal as beauty therapy it made sense to see what happened when a highly-targeted approach was put into place on Facebook and Twitter to let people know about their new course.

Spending money on TV, radio and newspaper campaigns, which put businesses ‘out there’, traditionally return negative yields on investment. They are however deemed necessary marketing tools by many businesses looking to expand their customer base.

It was decided that the new format of Social Media marketing would be added into the mix and the results would be left to speak for themselves. The results however, were drastically unexpected by the people running The Health Arts College.

A holistic blend of SEO and Social Media marketing was returning substantially more money to the business than they were outputting, yes, you heard that right, a marketing tool that providing positive growth!

The reason it’s been so successful, and is becoming a major player alongside traditional marketing, is because it is not a free for all approach. Social Media marketing is targeted directly at the people whom you want to talk with. What’s more, customers who’ve had a great experience are kept in constant contact with your business after the transaction, to continue to provide positive input.

This is marketing not in the traditional sense, but at its most sincere level. Consultative, not pushy. A discussion, not a monologue.

Check out for instance how The Health Art’s College’s tweets can now be embedded into WordPress sites (also great in Posterous Spaces), with functioning clickable links, yet another instance of SEO and Social media cuddling up in bed together more than ever before:

Now if that doesn’t excite you, you haven’t got a pulse.

Sure the scale of a Social Media campaign reaches less people, but 95% of the people you target are exactly the kind of people your business wants to be speaking to!

If the idea of having your business be a successful, personal, approachable advertiser doesn’t sound like a good enough reason to get involved in the new generation of marketing, consider the following:

THA College had a revenue increase, in direct ratio to their SEO and Social Media marketing campaigns of over 1,000% of their monetary input.

1,000% …

In the meantime check out some of THA College’s online activities for yourself:

Main website:




The principal of The Health Arts College on Facebook (friend requests welcome):

Most Effective SEO Backlinks:

Beauty Therapy Courses in Melbourne

Aromatherapy Adelaide

Kinesiology Training Perth

Remedial Massage Training Sydney

Reflexology Melbourne

Beauty Therapy Melbourne

Most Searched Terms To Find This Article ~ Stats by Sydney SEO Company:

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Post by Saul Khan. 

Escorts Stay in Touch Via Twitter

The social web has swiftly evolved into a powerful community which people all over the world has embraced, and it’s just natural that we take advantage of the new and exciting technologies we have at present. Escorts for one have been quick to grasp the strength of creating a community on the web, and they look to Twitter to promote themselves and stay in touch with their fellow escorts.

Escorts prefer connecting with clients and colleagues through Twitter as it works better for this kind of industry. Twitter is open to adult-centered businesses but does not allow pornographic images in profile, background or header photos. Escorts though, can tweet the best shots from their latest photo shoot and keep it in their gallery, or tweet naughty remarks provided it’s not anything illegal.

In its terms and conditions, Twitter mentions that “All Content, whether publicly posted or privately transmitted, is the sole responsibility of the person who originated such Content. We may not monitor or control the Content posted via the Services and, we cannot take responsibility for such Content.”

Other platforms on the hand, Facebook for example mentions that it has a “strict policy against the sharing of pornographic content and any explicitly sexual content where a minor is involved and it also imposes limitations on the display of nudity”.

Twitter provides a great venue for escorts to connect, interact and expand their network. They can view their fellow escort’s profiles and communicate with old friends and meet new ones. They can also provide and get some kind of contact, advice and support or even buddy up when they are touring in the same city.

With Twitter, escorts can follow their fellow escorts and learn from them – from the type of posts they make and who they follow. They can also find new possible clients and new directories which they could register to for added gigs.

Curious about what goes on an escort to escort conversation? Here’s a peek on Twitter exchanges from some of the escorts in Sydney:


If that made you even more curious, here are other Sydney escorts you might want to check out: @ryanjamessydney @ChristineMQueen @luciebeexxx @Jade_422 @myplaymateau.

It’s clear why escorts prefer to stay in touch via Twitter – it’s simple, quick and easy!

How a boutique Sydney furniture store takes on the giants with SEO and Social Media – and wins!


Screen-Shot-2012-02-09-at-11.13.07-AMClient: Habitat Furniture Warehouse
Location: Hurlstone Park, NSW.
Description: A boutique furniture shop.
Brief: Search Engine Optimisation over two years so far, as a side-aspect, client adapted to Twitter very well.
Success: Profound success across SEO, the added benefit of twitter giving further boost to Google rankings.
Twitter account: @PoppyatHabitat
Pinterest profile:

Habitat Furniture Warehouse began a search engine optimisation phase with us in late 2009, firstly aiming to rank strongly for in their local market in Sydney’s Inner West, with such terms as:

Furniture stores Sydney inner west – they’ve cracked #2, #3, #4, #6, #7 and #8 out of 174,000 results.

Furniture shops Canterbury – they’ve cracked #1 out of 4.28 million results

Screen-Shot-2012-02-09-at-11.13.07-AMOur next phase was targeting their actual furniture items, “room by room”, so they managed to clock up the following results (rankings may vary depending on browser and location of the performed search):

Bedroom furniture Sydney inner west – #2 and #4 out of 956,000 results

Buy coffee table Sydney – #1, #2 and #3 out of 2.49 million results

Finally our most recent phase has been a return to the very core of their search requirements, seeing if this tiny boutique store can compete against Australia’s furniture giants on the most basic short-thread searches – we focussed on giving Onsite SEO and then Links Fuel to such terms as:

furniture shop sydney #9 after previously ranking in the high fifties

furniture store sydney #15 over 2.7 million results

– and even furniture warehouse sydney #4 which happens to be the #1 Google Places result – out of 1.96 million results

Screen-Shot-2012-02-09-at-12.09.44-PMWhat people may or may not know is that Social Media provides a chance to have good links from powerful high-traffic websites – something which Google adds to its complex algorithms when determining who to rank. Not just from Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and Pinterest, however, what’s now important is that by liking a website on Google+, your ‘like’ shows as an image on that website’s ranking therefore grabbing an extra bit of noticeability and real estate for your rankings. And sure enough, Google gives your site added search points for having these likes.

Examples of Poppy’s on-topic (and occasionally eclectically off-topic) tweets:

There’s always room to move forward and soon we’ll be targeting short-string phrases such as:

Dining furniture Sydney

Bedroom furniture Sydney

Entertainment units Sydney

Furniture Sydney

Article by Stewart Dawes. For more on SEO check out this Sydney SEO company.

Most Searched Terms: Pinterest for retailers in Sydney, Australian SEO success stories, social media management, search engine optimisation companies in Sydney, corporate SEO.

UTS Business School Introductory Lecture

#UTSbizschool 2012 – Introduction


Social media video:



Celebrities are hyper-narcissists who usually don’t follow back. Don’t waste your time with them, instead swim in the rich, deep waters of the vibrant,mutually respecting twitter-community at large …


Ask Aaron Lee




Love Gold Coast


Penelope Photo



Twitter is Prestigious – and Dangerous!

David Jones Social Networking Policy

Managers Need To Up Their Game With Social Media: Harvard Business Review

Student Jailed for “Vile Tweet”


Twitter Tales ~ It’s More Than Just ROI …

ROI: @aussiefarmstay

Don’t Tweet Drunk!

@NAB @QantasAirways @Telstra @Westpac – consumer power never been more public. Corporates’ goal is to get the matter out of public eye, e.g. Westpac response.

Alvin Quah

Get a Free Coffee in San Francisco

Examples of Tweets

Nicole Greentree about Getting Hired by a Startup

Spicy Ice Cream – shows shortener

Chris Miller about Kangaroo Valley


A Quick Look At: URL Shortener


Instagram + Vegan/Pieface pic + Big Brekkie

Twitter Search: bad headache




Manage Flitter

Find a Quote via @IHateQuotes

Foodies on Twitter

Top 100 Food Twitterers


Pinterest – Fantastic to Use with Twitter (and Facebook):

Great for infographics e.g. History of the Web

Keep in touch with Us – we #FollowBack – and feel free to use the hashtag #UTSbizschool

Nicole: @EmpowerSM

Stewart: @sydneycafes

Homework! Next week is HOW TO week …

1. If you’re not yet on Twitter, please think up a Username – must be 15 characters or less – and join it – so you can participate fully in next week’s workshop.

2. If you’re on Twitter already, please tweet at least once using the hashtag #UTSbizschool and if you wish to, in the same tweet include @EmpowerSM and @sydneycafes so we know who’s already active for next week’s class.

3. If you want a gold star, join Pinterest and Nicole and I, if contacted via email, can send you an email invitation – either Nicole or Stewart

4. If possible, please bring your laptop / iPad etc to next week’s class to get the full practical benefit from the workshop.


Online Dating in Social Media: From Tinder to Hookupz

Finding Love with Online Internet Dating on Digital Devices

In the early days of the internet people who engage in online dating are called desperate. But the stigma attached to seeking romantic relationship in the internet is fading fast. Today, more than 25 million users worldwide are participating in online dating. A lot of dating sites are popping up to fill the various needs of singles on the web. These sites opened up new possibilities for singles. More and more single people are now using online dating sites to find love.

Study shows that 52.4% of men and 47.6% women are active on online dating sites. Figures show that 17% of all marriages are couple who met on online dating sites. More than one-third of new marriages today started online. There are an increasing number of people engaged in romantic relationships thanks to online dating.

Traditional online dating sites are all about getting strangers together. This dating system allows people to communicate over the internet to develop romantic, personal or sexual relationship. Sites use algorithm to moderate matchmaking on the web. is the most widely used online dating site with 1.8 million users. This site is best for people nervous about dating; it gives users the ability to chat to potential dates at the rate they want. PlentyofFish online dating site gives a match based on relationship chemistry predictor test.

People looking for sexual satisfaction can also find it in some online dating sites. Hookupz Singles is one of the sexiest online dating sites. This site makes hooking up easy by giving a match closest to the user’s location. Hookupz offer events, forums, blogs, private adult chatrooms and live webcam sex chat. Another online dating site focused on sex is Adultfriendfinder, it’s not just a hookup site it offers sexual escapades for singles, couples and swingers.

Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are often use to connect with old friends and acquaintances and maintain relationships. But social media is constantly changing and online dating is evolving with it. New online dating networks are mixing the best elements of online dating and social media. The fusion of online dating in social media eliminates uncertainly and provides users with fresh ways to search for a match online.

Social media let users find people close by to date, hookup or just for social engagement. Tinder app is a free dating application that connects with Facebook. Profile pictures of nearby singles appear randomly; users respond by swiping to the right for like and left for no. A match is made when two people both like each other, then they can flirt via the in-app messenger. Another online dating site that uses social media is It leverages LinkedIn profiles with some personal information such as height, ethnicity etc. But it charges a fee to unlock other profiles via a credit system.

Online dating in social media from Tinder to Hookupz is becoming more and more popular. Social networking sites with online dating applications gives singles better insight on potential partners. But relationship experts recommend not connecting in social media unless you are absolutely prepared to take the relationship to the next level. Connecting with someone through social media early in the courting process can encourage virtual stalking and ruin relationship prematurely. There’s nothing wrong with finding love online just let go of the goal of finding the one and have more fun in the process.

SEO & Social Media ~ a Powerful Case Study

Australian companies, for the most part, lag far behind international companies when it comes to both social media and SEO.

What about the ROI they cry, terrified of doing even just one tweet.

Well, we’re living proof of Social Media ROI, and one of many examples is when Sally from Aussie Farmstays contacted us after seeing us on Twitter!

As Sally already had nearly 11,000+ followers on Twitter and over 3000 fans on her Facebook page, she approached us to first concentrate on her Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and as she’d been thinking of getting SEO done for quite a while, having her jump onboard our 12-month program was a dream – good to be approached by people who are self-convinced – ready to go.

the outback tours australia sydney holidays travel blue mountains

At the 6-month point we achieved for her:

– A quadrupling of organic traffic.

– Significant improvements across her 20 most crucial search phrases.

– Organic presence on the first page of Google so much stronger that Sally’s been able to reduce her Google Adwords Spend by 50%.

This graph shows the massive boost in momentum she has gained from our SEO work – the numbers on the left show unique users per month:

seo case studies sydney australia search engine optimisation

The improvements in her Organic Rankings, from first data recordings taken on 1st November 2011 to the recordings taken on 12th April 2012, are as follows:

Abercrombie Caves Tours – from #39 to #3.

Jenolan Caves Tour – from #38 to #8.

Mudgee Food & Wine Tour – from #31 to three results on the first page – #4, #5 and #6.

Mudgee Wine Tours – from not being seen on the first ten pages – to #9 and #11.

Adventure Tours Australia – from #101 to #10.

Australian Outback Tours – from #90 to #11.

Farmstay Australia – from #24 to #6.

Blue Mountains Day Tours – from #65 to #11.

Horse Riding Blue Mountains – from #21 to #10.

Farmstay Australia – from #24 to #6.

Outback Experience Tour – from #68 to #4 out of 23 million results.

Tours Sydney Australia – from not being seen on the first ten pages – to #11 out of 35 million results.

Adventure Tours Australia – from not being seen on the first ten pages – to #10 from 9.7 million results.

Click on this graph to see close-up how search results have improved for specific search terms over a 6-month period – the numbers on the left show Google rankings – this is a graph where figures heading south is a (very) good thing:

seo rankings graph sydney australia

Social Media Expansion

Sally has just recently started on Pinterest where her Blue Mountains page is set to be significantly expanded to take advantage of the global fascination with this exotic region of Australia.

Website Videos

Sally already has a fantastic array of high-resolution website videos that have been published on Youtube and embedded in her website. They are beautiful storytelling videos with great Australian folk music, interesting characters and inspiring Australian landscapes, all filmed on her tours – to view them all, click here.

Future Targets

Through recent analysis we’ve now SEO-ed her Contact Us page to begin to rank for the highly competitive search phrase The Outback.

That one may take years – but it’s the kind of long-term strategy that progressive, media-savvy companies such as Aussie Farmstays are willing to make to invest in their business five years from now.

Interested in taking an Aussie Bush Adventure? – Email Sally via: sally <at>

And for more info on our SEO and Social Media programs and/or training, email Stewart Dawes


Social Media for Pop-up Shops & Restaurants

Stefan Gustafsson speaks to Stewart Dawes about ways to use social media to promote pop-up shops or restaurants …
1. How can social media be used to promote a short-term project, like a pop-up shop?
As you can see from the example here (click to enlarge), Andrea & Joen POP UP! SHOP! Facebook’s event invitation feature can be used to promote a pop-up shop exactly as you would a party:
It provides organisers with a real-time ongoing gauge of who is attending, who is declining and who is responding most positively by adding likes and comments to the page to flesh it out and inspire others to attend.
It’s very easy to add a map so the location is easy to see, it has an exclusive feel – as though invitees have been invited exclusively, and it enables attendees to get a feel for the types of people who are attending, e.g. in the attached case, “yep people attending are trendy shoe-loving fashionistas just like me”.
Twitter is also effective for promoting a short-term event – but not as twitter may usually be thought of as being used. Instead of building followers/community over time, a pop-up shop should instead use twitter to maximise the newsworthiness of the concept. In other words, twitter should be run like an online PR campaign, contacting and liaising with journalists, media identities and people on twitter who have ultra-high followings.
When the event ends, the key thing with twitter is to keep the account and then re-name it when you put on your next pop-up event. You can take the followers with you!
2. What are the potential benefits of using social media in marketing?
In many cases it’s simply that social media is where people are. Fish where the fish are.
3. Are there any issues with using social media in the marketing of these projects?
The wrong thing to do is to think that you can suddenly just market in social media and nowhere else. Of course traditional marketing places such as newspapers, magazines, tv and radio – plus billboards etc – still need to be considered. Social media is definitely not the silver bullet. In some instances social media is too slow – e.g. one friend had a project to help people in Christchurch after their earthquake. He wanted me to help him establish a Facebook and twitter account so see if he could drum up interest. In this case I said to him that his project was much more important than that and he should go straight to mainstream media in New Zealand with it. He took my advice and ended up being covered on TV and in newspapers for days on end. So sometimes you really need to figure out horses for courses.
4. What are the Do’s and Don’ts when using social media as a marketing tool?
The big don’t is: don’t leave it to the last minute. You in fact need the longest possible lead-up time. I have one client!/bondichai who are launching their chai product in Woolworths in about four months. So their twitter campaign has in fact started now. Followers come onboard slowly, so by starting now they hope to have 2 or 3,000 followers who they can announce their product being in Woolworths to. If they left it to the last minute they might have only 50 followers, which would be a bit of a joke.
5. How can you help your campaign to go “viral”?
Going viral is the dream of every marketer on social media! Of course it’s very difficult to achieve. My motto would be to always have your smartphone video camera set to ready. Like the real estate guy who last year was at the cricket. Ex-PM Bob Hawke walked up and he handed Bob a beer and got him to skol it in front of the video camera. Within 24 hours he had 300,000 views. Or if you can’t have the luck of such a viral miracle, then you need to create such luck by producing a witty, brilliant video and putting it on Youtube. A lot of work, and needs to be well realised, but this is the best way to create that chance. Photos rarely go viral.
6. Do you have any good examples of how social media has been used to market short-term projects, like a pop-up shop?
The Facebook example I have here is my best one as it happened to arrive in my messages today! They are not easy promotions to keep on file as they disappear off the radar quickly once the event is over.
Also most of the time people come into social media with a short-term project with no realistic idea of what will or won’t happen. Films are a prime example. They think stacks of people are going to follow the film on twitter, it doesn’t happen because people know they’re going to get marketed to very heavily by the film, and then the film’s season ends and no-one tweets on the account again. I’ve seen this happen a number of times in the last few years.
There was a pop-up restaurant on twitter which I can’t give you the link to because of course it’s completely vanished, but it was a New-Zealand promotion here in Australia which used twitter to target food bloggers as well as food journalists. Bloggers were given a free dinner plus alcohol at a media launch night. It was a stylish event and there must have been about 150 people in attendance. Certainly they got a lot of blogs and a lot of ongoing tweets happening about it. How genuinely effective it was as far as ROI goes is something I wasn’t privy to, though I recall the event ran for two weeks and was booked out almost all nights.
Looking to get specialised help with promoting a Pop-Up Shop on social media? Email or contact Atomic Social Media via
Most Searched Terms: social media for pop-up shops, sydney australia, Facebook twitter restaurants management training

Phone sex in the age of Digital and Social Media


The use of the internet and smart devices, along with other digital technologies, has caused the phone sex industry to drastically change over the last twenty years. Adult phone services advertisements are diminishing. Phone sex in Australia had almost disappeared over the past decade because of free internet porn. The internet had been a challenge for phone sex operators but despite the proliferation of internet, phone sex continues to flourish into a million dollar industry. Traditional phone sex operators thrived by shifting online and utilizing digital technologies to make them more efficient and accessible.

As the adult entertainment industry becomes digitized dramatic changes happens to the phone sex industry. The role of traditional phone sex operators became more complex. PSO is no longer limited to the phone; they now find clients online and they incorporate online activities into their services. The internet actually improved the phone sex industry. Men can now browse PSO profiles through different media instead of finding numbers in newspapers and magazine. And with mobile devices, guys can call right from the ads or websites.

Phone sex in the age of digital and social media requires experience and new skill set to keep up with the time. The online environment is becoming an important tool for the operators to reach a broad network of people at relatively low cost. PSO are now marketing themselves via website, blogs, vlogs, message boards and social media. They learned that the key to success in the phone sex business is to adapt to the changes by applying modern digital marketing strategies.

Phone sex operators are now building client base through a vigorous investment in advertising, promotion and SEO. Traditional marketing in newspapers, porn magazines, radio and tv are blended with digital marketing strategy. Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are openly used to advertise and promote sex services. Free advertising opportunities are also available through Youtube, Craiglist, Chat Roulette and other social media.

Modern technology has transformed the phone sex into an online business. Phone sex operator service is no longer limited to phone sex but other services being provided these days are SMS chat, sexting, live video sex and phone sex tv. Phone sex Australia is benefiting from the latest mobile internet technology boom. With the combination of high definition studio based Web TV with voice over internet protocol technology hot glam girls and porn stars can be viewed anywhere in the world at any time either on desktop, tablet or mobile device. You get to speak live to the Girls of Oz from desktop or mobile phone and be billed direct to your phone or credit card.

The internet has changed the phone sex and the whole adult entertainment industry. Online environment has become an important tool to network connections today. To stay on top of this business on this digital age phone sex operators must have writing, design and marketing skills.

Shoalhaven Council Notes

Social Media for Local Government: Shoalhaven Council

Socialnomics Video

Shoalhaven on Wikipedia

Shoalhaven Council Website


Social Media for Neighbourhoods 

Facebook for Cities

social media for local government sydney australia


Twitter is Prestigious – and Dangerous!

David Jones Social Networking Policy

Managers Need To Up Their Game With Social Media: Harvard Business Review

Student Jailed for “Vile Tweet”

Some Basic Organisational Strategies

Multiple staff accounts – cheerleading – 3rd party endorsements …

Applying a Twitter Consciousness to a Personal Facebook Page

Can your Facebook page become a community meeting point? Bodytrim

Relevancy + High Numbers!

Outsourcing – but probably not to the office intern!

Who’s on Twitter?

Brisbane City

Pittwater Council inspirational twitpic

My Warringah – Should follow people back


Mosman Council

Wyong Council

Manly Council

Fairfield City Council – need more photos

Randwick Mayor – ???

City of Sydney

Clover Moore


Local Allies on Twitter:

@lyndelpn – Uni of Wollongong lecturer, gives great advice on Nowra cafes!

@glennbrandon – his video Bob Hawke ‘skulls’ a beer at the SCG

Day head chef at Berry Sourdough bakery @iamrenslip Drew Fisher, the night time chef is @berrybakery

@DarrylLeeRubi – your Local Government Learning Solutions connection

Paperbark Camp in jervis bay: @DouglasInnesWil is the chef, the restaurant @TheGunyah, @Paperbarkcamp the accommodation

@NotJustComics comic book store in Nowra, a cool local small business

@hungryduckberry mod asian restaurant in Berry, emphasis on local food and sustainability

@TheBerryTeaShop the name says it all

@barkingmadberry another local business and regular twitter fiend

@HopDogBW microbrewery based in south nowra, his beer is awesome!

PaintMeHappy a Sydney-based self-confessed ‘local government maven’.

What is a “Tweet”? Examples of Tweets

Nicole Greentree about Getting Hired by a Startup

Spicy Ice Cream – shows shortener

Chris Miller about Kangaroo Valley


Sydney Twitterati


Jeff Bullas



William Chen

Ms Darlinghurst


Iggy Pintado


Friends of Twitter: URL Shortener


Instagram + Vegan/Pieface + Big Brekkie

Twitter Search: bad headache

Manage Flitter




Twitter Tales ~ It’s More Than Just ROI …

ROI: @aussiefarmstay

Don’t Tweet Drunk!

@NAB @QantasAirways @Telstra @Westpac – consumer power never been more public. Corporates’ goal is to get the matter out of public eye, e.g. Westpac response.

Alvin Quah


Foodies on Twitter

Top 100 Australian Food Twitterers

Tweeting for Relevancy …
Reaching out via twitter …

Hey @sydneycafes. @parracity and @cityofsydney are good Syd ones. I’ve seen some Melb ones do good work getting community orgs onto twitter.

— David Moutou (@MoutouApril 2, 2012

@sydneycafes I am biased towards examples of LG using twitter to connect residents with each other, not just with Council

— David Moutou (@MoutouApril 2, 2012

@sydneycafes check…. And then compare and their community skills training…

— David Moutou (@MoutouApril 2, 2012



Shoalhaven City Council

Holroyd City Council

Holroyd City Council Library

Sunshine Coast Council

I Love Pittwater

Willoughby City Council

Fairfield City

Randwick City Council

City of Sydney

Queensland Councils


Overseas Examples

Coventry City

Local Online Businesses / Associations

The Hills Holroyd Parramatta Migrant Resource Centre

Strathfield Youth Film Festival

Community Social Media

My Northern Beaches on Twitter

My Northern Beaches on Facebook

Councils of Respondents to a previous Survey:

Liverpool Council – Facebook – Twitter

 Wyong Council – Facebook – Twitter

Kogarah Council – Facebook – Twitter

Penrith City – Facebook – Twitter


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What is Pinterest?

Pinterest – Fantastic to Use with Twitter (and Facebook):

Great for infographics e.g. History of the Web


Stewart Dawes

Linked In Infographic on Pinterest

Cut-through is a great reason to do Instagram, Pinterest & Linked In for starters.

Facebook Buys Instagram for $1 Billion

Facebook has just finished a deal to acquire mobile photo sharing app Instagram for approximately $1 billion in cash and stock. Instagram will remain an independently branded stand-alone app that’s separate from Facebook, but the services will increase their ties to each other. Read article …

My humble most-liked Instagram pic

Sydney Councils on Instagram

City of Sydney

Clover Moore


City of Sydney

More Council Websites

Pittwater Council

Randwick Council … and also on Youtube.

City of Sydney and also on Youtube.

Keep in touch – I #FollowBack

Stewart: @sydneycafes


Social Media News Sources:


Plus @iggypintado, @socmediologist, @hollingsworth etc etc …

Further Reading: Social Media Articles:

Top 10 Tips for Running Facebook Contests

Quality info for student research: how to use Google more effectively

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Previous Predictions for Social Media Trends of 2011
Why I won’t follow you back on twitter

Recent Twitter Joinees from our Workshops:



Hypnotherapy vs Hypnosis: a Sydney Hypnotherapist Gets Gold


An SEO case study of how Sydney hypnotherapist Sandra Cabot balances the words hypnosis and hypnotherapy to attract best ROI from search engine optimisation …

While social media is a very worthwhile investment in the future of your business, many company directors stress about the short term return on investment.

It’s true in fact that many businesses succeed rapidly on social media – but for those who haven’t learnt to fast-track it all through one of our courses or our social media management, you need to know that SEO – search engine optimisation – will not only fill the gap while social media gathers audience and momentum – but in most cases, when SEO is done aggressively and correctly, it creates so much ROI that assigning some of that excess revenue towards social media becomes a no-brainer.

In the case of Sentience Therapies, the Sydney CBD-based business owned by Sandra Cabot, it all comes down to a range of crucial search terms which have enabled her to cease all magazine advertising and concentrate entire on the online realm.

These terms are:




Also crucial are hypnosis sydney, hypnotherapy sydney, hypnotherapist sydney, hypnosis for weight loss, quit smoking hypnosis, relationships hypnotherapy, and hypnosis for depression.

One of the aspects of our SEO work is placing Offsite SEO articles on high traffic websites. We’re blessed to own three lifestyle websites which attract over 3,0000 unique users per day, and when articles appear on these sites, the links to our clients’ websites create a world-beating effect.

Eg some Offsite articles are:

Hypnosis Sydney

Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss

Our client’s success from this dedicated SEO work has enabled her to begins Twitter management with us which has subsequently led onto Facebook management. Her social media profiles have grown strong as you can see:

Sandra Cabot on Facebook

Sandra Cabot on Twitter

In her own time, with our encouragement & tips, she is also dabbling in:

Linked In


For more info on the SEO and social media management & training we do call Stewart Dawes on 1300 321 814.

Furniture SEO: a Sydney Tale …


There is some debate on which wood is best depending on what one is looking for. Pine furniture, though, is somewhat a favorite among furniture makers for the lightness of its color and resistance to shrinkage. It also goes well with most anything and blends in any office or home setting as pine bookcases, wonderful TV units, office furniture or study desks. There has to be the right feel to it. A vision sometimes a memory attached. Wooden furniture seems to always to evoke a response that way.

Carving a name into the furniture shop business is a slow process. Repeat customers is crucial in being able to be remain on top of Sydney furniture shops, one built on trust and customer satisfaction. Buying lounge furniture or filing cabinets is not an everyday occurrence as say buying clothes making quality of the product of primary importance.

And so the historied realm of furniture shops has arrived in the internet age, and competition is fierce among them!

As part of a new phase in short string key phrase ranking we’ve begun this journey for Habitat Furniture and are recording their present rankings so we can observe them in the coming 2 – 6 months:

Furniture stores #65 out of 186 million searches

Bedroom furniture – not seen first ten pages out of 89 million results

Dining room furniture – not seen first ten pages

Dining Tables – not seen first ten pages

Entertainment Units #33 out of 68 million results

Lounge furniture – not seen first ten pages

TV Units – not seen first ten pages

Filing cabinets #45 out of 45.1 million results

Study desks – not seen first ten pages

Office furniture – not seen first ten pages

Pine bookcases #49 out of 3.57 million results

Pine furniture – not seen first ten pages

Furniture shop #20 out of 398 million results

Furniture shops #7 out of 71.7 million results

Furniture shops in Sydney #34 out of 8.48 million results

Pine furniture shops – not seen first ten pages

Furniture stores #66 out of 186 million search results

Timber furniture – not seen first ten pages

Sydney furniture shops #8 out of 8.48 million results

Sydney furniture stores #13 out of 2.15 million results

Furniture Sydney #52 out of 53.4 million results

Accommodation Hunter Valley: an SEO Odyssey



With the rise of directory-style websites ranking high on Google such as Wotif and LastMinute, the travel industry is one of the hardest arenas to crack for small tour companies as well as boutique accommodation places such as B&Bs and farm stays.

One such small yet very luxurious place to stay is Englewood Ridge whose primary goal was to rank somewhere reasonable for the search accommodation hunter valley which has around 27,000 local search enquiries per month.

Among the tasks we implemented for them were:

1. Onsite optimisation of their website.

2. A pinterest page with links to their website.

3. Offsite articles on very high-traffic websites such as

A article focussed on self-contained accommodation hunter valley

A Fresh Magazine article about accommodation in the hunter valley

A article about Things To Do In The Hunter Valley

Englewood Ridge began their campaign with a good ranking for self-contained accommodation hunter valley but were a lowly #41 for accommodation hunter valley.

They supplied the following lists of search terms:

self contained accommodation hunter valley #4 / 320 searches per month
self contained accommodation pokolbin – not seen first 10 pages / 36 searches pm
self contained accommodation lovedale #12 / Zero pm
self contained accommodation rothbury #2 / Zero pm
hunter valley self contained accommodation #5 / 320pm
hunter valley accommodation house #15 / 880pm
hunter valley boutique accommodation – not seen 1st ten pages / 320pm / local 260pm
hunter valley accommodation #41 / 27,100pm
hunter valley accommodation houses #13 /  Zero pm
hunter valley guest house – not seen 1st ten pages / 720pm / local 590pm
rothbury accommodation #8 / 1600pm / local 480pm
lovedale accommodation #50 / 590pm / 480pm
accommodation rothbury hunter valley #28 / 46pm
accommodation lovedale nsw #48 / Zero pm
accommodation rothbury #11 / 1600pm / 480pm
accommodation in rothbury #10 /  1600pm / 480pm
house accommodation hunter valley #12 / ZERO pm
hunter valley house accommodation #12 / 880pm
accommodation lovedale #17 / 590pm / local 480pm
lovedale accommodation hunter valley #19 / 91pm

We returned the research with these interesting search considerations:

accommodation hunter valley 27,100pm
luxury accommodation hunter valley 1,000pm
hunter valley hotels 22,200
hunter valley cabins 1,900
hunter valley 246,000pm
hunter valley getaways 1,000pm
accommodation hunter valley pokolbin 590pm
hunter valley 5 star accommodation 590pm
hunter valley resort 5,400
hunter valley accommodation packages 480pm

Like all SEO, work is still in progress, but between 11 November 2012 and 16 January 2013 – just over two months – their ranking for accommodation hunter valley jumped from #41 to #11 – within shooting distance of those directory websites and just one position off the first page of Google – for a search phrase that returns 2.53 million search results. All we can say is …. watch this space!

For more on SEO or social media management email Stewart Dawes

Key Link:

social media training

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Travel Industry Social Media

Blue Mountains tour operator SALLY BRAY writes very honestly about her experiences as a small business operator who personally engages with social media …

Aussie Farmstay and Bush Adventures is a boutique tour company running tours from Sydney to the Blue Mountains and into the Aussie bush west of the Mountains.

Established in 2007, the business was understandably at first slow to attract the international visitors it caters for , since it is difficult to market directly overseas as a startup, and in the travel industry tour companies need a reputation to be represented by overseas agents.

After a slow first few years the company slowly gained traction in its market. The experiences offered on tours, farmstays, caves tours, wine tasting, horse riding, Blue Mountains attractions, wildlife parks and general sightseeing in the bush were popular with clients and the tours were ranked highly by those who travelled.

But the challenge was to spread the word further and faster to increase the customer base to a sustainable level.

As the owner operator of Aussie Farmstay and Bush Adventures I was keen to try anything that could increase the number of customers I attract and the number of tours I run.

Everyone was talking about Social Media, so I took the plunge. The first site I joined was LinkedIn. LinkedIn – a professional networking site – supposedly gives individuals in related fields the opportunity to connect, and pursue business together. I know people who swear by its benefits, especially those in Human Resources and anyone looking for a job. But personally I have found LinkedIn to be fairly useless for connecting with the kinds of professionals who could be of benefit to me (eg travel agents or wholesalers who are selling tour product.)

Then I tried Facebook and set up fan page for the business. I struggled to attract fans (apart from all my friends) so I paid for ads.

Facebook Ads are very focussed. You can choose the gender, age and interests of those you want to see your ad and you can choose to pay as little or as much as you want.

From the ads I attracted 1000s of fans and I routinely get more fans who find me organically (I stopped paying for the ads a long time ago) and every post I make attracts lots of Likes.

So has Facebook been worthwhile?

I’m still deciding. I know I have had one booking from a client who found me directly on Facebook. But I don’t know if my page has influenced any other client’s decisions or been seen favourably by anyone who may have been seeking to do business with me. I don’t spend a lot of time on the page, with one good photographic post per day at the most, so I don’t feel I’ve wasted a lot of time and energy, but the jury is still out on whether it’s all worth it.

Then there’s twitter. Personally I don’t know why people bother with Twitter, but they do and they’re possibly people I can market to, so I tweet at least once a day and follow people so they’ll follow me back.

I have over 16,000 followers, and I’ve had interest in my tours generated from the site. I do not know if I have had any bookings. Thankfully the whole twitter process doesn’t take a lot of my time, because if it did I’d give up.

And most recently I have made a Pinterest site. I am yet to be convinced that it has any value. I haven’t seen any yet, but as with the other sites, I’ll keep chipping away at it, as long as it doesn’t take up my valuable time.

Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest all generate hits on my websites, but I don’t know if any of those hits have led to sales. The three social media icons look good on my websites and a changing scroll of posts, tweets and images helps my websites to look fresh and up to date. So I’ll persevere with all three and see where they take me.

Unless I start having so many tours to run that I have no time for social media.

Aussie Farmstay Websites:

Blue Mountains Tours

Tours From Sydney

Outback Australia Tour

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Financial Education

Can social media help with financial education?

Such are the questions being posed by Alisdair and Zoe at Future Map as they chart new courses for Australian businesses interested in staff development.

Future Map provide financial education employee benefits training programs in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and regional Australia. Corporate wellness programs with financial literacy on the agenda helping employee engagement and retention.

They help with:
1. employee wellbeing programs
2. employee benefits
3. employee engagement
4. employee retention
5. remuneration and benefits
6. workplace productivity
7. employee financial benefits
8. financial wellbeing
9. staff reward and recognition programs
10. corporate super

And are able to assist with:

salary sacrificing
super contributions
financial literacy
improving team culture
capacity building
Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
team building
communicating employee benefits
financial education
personal development

As well as:

talent war issues
team bonding
conference speaking
employee off-site support
benefits uptake
employee insurance packages
goal setting
personal finances

Contact Alisdair on 0405 138 613 for more info.

Key Links:

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Hearing Problems

Have you ever conversed with someone speaking loudly but you still can’t understand? Dined in restaurants and couldn’t hear what your friends are saying and only caught whispers? Or simply hear someone talking but you can’t quite make it out. These could be signs that you are suffering from hearing loss.

Statistics show that hearing loss or partial inability to hear is caused by many different factors and is not limited to age, noise and illness. Many people are unaware of the presence of environmental sounds at a level where sound becomes harmful. Sound is everywhere and damaging noise levels are quite common around us. However, people don’t usually associate noise as damaging and therefore is unaware of the risks. If one is exposed to loud sound at high levels or for extended duration, then hearing impairment will transpire.

Most people associate hearing loss with aging. After all, we expect to be just a tad deaf when we get older, or at least that is what we are led to expect. Truth of the matter is it could happen to anyone under different circumstances.

According to studies, Noise pollution remains the most constant environmental hazard accounting for hearing loss. Our world has gotten noisier and over the years an increasing exposure to noise has been noted inside and outside of homes, in the workplace and during recreational/leisure activities that affects not only adults but also children and adolescents.

The technology and high tech gadgets in this modern age plays a big role in this problem too. Listening to music nowadays usually involves devices that can bring the sound closer to the ear which increases the sound level.  These tools, especially at volume levels and closer proximity are capable of causing serious damage to hearing.  Most bars, clubs and restaurants also pump up the volume in their businesses to keep the ambiance alive as most of the customers prefer that kind of setting as contrast to the quiet ones. Not to say music shouldn’t be played loud, but perhaps not to the point that you knock your eardrums out.

Hearing loss is something that unfortunately can’t be healed over any period of time but there are a number of devices that can improve hearing and allow people with these conditions manage better in their lives.

In everything, it is best to be armed with knowledge and information. There is a number of measures that can be taken to prevent hearing loss. Educating friends and families about this can have an impact in their lives. As they say, prevention is always better than cure.

To find out more about hearing problems click the link.

Search Engine Optimisation



A website is made to promote a brand, to launch campaigns or simply for people to discover and read your work. Building a positive online presence is part of SEO. Search engine optimization is one of the best strategies required for any kind of business website, for without website visibility there is no chance to increase sales.

SEO or search engine optimization is a powerful web marketing approach that is used to escalate the amount of visitors to a website. Its aim is to attain a first page ranking placement in the search results page of search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo and others so that your site is accessible and can be found by the right people.

A website that has not been accordingly optimized for the search engines will not be found. What good is a website if people do not know it even exists? If a website is not visited, it will be lost in the web. It will simply be sidestepped by other sites and lose exposure on web traffic, and will not benefit from the great deal of free advertising that magnets optimal search engine rankings.

Most internet users hardly click on the second page of search results when doing a keyword search. They most likely apt to visit websites that are at the top of the list as they think those to be more related to their search query. Search engine optimization can help design your site to be search engine-friendly and rank your site higher than the millions of other sites by directing traffic to it, thereby resulting to a greater chance of being visited by a user.

If you think that search engine optimization is something you do not need for your business then think again! Don’t be left behind. Now is the best time to invest for your business’ future. Be considered a valuable asset to the online world and heighten your success with search engine optimization. It is an extremely cost effective and efficient marketing technique that could possibly produce a huge growth in business with minimal risk. Make your website a front-runner and bank on SEO!

Why You Should Outsource Your Social Media Management

CLAIRE FELICES is a Sydney Social Media Manager who has established knowledge and strategic groundwork that can help drive social media campaigns to the top. An expert in her field, she has led successful projects in the course of her career. In this interview, she shares her insights on how outsourcing social media management help boost your brand.

Tell me a bit about your expertise.
I do a post every weekday whether I am supplied content or not as being consistent is crucial. Sourcing relevant content to post is one facet at being a good social media manager.

Do you personally use social media?
I personally use Facebook to keep up with what my family and friends are up to – news, goings on and mostly just to chat – even additional work instructions are better sent there than on email.

Why should a company hire an outsourced social media than doing it in-house?
First thing to really consider in outsourcing is the fact that you will be hiring a trained and qualified professional who knows exactly what they are doing. Also, employing an outsourcing company frees up more of a company’s time as social media management takes a lot of it! You have to produce quality content, interact, monitor feedbacks and respond to comments. And let’s not forget that there are so many social media platforms out there – Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest just to name a few. You simply just don’t have all the time to manage all of your social media activities so it makes sense to outsource and hire a professional to do it.

Business owners though must engage in it fully to get the right beat and to not be left behind or be thought of just conforming to the internet demand.

Does it cost more to hire an outsourced social media manager than trying to do it in-house?
One would think so, but unless the in-house office junior is actually really media savvy, resourceful and knowledgeable about your product, it is more cost effective to outsource. It is a mistake to think that just by creating a page, a profile or showing up in Google is all that’s needed to compete and make a ripple out of this vast internet pool.

What experience do you have in this field?
I came about social media by accident really. In the early days of social networks (Friendster, hi-5, MySpace and even Facebook) people were online just to spend a little time exploring the possibilities. I have been a blogger, a gamer, a transcriptionist and a master word-twister. This last one is what paved the way for me to be a “twitterista”, as a Facebook friend of mine which shall remain nameless, asked me if I would like to be trained in the social media arts. And the rest they say is history.

How does a business or brand benefit from outsourcing social media management?
Social media has upgraded the way companies do business. One great benefit of outsourcing social media management is having someone guard and continuously update the daily activities for you whilst providing captivating content and efficiently handling responses as well as keeping up with the ever-evolving social media platform.

How engaged are you in social media conversations?
Just as every industry differ, each business has a pulse all its own. Depending on what program the client is in, we make sure that their social media platforms are accurate, up-to-date and informative.

How do you measure success in social media?
If you are still in business after 3 years and have clients that have stayed with you for that long, then you can consider yourself a success!

What’s the most important thing a Social Media manager should be doing?
Be sensible, responsible and above all maintain a great sense of humour.

How successful are you in your own social media networks?
It’s quite ironic that aside from the occasional tweets and pictures, I seldom ever post anything using my own personal networks. Getting paid to like, comment, add and post kind of spoils you. One tends to stay offline when it is no longer work related very much unlike when I first started out.

To contact Claire, send her an email via

Document Destruction Sydney

Back in the day, Paper Shredding was the kind of activity that was only seen carried out in James Bond, Maxwell Smart and Agent 99 story lines. It was a subversive activity designed to destroy crucial plot evidence and surely also an officious activity carried out in real life by criminals, fraudsters, white collar criminals and tax cheats.

However, nowadays Paper Shredding is a necessary activity for thousands of perfectly reputable, humane businesses. In fact these days, most companies and or people will require a Paper Shredding service at some point, whether it be regularly or just every now and again.

By law all tax documents are to be kept for 5 years (thank goodness this time frame has been reduced by 2 years from the previous 7 years that used to be required, all the more room to keep the other mounds of wonderful clutter in my life!) After this time people are free to dispose of all such material, however it is recommended that this is done securely by using a professional Paper Shredding service so that confidentiality can be assured and sensitive information isn’t obtained by people that it shouldn’t.

With the rising presence and associated power of the paparazzi in today’s increasingly inquisitive society, it is not just A grade celebrities that need to ensure their personal details are kept secure. Secure Paper Shredding services allow for everyday people to ensure confidentiality just as A, B, C… celebs do! Especially today in a world where information can be passed on and distributed at lightening speed across multiple communication channels, ensuring the security of private information is crucial. Remember once information is out there it cannot be “unseen”.

The trend of companies turning into paperless organisations also sees the need for secure Paper Shredding services to safely facilitate this change-over process.

These are just some of the reasons the need for professional paper shredding services is steadily increasing.

Are the documents you are disposing of safe from prying eyes?

Doyle Bros Waste Management Company offer a secure Document Destruction service in Sydney that ensures the utmost security for all your sensitive documents.

Call them today on 02 9999 2111 and see how they can help you secure your paper trail, or visit their site by clicking on this link: Document Destruction

Social Media Training: What Your Company Needs to Know About Social Media in 2014



Social media has taken the world by storm and it looks like it will only get hotter in 2014. With the continuously changing and advancing technology, it’s important to look ahead and see what the future holds for social media in order to get on board. Here’s what you need to know and look forward to in 2014:

Relevant Content Is and Will Be a Requirement
We should all know this by now – content is King, plain and simple! Creating a consistently solid and high-quality, original content with a significant value will keep you on top and businesses that are still into spammy SEO or link building techniques to drive traffic will not survive. Social content is the major social media trend that will be a necessity for 2014.

Instagram and Snapchat Will Reach New Heights
With Instagram and Snapchat’s current popularity, there’s no doubt these two apps are going to be major players in 2014.
Instagram being the fastest growing network with 150 million users seems to be where people have gone now and has a steady lead among other apps. SnapChat on the other hand is a big hit with the millenials for contents literally vanishing seconds after being received. Keep an eye on those two as they will surely rock 2014.

The Rise of Micro Videos
Micro videos have made quite an impact this year and this will continue in 2014. Platforms like Twitter’s Vine app and Instagram’s video sharing feature have been attracting mobile-savvy customers and are proving to be the best way to capture attention and interest of consumers. Millennials love easy to watch videos and it’s intriguing to see how marketers will integrate powerful stories through videos in just 15 seconds or less.

A Mobile Strategy Becomes Highly Essential
Admit it, we are extremely attached to our phones. Technology has changed the way we view and use them – it is not merely just a device but a way to contact, express and share anything to the world. Mobile is slowly overtaking desktop usage and is expected to surpass it in the years to come that’s why businesses should incorporate mobile into all facets of their business in order not to be left behind.

Better Customer Service
The power of “social customer service” is highly important to any business nowadays as word of mouth marketing continues to speed up through social media. Timely resolutions to question and complaints made online, particularly on Facebook and Twitter are expected by consumers, and brands that don’t respond are pushing their current and potential customers away.


SharePoint Melbourne

Many workplaces nowadays suffer with a lack of motivation from employees regarding embracing new software. Every so often companies invest in expensive software aiming to improve workflow and reduce the amount of time people spend doing time-consuming activities only to see later down the track that the software is not being used correctly or not being used at all. Sometimes that happens because the software is not user-friendly, making employees look for old or other ways of getting their work done. But other times the fault is on the organisation as it didn’t consider training their workers in order to get the most out of the computer program.

SharePoint is a case which, in spite of being extremely user friendly, will certainly be better used if your staff is properly trained. Basically, SharePoint aims to easily connect employees and to manage and share files, projects, costs and much more. And although it seems fairly simple the software is capable of assisting in the most complex tasks. So when it’s decided it’s time to move forward with the organisation, it’s best to make sure to hire a serious company to do the job of SharePoint development. For example, a company that has a great SharePoint Melbourne presence might be a good choice if you’re located in Victoria.

Managing files with SharePoint for instance is pretty straightforward. People can update and upload documents straight from Microsoft Office and it also allows co-authoring which means employees can work on the file at the same time (however this works better if everyone is using the same version of the software). This practically ends with those times of sending several emails back and forth with different versions of the same document.

And among the many features, search is one of the features that is worth training staff for. On SharePoint is possible to create different folders for different projects or even to define tags, which will gather all the files under the same subject. But imagine if every employee decides to define a different tag for the document or to create different folders, or if they decide that one document should be in one specific folder when it really should be under another one. Finding a document on those conditions would be nearly impossible and what was supposed to facilitate everyday work will only create chaos. Therefore thinking ahead, working with the teams and training staff is the key to a successful search strategy.

So it’s not only about getting the right software for your company. It’s about getting the right company to develop it for you according to your organisation needs and about training employees to make the right use of all the investment the software represents.

Most searched terms: SharePoint Sydney, SharePoint Development, WebVine, search strategy, SharePoint Melbourne, software development, SEO, SEO Sydney, Sydney Social Media Workshops.

Paul Keung



Californian businessman Paul Keung approached us to create and manage a social media profile to augment the influence of his USA ferraris for sale business.

As his business was steeped in local contacts through being San Francisco born-and-bred, Paul had not needed to develop any social media whatsoever – in fact he’d never needed to even develop a website.

It’s been an interesting journey discovering which social media profiles Google is willing to give good rankings to – and which it will not support at all.

For instance we can currently say that, having lost the bidding war with Facebook to acquire Instagram, after Facebook doubled Google’s $500 million offer to $1 Billion overnight, Google is taking revenge by simply not ranking any Instagram content or profiles anywhere with its search results.

We created a lively Instagram account for Paul to see if we could give this profile the best possible chance of ranking on Google for the extremely obscure search terms of Paul Keung California but it simply didn’t rank – even after six months, nothing.

The ethical question whether Google should be “fixing” its rankings based on revenge vs market domination is a compelling subject in itself and one we look forward to writing about further as there’s increasing examples of this happening.

One of the interesting side-effects of developing Paul’s Instagram account has been the opportunity to target California and Californians via Instagram using hashtags such as #losangeles #california #sanfransisco – even Paul’s tiny home-town #encinitas has a lively hashtag feed going as it’s such an exhilarating spot for tourists – fantastic for fresh lobster straight out of the water.

We had to ensure that his profiles were not mixed up with other various Paul Keungs such as the Jonathan Paul Keung in the United Kingdom, the very successful Paul Keung in Hong Kong, the Paul Keung in Christchurch, New Zealand, or the Paul Keung in Canada. Of course you’d assume the next ports of call for Paul Keung would be Facebook and Linked In – however he has profiles on both of those so they have no bearing on Google results whether we expand them or not – so instead we fortuitously dug straight into Twitter.

We were blessed on Twitter by being able to singularly grab a number of still-available names relating to his business.

Finally every urbane hipster of the male variety – thinking five years ahead – now needs his own Pinterest profile, so we got out the virtual pin-cushion and started pinning. While a very enthusiastic entrepreneur and angel investor, Paul’s interests are extremely varied – everything from Californian wine aka #caliwine to adventures in New York, Sydney, Paris, London – where he spent many a summer in his youth, to China, Hong Kong and Europe.

Next of course will be – even though we loathe it – Google+ … what a horror it is.

Then there’s Kik, Snapchat and of course all the thousands of other social media platforms that just keep on sprouting up – like we need ever more of them.


Social Media Policy for Government and Businesses



Social media is a global phenomenon and has now become a substantial part of our modern society. Social media platforms have revolutionized everything from advertising, brand reputation, marketing to communicating and sharing official government information.

Organizations recognise what the power of social media can do in developing brands and services and most, if not all, have been participating.

A social media policy outlines for employees (government and private industry) the corporate guidelines or principles of proper communication in the online world. An important thing to remember is that unguided and irresponsible social media practices can have huge ramification for organisations that do not have effective policies in place. Organizations need to have a policy in hand to ensure employees are aware of the organization’s expectations on behaviour and communication online.

It is important for a government or business to develop and implement a social media policy for their protection. Providing clear guidelines and parameters to your employees improves your organisation’s brand and reputation.

A well-written social media policy regarding the acceptable use of social media can:

• Present employees with clear guidelines on how to properly communicate in the online world. This will give them clarity on what is accepted to say or do online.
• Bring about transparency around the organization’s values and culture for customers, employees and the public.
• Decrease inefficiency and productivity spent dealing with unauthorized usage of social media thereby managing employee performance effectively.
• Protect and reduce the risk of legal exposure and liabilities caused by employee’s actions.
• Help employees be clear about drawing a distinction between their private and professional lives.
• Give the employees a good understanding of the consequences they will be facing due to posting obscene, discriminatory or hateful content to or about the organization or another individual.

A tailored social media policy will strengthen and empower your organization. It will also provide practical guidelines that can help in your success with social media.

Social Media Management: An Interview with Glen Fredericks



Maitland & Newcastle-based social media manager Glen Fredericks reveals to CHRISTINE BUHAY how he made a successful career change into the world of social media. He shares his views on social media management for Facebook and Instagram in particular …

Could you tell us a bit of a background about you?

While I had a trade background – I was a fitter machinist – I’d found myself reading a lot while operating CNC machines -computer numerically controlled lathes, sometimes the cycle would go for ten or more minutes. It may not be the most illustrious of starting points, but most of the reading materials in a typical metal engineering workshop were men’s magazines – typically People and Picture Magazines. And they’d often have a call out of submissions – humorous short stories, letters to the editor, jokes that sort of thing.

This led to me writing. I’d send in 700 to 1,200 word short stories – depending on the magazine – which paid up to $400 if successful. I had a lot of stories being published in the mid to late 90s. One of the magazines had a contest with the prize being a brand new fridge. 100 words or less, why fridges are better than women. My submission clocked in at exactly 99 words and took me less than 15 minutes to write. Given the cost of a fridge and that it took me just 15 minutes to have it written, printed and stuffed into an envelope, it meant my writing was worth about $4,000 an hour.

Given my creative bent it shouldn’t come as a surprise that I found myself looking for a career change, but I prepared myself for it by doing a variety of TAFE and other courses while I worked as a fitter or a machinist. Desktop publishing and Digital Arts & Media at TAFE and some short courses through the WEA Hunter – Writing For Children, Cartooning for Pleasure & Profit and Freelance Journalism are a few of the courses I threw myself into.

I eventually found myself in web design, and later publishing articles online and earning money through the likes of AdSense and Amazon with contextual ads and product placement.

I progressed from web design to content writing because in the process of freelancing, I’d spend far too much time trying to educate people on the benefits of having a website or online promotion. A lot of my articles would be teaching people how to do it themselves. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that I’d then do a course in Training & Assessment which led to work as a trainer at an RTO, and also picking up work as a part-time TAFE teacher in web design. When that teaching gig ended I went back to school, so to speak, and did an Advanced Diploma of Music Business. That opened some interesting doors for me even while as a student or perhaps I should say, especially while I was a student. Given my experience and qualifications and my answers to the questions, I was often invited to the front of the class to take over on occasion.

That was in 2012. In 2013 in semester 1, I did what’s called “Selective Study” at TAFE, picking and choosing a variety of individual units and pulling together evidence of “recognition of prior learning” and submitting it for advanced standing. I knew how the system worked. That’s not to imply that I played the system, but I was able to pull apart the units of competency and address each and every element and performance criteria and the critical aspects for assessment.

What that meant was that I was handing in work that I would have wanted handed to me as a teacher. Given the past experience it wasn’t hard to gather the evidence required to pass each unit.

Now I’m working full time for a Barbeques Galore franchise, doing a variety of creative tasks, a large chunk of that being social media.

It’s a very unique position. The owners of the franchise don’t own just one, but two Barbeques Galore stores. I didn’t know it before working there but about half of the Barbeques Galore stores around Australia are company-owned, the other half are franchise. I was very fortunate to find a position vacant being advertised – on their Facebook Page it turned out – for the role, which has evolved and grown in the last six months that I’ve been there. The owners are very pro-active and think outside the box. They knew enough to know  they needed to invest in creating a role that would see them expand as a business. They don’t just own a barbeque franchise store, they’ve also released a classy-looking barbeque cook book. I got excited during the interview to hear just what they had planned over the coming months and even years.

What is your focus on social media? What social platforms do you use and why?

You’ve likely heard it before about content being king, and it is. Whether its purpose is to entertain, educate or inform, a real effort must be put into the way it’s written if it’s to be communicated effectively.

Whether it’s publishing lengthy articles at Squidoo, HubPages or Zujava, making a post on Facebook, or keeping within 140 characters for a tweet, you need to bring your A game. Not every single post will be a home run, but you do have to be consistent.

Depending on what I’m doing for myself or a former client, but now with my employer, I’ll use a combination of Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter and whatever else might be appropriate to reaching the intended audience.

For you, what are the key ingredients of a successful social media strategy?

Mixing things up – there’s going to be things I know are going to work, but if I relied on those as my only moves I’d be predictable and boring.

And as spontaneous as ideas can be, I like to write them down and think them through without them being in text field of the status update. I like to make sure my message is clear and free of smelling pistakes.

Don’t post all your best stuff too quickly. Pace yourself. Spread it out. Too often I see someone post three updates within an hour and then there’s silence for a week. That content should have been rationed to post every second day.

What would you say is the best social media platforms to mix?

Definitely Facebook and Instagram.

What is a typical day in your life like?

Every day can be completely different than the one before it. But to break it down to what may happen, it could include any of the following:

* Graphic design
Design of flyers, business cards, certificates vouchers; adding text to photos and images for use on online media; design of logos, packaging, and merchandise.
* Web design
Setting up web hosting, creation of websites and uploading of websites. For instance,
* Social media
Management of social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, and YouTube; investigate other social media platforms for their suitability for the businesses.
* Photography
Taking photos for print, social media and online sales.
* Video
Shooting, editing and uploading video footages.
* Copywriting
Writing sales copy for online ads, social media posts and press releases.
* Online sales
Listing products on Ebay, Gumtree, Facebook Groups and Pages; interacting with the customers when feedback or clarification is needed.


When not exploring the wilds of social media, Glen Fredericks is working on a children’s book series. Visit his Amazon author page under the nom de plume (Glen Allen Stadler).




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